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20 eCommerce 'contact us' page designs for inspiration

Develop well-designed eCommerce contact us pages to smoothen out communications with customers. Take a look at our favorite examples for inspo!

20 eCommerce 'contact us' page designs for inspiration

Let’s face it. Most contact us pages aren't crafted with care. 

A typical contact us page includes: 

  • email address 
  • phone number, and 
  • a map with the location 

Poorly designed eCommerce contact us pages frustrate shoppers and even prompt them to abandon your brand for a competitor. 

This article covers why eCommerce businesses need a cleverly designed ‘contact us’ page, the must-haves, and examples for inspiration. The aim is to make it easy for customers to connect with your business and get the information they need. 

Let’s start by knowing the importance of the contact us page design. 

Why do you need a well-designed and informative contact us page for your eCommerce website? 

As per research, most customers don’t trust the brands they buy from, as much as they used to.

Then, how can you establish and rebuild trust with potential customers? 

Intentional and seamless communication via a thoughtful contact us page can play an integral role in swaying your customer’s decision to connect with your brand. 

Being approachable and easy to talk to is the simplest way to build trust with shoppers on your online store. When you remind customers that a real person is powering the eCommerce store, they’re more likely to trust your brand compared to a faceless logo.

Additionally, contact forms reassure customers that someone (or a team) is listening to their complaints and feedback. 

If something goes wrong (damaged product or missing shipment) or when the customer has had a bad experience, they know how to get in touch with you and that you’ll be able to help them. 

What’s more, a great way to convert a curious website visitor into a customer is by being available to answer questions. If the customer is delaying a purchase owing to lingering questions or weighing the decision on an important detail, ensure that you are easy to contact. This way, they can get the answers needed and add the item straight to the shopping cart. Otherwise, they may leave empty-handed. 

Most customers prefer self-service when it comes to customer service. A well-designed and informative eCommerce contact page make it easy for customers to help themselves. This way, you can massively reduce the number of unnecessary contacts via your contact form. 

Next, let’s understand the different purposes for contact us pages. 

What is the goal of a contact us page? 

A few well-known contact us page goals are: 

  1. Support - Resolve the queries of existing customers having issues with their order, wanting to return, exchange a product, or facing trouble in the purchase journey. 
  2. Sales - Convert prospects into customers by helping them make a decision. Vendors/customers could be looking for bulk orders. 
  3. Press - Media people could be looking to get in touch with you, to cover your brand story. 
  4. HR - Potential employees might be looking to get in touch with you for job opportunities. 

Understand the kind of shoppers you would want to help on the contact page and ensure that the eCommerce contact page information addresses their queries. 

To help you get a better perspective, let’s see the most important elements of the contact page design. 

6 most important elements of an effective contact us page design

Including these essentials in your contact pages serves a dual-pronged approach: Converting shoppers into customers and unhappy customers into brand advocates. 

#1. Lead form 

A submission form on your contact page allows customers to take part in a dialogue with your online store at their convenience. Ensure that the form is short, and to the point and avoids unnecessary fields to make it easy to fill. 

#2. Email ID 

As per a survey, the majority of people prefer contacting a brand via email. Displaying the contact email address on the contact page is a basic approach to getting the visitor/customer to contact your eCommerce brand. 

#3. Live chat  

More than 60% of consumers have said that the most important thing a brand can do is provide them with a quality online customer experience. One way to do so is by implementing live chat on the contact us page to enable customers to reach you at the exact moment when they have a query they can’t solve. 

The immediacy of getting help plays an important role in customers preferring live chat over other types of support. 

#4. Address 

It is important to include other ways in which customers can contact you, in addition to email and live chat. This includes a business phone number, physical location (ideally a map of where you’re physically located), business hours, and expected response times. 

#5. Links to social media pages 

Link to your active social media accounts (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) giving shoppers and customers another way to engage with your eCommerce business. 

#6. FAQs 

This section can include a series of commonly asked questions including the products, business hours, prices, and beyond. Think of FAQs as an integral component of your customer support strategy. 

It saves time for customers since they don’t have to go through the trouble of contacting customer support to get answers to simple questions. Employees can offer standard responses for recurring questions, thus saving them for them as well. 

Now that you know the essential elements to include in your eCommerce contact page design, next we cover some examples of eCommerce brands nailing this. 

