Superior Lighting

Superior Lighting

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Superior Lighting was established in 1978 by its founder Ronald Miller. The company established itself in the South Florida market by supplying wholesale light bulbs and electrical materials. In 2008 Ronald Miller retired and Superior Lighting was merged with her new sister company; an online retailer of residential lighting and decorative lighting products. In addition to South Florida, the combined companies now service customers nationwide with the same high levels of personal service that customers have come to expect for the last 30 years.
Zev Herman, President,

Convertcart has been instrumental in helping us attract and retain more clients. They have dramatically increased our revenue by improving our email marketing and they have helped improve our online conversion rate by suggesting and testing numerous site improvements. Their software is very detailed and more importantly I have been impressed by the attentiveness and organization of their team members. Thank you!

Zev Herman, President,

Superior Lighting

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  • Rethink overall email automation strategy
  • Realize 80% Improvement in Browse Recovery Mail Open Rate
  • Realize 103% Improvement in Cart Recovery Mail Open Rate
  • Improve average basket size for orders
  • Run custom AB tests across site’s pages
  • Deliver personalized emails to customers
  • Track visitor journey
  • Run deep channel and device level analytics
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