. Is the featured image large and clean?

TIP - Make sure the featured image fits nicely on mobile screens too, but without expanding beyond 2400 pixels.


. Does the CTA stand out from the rest of the page?

TIP - Use a contrasting color or a larger font size to make sure it catches the eye, especially on mobile.


. Does the image gallery cover all angles of the product?

TIP - You should have an image gallery that covers the product from all possible angles.


. Do you have measurements or sizing charts?

TIP - Try to include as many variations as possible - US, UK, EUThis will also help reduce returns or exchanges.


. Are you answering the common product questions?

TIP - Include a link to your FAQ section right on the product page—makes customers feel more confident about their purchases.


. Product ratings visible in the first fold?

TIP - Including your product ratings in the first scroll will help pique customers’ interests and ensure that they remain engaged with your product page.


. Showing incentive/savings of some kind to the customer?

TIP - Look into percentage discounts, free gifts, and even spin-the-wheel dealsThis can be a great way to encourage customers to make a purchase


. Personalized product recommendations?

TIP - This can be in the form of a related products section on the page or similar products that customers have purchased in the past.


. Product recommendations on the same page?

TIP - Hosting product recommendations on the same page can increase your AOV and help create a strong shared affinity for the products.


. Do you have up-sell (higher priced) products in recommendations?

TIP - Higher priced products are often picked up when a customer is looking to upscale their purchaseThey help increase the average order value and are best used mixed with supplementary products.


. Do you have cross-sell (supplementary) products in recommendations?

TIP - Supplementary products are more likely to be picked up as they’re generally around the same price point and have a similar affinity as the product in view.


. Does the page load in less than 3 seconds?

TIP - 70% of customers agree that they’re less willing to buy from a website whose product pages load slowly.


. Is the breadcrumb prominently displayed?

TIP - Breadcrumbs are a helpful way to orient shoppers and let them know where they are on your site.


. Is there an option to chat?

TIP - This can help reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase conversion rates.


. Does the product page communicate about multiple payment options?

TIP - It’s best to account for a variety of payment options: third-party, debit/credit, and alternative financing.


. Any testimonials within the first 2 scrolls?

TIP - Including testimonials from happy customers can help convince hesitant shoppers to make a purchaseMake sure they appear early.


. Shipping information in the first 2 scrolls?

TIP - Customers need to know when they can expect to receive their purchase, how much it’ll cost them, and how they can make the process simpler.


. Are you highlighting “Returns” information?

TIP - Highlighting your return policy gives customers peace of mind, knowing that they can return with ease.


. Expected shipping date visible?

TIP - Being upfront with shipping timelines is a great way to get people to shop right away.


. Are you using price anchoring?

TIP - $89.10 might seem like too much to spend.But a $9$9 original price would indicate that it isn’t.

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