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

#1. Zappos 

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

The apparel brand Zappos saves shoppers a lot of time with a simple and informative contact us page. What’s notable here is that the page caters to both existing and new customers. 

For customers who have issues with their orders, want to request a return, or request exchanges, they tell how to do so (Order history under My Account). 

For new users or those who want to get in touch, they’ve provided details for calling, texting, and live chat. 

ConvertCart Tip

You can separate questions into large categories, making simple searches easy. All questions can be viewed on a single page and the answers can be expanded either on the same or another page, making it an accessible experience. 

#2. The Honey Pot 

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

Feminine care eCommerce brand The Honey Pot is a great example of a contact us page design. The brand sells sustainable and toxin-free menstrual products for conscious consumers. 

The contact page has four sections for consumers, influencers, press, and sponsorship. 

At the end of the page, they have a CTA - 15% off when the visitor subscribes to the newsletter. 

What stands out here is that the section “for customers” takes you to another page “The Honey Pot Help Center” where they have added information on products, pricing, shipping and delivery, and more. Each of these tabs further takes you to another page where they address the topic in detail. 

ConvertCart Tip

Instead of making the contact us page cluttered with too much information, you could link to another page that covers additional information in detail. 

#3. souk + SEPIA 

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

The eCommerce marketplace for curated items from across the world, souk + SEPIA provides customers with the trendiest fashion of the season. 

The contact us page design has multiple sections: how to get in touch, customer service hours and days, contact email, lead form, store information, and a CTA to subscribe to their emails. 

What catches our attention here is how they use a welcoming copy (as seen in store information). And their contact email id - - is equally distinct. 

ConvertCart Tip

Your contact us page copy does not have to be bland. Add your brand’s unique tonality to make it more welcoming and unique. 


20 inspiring contact us page design examples is an eCommerce brand selling clothing, accessories, planners, home decor, and wellness products. The brand is known for its optimism, which is reflected throughout the website, and its contact us page is no different. 

The page opens with an image of six phones, instead of the website’s overall fun theme. The following paragraph has a lighthearted tone and communicates what you can expect to find on this page. 

What stands out on this page? 

The form has a few fields, thereby avoiding asking customers for unnecessary information. Lastly, there is contact information for shoppers intending to chat with customer support. 

ConvertCart Tip

If your brand projects fun and quirky personality, don’t hesitate from making your contact page fun and welcoming. 

#5. Dollar Shave Club 

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

Dollar Shave Club disrupted the shaving industry in 2011 by delivering great blades at the best prices. 

Although we were hoping for some sort of sarcasm on the contact us page (considering how the brand is known for its quirkiness), we were pleasantly surprised to find an interactive contact page design. 

Here, they merge the help center with the contact us page, based on your query. 

ConvertCart Tip

You don’t always have to go by the book when it comes to designing your eCommerce contact page. It can be interactive, as seen above.

#6. YETI 

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

eCommerce brand YETI sells coolers and other gear to outdoor enthusiasts and it gets the contact us page completely right. 

In the first fold, the hero image and other images on the contact us page feature nature-themed photography that resonates with YETI’s outdoor enthusiast audience. 

The introductory text is cheeky and friendly. 

Next, YETI has button links to several resources including an FAQ page, product registration page, privacy inquiry page, and more. These links make it easy for customers to find the right answer without having to contact customer care. 

Lastly, if the visitor is unable to find answers, he/she can still contact customer care. 

What is most striking here, is that the design of the contact page aligns with the overall website design, look and feel. 

ConvertCart Tip

Your customers should not visit the contact page and think they’ve been taken to a completely different website. Stay true to your brand by using similar images, fonts, colors, and the voice on the contact page. 

#7. In Good Taste

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

Good Taste makes wine more accessible and less intimidating for the everyday drinker. 

What we love the most about their eCommerce contact us page design is that the page is crisp and to the point. Customers can select their issue from the list and type their messages. 

There’s a prominent popup on the page nudging new customers to sign up and receive up to $10 off on their first order. 

ConvertCart Tip

Show your brand’s personality on the contact us page be it funny, serious, or playful. It establishes familiarity and enables you to connect with customers. 

#8. Good Eggs 

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

Good Eggs delivers California’s best groceries and meals, right at your doorstep. They work with local farmers and producers to bring high-integrity and high-quality food. 

