Air Oasis

Air Oasis

Convertcart casr study


Higher cart recovery email open rate


Increase in cart recovery email CTR


AB testing success rate


Site-wide conversion rate improvement

Founded in 2004, Air Oasis embarked on a quest to provide more effective, higher quality, American-made indoor air purifiers. They manufacture, in their Texas facility, a product range that includes air purifiers for residences as well as portable purposes.
Cory Rogers,

"Convertcart has been an amazing addition to our online marketing toolbox. Convertcart has taken the work out of reactivating customers and increased our conversion rates from abandoned carts, and made engagment with unknown browsers after they have left simple. No more tedious time spent with A/B & MVT projects, their team of experts do this for you and their transparent reporting shows what they do works. In the first 60 days of using Convertcart we’ve seen a 2,500% ROI and we’ve not even scratched the surface of utilizing their tools."

Cory Rogers,

Air Oasis

Our Work

  • Rethink overall email automation strategy
  • Boost email opt-in rates
  • 14% better browse abandoner identification
  • 30% better cart abandoner identification
  • Cart Recovery
  • Open Rate - 155% Improvement
    Click Rate - 840% Improvement
  • Browse Recovery
  • Open Rate - 145.6% Improvement
    Click Rate - 872% Improvement
  • Deliver personalized emails to customers
  • Run user behaviour surveys
  • Track visitor journey
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