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Convertcart helps Misakicon convert 50% more visitors

Convertcart helped us find new ways to get more conversions through our homepage. Their team optimized our homepage for search terms that we were not focussing on before. Over the course of our time working with Convercart, we’ve seen 14X RoI and a 50% boost in conversion rate.

- David Lee, eCommerce Manager, Misakicon

Based out of Surrey, British Columbia, Misakicon is a leading eCommerce brand built around colored contacts both for prescription and non-prescription needs.

Alongside, the brand also creates and promotes related accessories such as eyelashes and lens care kits.

A wide variety of colored contact lenses for both medical and cosmetic use is what sets this brand apart from competition.

The business thrives on letting people buy and renew subscriptions with a few easy clicks.

So the Misakicon website needs to offer clear directions and callouts to visitors for a better conversion rate.

When they got in touch with us, the brand was experiencing two major challenges:

High cart abandonment (66.6%) and checkout page exit rate (56%).

Upon discussion, two objectives emerged:

1) Enhance the existing path of product discovery

2) Remove shopper anxiety & confusion at checkout

Improved product discovery


33.33% of visitors were exiting from the homepage.
The hamburger menu had various options including prescription & non-prescription lenses.
But it so happened that 95% of shoppers were specifically looking for colored lenses but had no way of knowing the site specialized in them.
So they were dropping off.


Convertcart noticed this gap on GA.
That led to us analyzing search terms to discover what shoppers were looking for & not finding.
Accordingly, we introduced a “Shop By Colors” section right under the hero banner.


Within a span of 20 days, this experiment brought in an additional revenue of $2460.

Prevented checkout drop offs


56% of shoppers were dropping off at checkout.


The brand had to make shoppers feel safe so that they wouldn’t drop off from checkout.
While analyzing we figured that customers weren’t able to see payment options—and this was creating confusion and anxiety.
So we recommended adding a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to Misakicon’s web server to prevent data breaches.
We also highlighted trustworthy and popular payment options to build trust instantly.


39 additional orders within 35 days, and an additional revenue of $2340.

Helped shoppers decide fast


A chunk of visitors were dropping off at the homepage, unable to figure out the right product(s).
There were too many options and they didn’t know what would make a “great fit” for them.


Convertcart optimized the “Homepage > Product Page” path since users moving from home > product were converting more than 40% better than other paths.
We brought in a product selection tool to help customers make fast decisions.


39 additional orders within 35 days, and an additional revenue of $2340.

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