Traffic to Sales: CRO Lessons from KYLIE COSMETICS

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Traffic to Sales: CRO Lessons from KYLIE COSMETICS

Kylie Cosmetics is a renowned cosmetics brand that took the world by storm from inception since 2018. Kylie Jenner, an A-list socialite, and businesswoman has been the founder, inspiration, and face of the Kylie Cosmetics. While Kylie still serves to be the face of the brand, she cashed-out by selling a majority stake to global cosmetics giant COTY in November of 2019 for an eye watering sum of $600 million USD.

We conducted a comprehensive CRO site audit of Kylie Cosmetics eCommerce store. The findings of our analysis make the content of this e-book, presented in a brief yet impactful format based on the feature reviewed:

  1. Illustration of a feature in action
  2. Brief about the feature
  3. How KC deploys the feature
  4. A takeaway for the reader

How to use this e-book? You should use this e-book in tandem with an active session on, to see for yourself the features, highlighted in the book, in play. Should you disagree with us or find yourself in need of an elaborate brief on the particulars, we invite you to write to us at