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eCommerce product videos: 28 brand examples to learn from

Everyone’s using product videos. Few are using them smartly. We’ve curated 28 brands doing eCommerce product videos right and what you can learn from them.

eCommerce product videos: 28 brand examples to learn from

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video probably speaks ten thousand words.

According to eMarketer's survey, shoppers expect to see an average of 6 photos and 3 videos before making a purchase decision.

chart showing number of images and videos customers want to see on an eCommerce website

This is a good insight for you to reshuffle your visual elements on your product page and start landing more sales.

Here’s another thing.

Mobile traffic is higher than desktop traffic. As per SaleCycle's 2021 eCommerce Stats & Trends Report, mobile traffic is 35% higher than desktop traffic (not really a surprise!)

mobile vs desktop traffic 2020

One of the best ways to engage mobile users is undoubtedly through video. 

Why: mobile video consumptions go up by 100% every year.  

So, all the more reason to start incorporating videos cleverly into your product marketing strategy. 

6 stats that build the case for eCommerce product video marketing 

product video marketing stats

28 ingenious eCommerce product video examples (+ what you can learn from them)

The most human form of digital communication is video. It helps build a direct connection between you and the customer as well as trust in your brand and your products. 

In a Wyzowl survey, 80% of participants said that product videos helped them feel more confident about making an online purchase.

chart showing customers who felt product videos helped them purchase

The following 28 brand examples will offer insights to help you create a rich video shopping experience for your customers. 

1. Make it visually striking like Truwood Watches

What buyers want to see: product videos that make them feel as if they’re holding it in their hands.

How you can offer them that: product close-up videos that zoom in on your product, show off specific features that viewers might not see in photographs, or just show off your product from various angles.

Here’s an example from Truwood Watches:

2. Nail silent video like Tiffany & Co.

This video style is exactly what it sounds like: a silent study of the product!

Any product with intricate craftsmanship will benefit from a high-resolution close-up to highlight the finer points. 

This simple but stunning HD close-up of a Tiffany & Co. diamond ring is one example:

After seeing the video, customers will have a better picture of what the ring looks like, which shows it from several perspectives and includes a close-up view. The sparkles also boost the perceived beauty of the object, which increases the likelihood that someone will purchase it.

3. Infuse some brand character like Man Crates

Myth: product demo videos need to be long and exhaustive.

Truth: they can be super short - as long as they arouse curiosity.

The traditional technique—SHOW, don’t TELL—still holds true. 

Here's how Man Crates keeps their product video both entertaining and educational (all within 30 seconds):

4. Offer a simple solution to your customer's problem like Native Union

The best product videos tend to be those showcasing new technology. That's all thanks to Apple's famous advertising campaign

In this video, Native Union shows how you can take a customer pain point and solve it through technology with a simple but powerful video. 

5. Offer a detailed overview like Patagonia

Patagonia shows how to make lifelike product demo videos. 

The video brings to life the product through a variety of camera angles and close-ups in this edit. It highlights features that would have passed the customer’s attention in typical product photography.

Check it out: 

6. Let your customers experience the product like Logitech

If your product isn't typical, you might want to make your video more educational. 

This is the case with this product video from Logitech:

7. Make your products part of a lifestyle like Solo Stove

How many products cease to be just products and become part of your lifestyle?

With your product videos, you can. 

Solo Stove has a great example of this.

Looking to improve your product page? Start by checking out the product page guide containing examples, best practices, and more.

8. Craft a compelling story like CHANEL

What is the best way to describe a fragrance on the internet? You can list the elements in a formula and give flowery descriptions.

Or you can do what CHANEL does (and transform the fragrance into a persona):

9. Make unboxing fun like PlayStation

Unboxing videos are one of the most popular types of product videos. Video tutorials lead buyers through every stage of the process.

Check out this example from PlayStation:

10. Make your customers brand ambassadors like ASOS and FILA

A customer-filmed unboxing video is a great way to help others feel the excitement and anticipation of unboxing the product. 

This is how ASOS and FILA collaborates with their customers to achieve this: 

11. Show your products in action like Training Mask

When it comes to some products, it's crucial to show them in motion. 

This video by Training Mask is simple yet it conveys the message effectively, especially to potential consumers.

12. Bring your product to life as Redsbaby

Common product video idea: Create a video describing the product features

Creative product video idea: Let the product come alive in real life and highlight benefits over features in a fun way.

Check out Redsbaby’s video for inspiration: 

13. Make a many voices, one message customer testimonial video like Roku

Instead of focusing on just a single testimonial, Roku’s video combines the voices of several customers (the more the merrier!)

14. Let your customers do the talking for you like Frank Body

Option 1: Brag about your product features and benefits

Option 2: Let your customers share their experience with your product

Frank Body uses it and how! This video shows how you can differentiate your brand from a nameless commercial one to a human and relatable one. 

