50 things you need to learn from amazon.com’s UX

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50 things you need to learn from amazon.com’s UX

What’s in the ebook?

A detailed page by page study of what has kept amazon.com’s conversion rates at benchmark levels and 50 ideas that you can immediately use on your site to take your conversion rate and revenue to the next level. Amazon.com has consistently converted non prime visitors at more than 13% across the board and this book captures in detail each part of a user’s journey on amazon that makes that happen.

Why should you look at Amazon and their kickass CRO practices?

This is a fair question and one we have hope to answer using a few assumptions, such as:

  • You already/plan-to either own or work for an eCommerce store
  • The potential for conversions on your site excites you as much as it excites us
  • You want to take the next step by optimizing your conversions to help your store reach its potential

Thus, having made the above-mentioned assumptions, we felt it would be appropriate to analyze an eCommerce platform that has successfully optimized its conversion rate. Our approach led us to Amazon.com, one of the early 90’s tech-wave startups that has now grown to become synonymous with online shopping (and a few other B2B services).

So deep has Amazon forayed into the landscape of CRO, that their conversion rate stands as a testament not merely for peers, but for auxiliary services (like us), and academics alike. The top 25% of online retailers convert at 5.31% and the top 10% of online retailers convert at 11.45%. Amazon Prime members convert 74% of the time on Amazon.com. That is according to a 2015 study from Millward Brown Digital. Compare that to 13% for non-prime members.

So, with the amazing Amazon in mind, we decided to conduct a page-by-page, section-by-section deep dive into what makes Amazon convert. The findings of our analysis make the content of this e-book, presented in a brief yet impactful format:

  • Illustration of the feature in action
  • Brief about the feature
  • How Amazon deploys the feature
  • A takeaway for the reader


You should use this e-book in tandem with an active session on Amazon.com, to see for yourself the features, highlighted in the book, in play.

Should you disagree with us or find yourself in need of an elaborate brief on the particulars, we invite you to write to us at info@convertcart.com

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Mitch Fields

The quality of the content here is off the charts. Just next level stuff, highly recommend it for leaders in eCommmerce.

Mitch Fields

Head of Marketing, Keto Mojo

Evan Weber

See, this is why I LOVE Convertcart. They are always providing valuable and actionable insights for ecommerce!

Evan Weber

CEO, Experience Advertising


Vivek Muthukrishnan

Vivek has helped more than 500 eCommerce companies optimize their conversion rate through his specialized practice of deep funnel data analytics. Head of Subject Matter Expertise at Convertcart, he spends his day pushing the boundaries of CRO by working with enterprises from over 35 industries and analyzing their data which often clocks at 500 million users sessions per month.