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301 Redirect

301 Redirect

If you have shifted your e-commerce website from your previous web address to some other new web address, then 301 redirect acts as a continuity tool for your website i.e. if a visitor tries to find your website using the old website address then 301 redirect basically redirects the visitor to your new web address which is the current location of your e-commerce store. 301 redirect is a mandatory continuity tool as it enables your customers to continue finding your website even after it is shifted to a new location on the internet and eliminates the chances of your old customers not finding your store due to a changed location.ย 

Itโ€™s like in the physical world if your store shifts from location A to location B and your customers go looking for your store at location B, then a board displaying the address to location B where your store had shifted will help you in retaining your old customers. The 301 redirect code is an HTTP protocol response status code that sends the user to an active page. Not just when the user enters a non-operational, old web address but also when the user tries to visit a website using a bookmark or an expired link,301 redirect takes the user to the operation web address.

Benefits of 301 redirect

  • 301 redirect ensures a positive user experience by making the e-commerce website easily accessible to the customers.
  • 301 redirect is also a powerful search engine optimization tool, as it tells Google that a page hasn't been removed from your website and makes use of various algorithms to tell Google that your website has changed its address and updates its new address accordingly so that your users can reach it easily.
  • 301 redirect also helps you in maintaining the search engine ranking position of your website.
  • 310 redirect solves all the problems for your website on SEO and customer ends.

301 redirect is a technical tool and it eases the work of every e-commerce website owner by maintaining the continuity of the customers on the website when the domain is changed or pages on the website are updated.

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