The Pink book of Fantastic Insights for
E-commerce CEOs

Ground breaking insights that will change the way you look at your online shop

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What you’ll learn from The Pink Book:

  • Why your team may want to stop focussing on getting more new visitors.
  • Why too much focus on mobile can be a bad thing.
  • Where you may be losing money on Google Ads.
  • What the next big thing is, in content, for eCommerce sites.
  • The real cost of your site being slow.

Why should you download this e-book?

We feel actionable insights should be easy to get by. A lot of businesses peddle biased data points that are seldom useful in meaningfully solving client business problems and are primarily aimed at getting a few free downloads in exchange for contact information. We wanted to publish a series of insightful booklets that share hard to come by and eye-opening insights.
The objective is simple – by the end of the next 4 pages, you should feel like you learned something new.

We hope you like it.