15. Promote transparency like Raspberry Pie

Never undervalue the importance of transparency and relatability. 

Raspberry Pi shoots this honest and direct video with CEO Eben Upton in it:

16. Personalize your brand with a heartfelt message from the CEO like Man Crates

Nothing speaks brand like a message from the CEO. 

According to a study by Ace Metrix, advertising featuring CEOs performed better on average than ads without one.

Here’s the one by Man Crates:

17. Infuse humor into your product video marketing like Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club's rise from upstart to rival to unicorn was fueled by a number of things, including hard work, a market gap, and a good product, to mention a few. 

But one factor may be the most important in propelling it so far and so quickly: video.

And what sets them apart in the crowded product video market: humor.

See for yourself:

18. Offer a product comparison like B&H

Customers love comparing products. 

How about creating a video that does the work for them? 

That’s what B&H does: 

19. Offer a sneak peek like Le Petit Gateau

A behind-the-scenes video is a great way to engage your customers. 

For one, it builds trust, shows transparency, and keeps customers involved. 

Le Petit Gateau does this by offering a peek into how its products are made, assembled, and shipped.

eCommerce product video by Le Petit Gateau

20. Collaborate with charities like Rescue Chocolate does

Show off your humane side with charity videos. 

In 2016, the city of Montreal passed legislation prohibiting pit bull ownership, which would have resulted in the euthanasia of many pit bulls. 

To raise awareness of the problem, Rescue Chocolate came up with this Facebook video.

eCommerce product video by Rescue Chocolate

The video has received over 1 million views after being shared by other animal enthusiasts.

21. Create explainer videos that capture your customers’ attention like Tommy John

Explainer videos work great when done right. 

If you’re aiming to create a super engaging, fun, and solution-focused one like Tommy John, you’re on solid ground. 

22. Save your customers’ time with lifehack videos like Wendy’s Lookbook

Lifehack videos are lifesavers. 

Make them short, swift, and helpful. 

Like Wendy’s Lookbook

23. Give your customers an in-store experience like Sierra Designs

Who says in-store experiences have to always happen in the store? 

That’s what cool product videos are for.

Like this one by Sierra Designs (shot out in the wild—where the products are actually going to be used!) 

24.  Show your playful side like Naturally Curly

Here’s the video by Naturally Curly:

Firstly, the kid’s clearly the winner in this video!

Secondly, nothing beats the short, sweet and engaging roundup of the product (complete with a trending hashtag!)

25. Make them interactive like Boursin Sensorium

Stay out of the competition with interactive videos. 

As per Magna’s research, interactive video ads boost engagement by 47% and raise purchase intent by up to 9x.

Check out this 360° virtual reality adventure by Boursin Sensorium:

26. Create a style guide like Showpo

Showpo does product video marketing really well. 

Jane Lu launched ShowPo in 2010 and grew her women's apparel business to over $30 million in sales by 2017 using social media marketing.

In this video, it features its products stylishly:

27. Tickle your customers’ funny bone like Blendtec

Sometimes, the greatest approach to selling anything is just by making your customer laugh.

BlendTec's Will it Blend video series showcases how humor and a goofy side can keep people engaged. The blender's films show it blending everything from garden rakes to marbles to an iPhone X (nearly!).

Take a look: 

28. Curiosity sells. Ask Vat19

VAT19 sells curiously awesome gifts such as candy, toys, gummies, and putty. 

Their videos extend the vibe perfectly with funny videos that will get you addicted silly (as if their products won’t!)

Here’s their most popular video World's Largest Gummy Worm:

A FOUNDER’S GUIDE: Sales Secrets from 15 High-Converting Websites

4 top tips for nailing eCommerce product videos like a pro

Tip #1: Keep it short & sweet

More than half of all videos produced in 2020 were under 2 mins. There’s a 50% higher chance of customers retaining your video content if its length is within 90 seconds. 

A well-made product film can entertain viewers while also educating them about the product and converting them into buyers—all within a sweet timeframe. 

Tip #2: Let the emotions speak

When your product serves a purpose, your customers will automatically connect with you and your brand. And the best way to convey a purpose is by appealing to their emotions such as wonder, laughter, or joy.

Tip #3: Weave a beautiful story

Biologically, our brains are wired for storytelling. 

People feel more attached to a product when they get to know the story behind it.

It's a good idea to keep things simple and entertaining while you're trying to convey a story. 

Tip #4: Invest in quality (and maintain it)

It goes without saying that if you want to turn heads, you need to invest in high-quality equipment. 

You can build your own setup inhouse or use tools such as Shakr, GoAnimate, Camtasia, or Animoto.

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