The contact us page has a simple and easy-to-understand design. In the lead form, the tab “Select a topic” has a drop-down that makes it easier for customers to pinpoint their reasons for getting in touch. 

Furthermore, the FAQ section takes you to another page where they answer more specific queries in detail. 

ConvertCart Tip

Your branding (fonts, colors, images) should be consistent across the website. 

#9. MeUndies

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

The eCommerce brand for underwear, MeUndies has a great contact us page design. 

Firstly, there’s a search bar that lets shoppers look for articles with answers to their questions. Instead of asking them to fill out a form, MeUndies utilizes its extensive library of articles to provide answers. 

The best part of this eCommerce contact us page design is that the search bar gives the most relevant answers to user queries. 

They’ve listed popular questions into categories. This way, shoppers can also browse category-wise. 

And if that’s not enough, shoppers get a range of options to contact customer support via social media, text, email, and live chat. 

ConvertCart Tip

If you’re often receiving the same kind of questions, consider adding an FAQ section answering recurring customer questions on your contact us page.

#10. BarkBox

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

The monthly toy and treat box brand for dogs BarkBox is known for its excellently designed website. 

Contrary to the trend of having an information-rich contact us page, they have a crisp page for customers looking to contact them. There are clear tabs for FAQ, email, and live chat. 

Upon clicking on the FAQ tab, you’re taken to another page that has a search bar and information laid out in the form of articles, FAQs, and more. 

The recent activity section on this page showcases questions asked by customers. 

ConvertCart Tip

If eCommerce contact marketing is a part of your brand’s strategy, consider adding help articles to your contact us page. The answers can also be in the form of detailed articles. 

#11. DocATot 

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

The eCommerce brand DocATot makes ultra-stylish and multi-functioning docs for toddlers. 

First of all, the hero image and the copy at the top of the page “We’re here to help” is welcoming. 

If you scroll further down, you can’t help but notice how the information is well-arranged and covers multiple elements including FAQs, lead form, shipping policy, returns, and more. 

ConvertCart Tip

Pay equal attention to how you arrange/display information on the contact us page. Use uncluttered information and concise copy so that the visitor does not get overwhelmed. 

#12. Blue Bottle Coffee

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

The brand sells fresh coffee through cafes in the USA, Japan, and Korea. 

The first thing you’d notice is that the contact page has an image of cafe staff brewing fresh coffee. This image resonates with the audience of coffee lovers. 

Also, the contact us page design is simple and provides shoppers with only the information they might need. 

Now, below the fold is a list of email ids for contacting the right department for different kinds of inquiries. As a result, the customers can avoid being redirected multiple times and can reach out to the respective staff for getting answers to their questions. 

ConvertCart Tip

If your brand has multiple departments that a potential customer may get in touch with, consider enlisting their email addresses to save the customer’s time. 

#13. Pretty Litter 

20 inspiring contact us page design examples

Pretty Litter is a proactive tool used to monitor your cat’s health and it draws attention to potential health issues on a subscription basis. 

In their contact us page design, they’ve mentioned how they take 48 hours to respond to queries along with their working days. 

Towards the bottom of the page, they’ve added a CTA along with the product benefits - to reiterate what they offer. 

What we love here is upon clicking on Accessibility assistance, there’s an accessibility statement on a separate page where they talk about the brand’s commitment to making the website even accessible to users with disabilities.

ConvertCart Tip

Consider making your website and the contact us page accessible to all shoppers including those with disabilities. 

#14. Lunya 

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

Women’s sleepwear and intimates eCommerce brand Lunya has three cornerstone principles: thoughtfully crafted, commitment to quality, and sustainability. 

On their contact us page, there’s a separate section on sustainability. The information is also arranged in a non-cluttered way: FAQs, lead form, support hours, international delivery, and more.

ConvertCart Tip

If your brand strongly believes in a particular social cause, leverage it on the contact us page to show the visitor that you walk the talk. 

#15. Northern Brewer

This eCommerce brand sells microbrewery kits and brew supplies for home brewing. While they nail the content marketing game, they’ve done an equally great job with their contact us page. 

Contact information is the first thing the page covers, followed by highlighting that they’re available all 7 days to answer customer queries.

In the next section, they mention the brand’s replacement and payment methods along with adding the brand address. 

