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Sebastian Cruz Couture started in 2013 on the very idea to fill a missing gap in the fashion market. They started with 7 designs of linen pocket squares and have expanded to menswear. Their motto - To be innovative, bold and fearless, to take chances and bend the rules. They branched into styling looks, designing exclusive dinner jackets, bold shirting, ties, bow ties, with more to come.

Our Work

ConvertCart has helped Sebastian Cruz Couture:

  • Increase average improvement per A/B Test by 13.73%
  • Record highest improvement of 27.27% from a single instance of an A/B test
  • Improve conversion rate through product recommendation by 162%
  • Identify and resolve over 40 funnel bottlenecks
  • Run custom A/B tests across site’s pages
  • Track visitor journey
  • Run deep channel and device level analytics
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