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Average time on site

Average time on site

Average time spent on site is the average duration of time that visitors spend while viewing your website. A low average time on site indicates a higher bounce rate which means that the users are not staying long enough on your website to perform the desired action that can act as a barrier in achieving your business goals.

Formula to calculate Average time on site:

The total duration of all sessions(in seconds)/ Total number of sessions

Note: A session starts when a user views your webpage and it ends when they leave or show inactivity for more than 30 minutes. Everything they do during that visit is counted as a single session.

Hacks to increase the average time on site:

  • Simple yet catchy design- The best way to convince your visitor to stay on your page is by creating a clean design. The most important content should be placed on top so that it catches the attention of the viewer when they land on your page.
  • Improve the readability of your website- Nobody likes to read texts that add a strain to the eyes. Keep the font size of your pages in such a way that they are easy to read from all devices including mobile phones.
  • Great quality images- More than reading big chunks of texts, people prefer to look at images as they tend to be more engaging. You can even optimize these images to get the best resolution.
  • Add videos- Videos make your site more interactive and improve the user experience which leads to a better engagement rate.
  • Build internal links- You can link to relevant pages and articles which will increase the time users spend on your website and is also good for SEO purposes.
  • Add success stories- People love to read and hear about the success stories more than anything else. This type of content on your website will have higher chances of going viral.
  • Target the abandoning users- Just before users are about to leave your website, you can give them a pop-up related to any discount, free ebook, newsletter, or any other cool stuff that gets their attention
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