Lastly, they cover the 10% discount offered to US Armed Forces both veterans and active. 

ConvertCart Tip

There’s no right way about the length of your contact us page design. Ensure that all information your existing and potential customers would be looking for is covered, regardless of the length.

#16. Pit Viper

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

Pit Viper is an eCommerce brand that sells sunglasses. The brand is loud and edgy, as seen by the use of phrases like “Cranky People Stuff” on its homepage. 

Pit Viper’s contact page opens with an intriguing image. Below the image is a simple form for customers to send questions.

The second fold has instructions for customers to check out the FAQ page for shipping. Even here, the tone is unsurprisingly snarky. 

Towards the end is contact details for customers to reach out to support reps along with working hours. 

Lastly, the page has a humorous CTA to subscribe to the brand’s emails. 

The beauty of this page is that although it is eccentric, the page does not impede clear communication. All the information needed is available with a few clicks.

ConvertCart Tip

If your audience appreciates an eccentric personality, show your unique brand personality using quirky copywriting.

#17. Daily Harvest 

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

Daily Harvest is a brand that delivers chef-crafted food straight to customers. Smoothies, breakfast bowls, salad, soup, and flatbreads are some of the products the brand sells. 

They combine the contact us and help center page. FAQs are broken into four categories and there’s a search bar for other questions. 

For shoppers who still haven't found answers, there’s a section at the bottom of the page that takes you to a lead capture form. 

ConvertCart Tip

It’s okay to combine the FAQ and contact us page, as long as the page answers all possible/recurring questions. 

#18. Joy + Glee

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

Handy shaving razor brand joy + glee which sells its products online is a part of our list for two reasons. 

Foremost, the contact page shows the brand’s privacy policy along with email and contact information. Upon accepting the terms, you are taken to a simple contact form.

Secondly, a bright popup form with a free gift incentive pops up, nudging you to subscribe to the brand’s emails. 

ConvertCart Tip

To nudge first-time shoppers to give their contact details, add a popup with an incentive. The incentive could be a discount or a free gift (in this case it builds curiosity). The email addresses or contact details can be further used for lead nurturing

#19. Chubbies 

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

Chubbies Shorts started as a DTC brand selling men’s shorts and has a wide range of men's wear now. 

We had to include the brand in our eCommerce contact page designs considering how well the information is arranged in six categories. 

What we love about this page is that they even cover additional information like free shipping, free returns, secure payments, and their mission of supporting mental health. 

ConvertCart Tip

Consider including purchase decisions (free shipping, free returns, or whatever tilts the customer’s decision in the favor of your brand) on the contact us page.

#20. Eve sleep

20 inspiring contact us page design examples 

Online spring and foam mattresses brand eve sleep also has products like beds, bedding, and candles to soothing bedtime rinks and blankets on their eCommerce store.

There’s a subtle CTA of up to 50% off on the top of the page. Then, the tonality of the subheading is casual and welcoming. 

The brand has contact information for the press, customers, and wholesalers. This way, it caters to different kinds of shoppers. 

ConvertCart Tip

Optimize your eCommerce store’s contact us page to cater to different types of shoppers. In addition, if you’re expecting press coverage, make sure to have a section for letting media outlets know how to get in touch with you.


#1. What do you write on the contact us page?

A contact us page design has copy elements like contact address, contact number, Google address, opening and closing time and hours, and a call to action (CTA). 

#2. How do I make a contact us page for my website?

You can either design the contact us page yourself or choose a contact us page generator like Jotform, Zoho, and Volusion. 

#3. How do I add a contact us page?

If you’re using Shopify, they have an in-built contact us form with three elements: name, email, and address. 

#4. How do I write a good contact us page on Shopify?

Your contact us page on Shopify should have a welcoming copy, consistent tonality, branding, important information like contact email, address and number, and FAQs. 

#5. What makes a good contact page?

A good contact us page is easy to navigate has information arranged in an easy-to-understand way, nudges the customer to take action, and provides answers to FAQs. 

Wrapping up 

These are some of our favorite examples of well-designed eCommerce contact us pages. You can either design them yourselves, use the contact us page generator, or contact us page template bootstrap to design pages that feature well-crafted copy, beautiful photos, and clutter-free forms. 

What you could do next is compare these brand examples to your contact us page and see if you can make any changes to improve the customer experience on your page.

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