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5 awesome GDPR compliant email opt-in ideas

many e-Commerce merchants have worried about how to build email subscriber lists for email marketing.

5 awesome GDPR compliant email opt-in ideas

In this article, we'll be talking about what the new GDPR Email Opt in guidelines mean along with some best practices.  Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy went into effect in 2018, many e-Commerce merchants have worried about how to build email subscriber lists for email marketing.

GDPR Email Opt in guidelines

This European Union privacy regulation seeks to ensure that consumers have more control over their private information by requiring businesses to follow a few crucial steps when gathering emails from their website visitors:

  1. Gain consent through a positive opt-in: Gone are the days where businesses can have pre-checked opt-in boxes or use similar methods to obtain consumer email addresses. Consumers must actively choose to opt-in to your subscription list. This means that they have to click an opt-in box and type in their email address themselves.
  2. Consent must be gained: Consumers must be able to choose whether or not they would like to subscribe to a business’ email newsletter or any other content without being coerced or misled in any way. Businesses can no longer require consumers to sign up for their email list to download an ebook or receive a freebie without specifying what the consumer is signing up to receive. Businesses also cannot bury their email subscription opt-in terms and conditions within any other text that might confuse consumers.
  3. Consent must be able to be withdrawn: If a consumer no longer wants to subscribe to a business’ email newsletter, GDPR state that he needs to be able to change his mind. Businesses must allow consumers to withdraw their consent whenever they want without penalty, and they should be able to do so easily. To ensure GDPR compliance of your emails, they include an option to unsubscribe that is clear and easy for your subscribers to select.
  4. Consent must be recorded: Businesses need to make sure they have a way to record and save any proof of consent that consumers provide. If required, businesses should be ready to provide the date of consent, context around the consent, and information about consent withdrawal for every single one of their email subscribers.

While the GDPR directive was first established in 2018, it is still imperative for businesses to make sure their opt-in email forms are GDPR compliant.

Here are five great email opt-in ideas your e-Commerce business can use to stay GDPR compliant in 2020:

1. Offer incentives

One of the best ways to encourage consumers to opt-in to your email list is to offer an incentive for signing up. However, GDPR rules make it clear that you must make it clear precisely what consumers are subscribing to when they enter their email and receive their incentive.

Fragrance Outlet does an excellent job of this with their email opt-in form.

Fragrance outlet

Consumers are drawn in by the extra 5% off they will receive when they sign up for Fragrance Outlet’s email newsletter but are not being tricked or misled when they opt-in. Fragrance Outlet makes it clear that they will receive updates about different promotions and new arrivals.

A similar tactic used by MeUndies on their website:

MeUndies email opt-ins

Notice that in addition to offering 15% off, MeUndies provides a blank box so that consumers can actively opt-in to their marketing emails. They also make it clear that consumers can unsubscribe at any time.

Try offering an incentive in your email opt-in form while providing the details of your email newsletter so that you stay GDPR compliant as you build your email list.

2. Use relevant language

Following the guidelines outlined by GDPR might seem like a recipe for a boring opt-in filled with legal jargon and too much information. However, that does not have to be the case. Try creating email-opt in forms with copy that is fresh and relevant while remaining GDPR compliant.

Take Moe’s Southwest Grill, for example.

Email-opt in forms with copy that is fresh and relevant while being GDPR compliant

Their email opt-in form uses fun language to encourage their website visitors to subscribe. Rather than a long, boring block of text, Moe’s lets its customers know they can get information about menu items and “awesome stuff,” which will pique any consumer’s interest.

See how you can follow GDPR guidelines to receive informed consent while showing your customers that the information you send them will be fun and relevant.

3. Create a sense of belonging

Another way to provide informed consent about your email newsletter while still encouraging consumers to subscribe is by creating a sense of belonging in your opt-in forms.

Look at the opt-in form used by Cameo, which offers personalized celebrity shout-outs.

creating a sense of belonging in your opt-in forms.

In addition to the strategies shown in the first two examples, Cameo also creates a sense of belonging for their email opt-in pop-ups while still making it explicit that those who provide their email will receive updates.

When people visit their website, they will see a pop up asking them to consent to subscribe to emails by joining the “fam.” This type of opt-in form is successful because it makes consumers feel like they valued and a part of something bigger.

See how you can use opt-in email pop-ups to provide a sense of belonging to the consumers who visit your website.

4. Capitalize on FOMO

Nobody likes feeling like they are missing out, especially consumers. You can take advantage of this phenomenon by using the fear of missing out (FOMO) to craft your email opt-in forms.

Look at the opt-in form for Forever 21.

FOMO email opt-ins

Notice how in addition to specifying that subscribing will give consumers promotional offers, information about deals, and style updates, this opt-in form also takes FOMO into account.  They make it clear that people who do not subscribe will miss out, which helps make consumers more likely to opt-in.

5. Use Avant-Garde persuasion

People want to feel like they are on the cutting-edge of new events, products, and ideas. You can use this desire to grow your email subscriber list while remaining GDPR compliant.

Notice how Tesla encourages people to “be the first” while they outline the information their subscribers will receive.

be the first email opt-ins

This is a great way to present information to potential subscribers in a way that will make them eager to opt-in to your email newsletter.

Just because your email opt-ins need to be GDPR compliant, it does not mean they need to be boring. Try using one of these five strategies, and you will see more email subscribers in no time.

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