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Established in 2010, Cyclotricity offer electric bikes that provide an energy-saving, green, and fun alternative form of transport. Cyclotricity claims that the amount of energy it takes to power a 100w light bulb for an evening would be enough to power their eBike for 20-30 miles.
Ian Byrne,

"I choose Convertcart as no other provider offered all the tools I needed under one platform along with a hardworking and fun team. Within a couple of months, they have improved our AoV by 26% by introducing workflows and helping us recover orders. I particularly liked how working with the team was fluid and responsive to our individual needs, they took the time to understand our company and market. Developing a two-way workflow was easy and enjoyable. I would recommend Convertcart to any small businesses looking to bring back lost customers and win new ones, it actually works in terms of conversions!"

Ian Byrne,


Our Work

  • Increase open rate of browse abandonment recovery mails by 263%
  • Increase open rate of cart abandonment recovery mails by 257%
  • Increase click rate of browse abandonment recovery mails by 19x
  • Increase click rate of cart abandonment recovery mails by 18x
  • Boost email opt-in rates
  • Run custom AB tests across site’s pages
  • Deliver personalized emails to customers
  • Run user behaviour survey
  • Track visitor journey
  • Run deep channel and device level analytics
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