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Bottom of the Funnel

Bottom of the Funnel

When you have attracted the prospects and managed to get them to the bottom of the funnel with a fair amount of effort, itโ€™s time to play your cards right by convincing them that they are making the right decision and your solution is the best option for them.

Long story short, the Bottom of the Funnel is where you convert prospects or leads into customers. This is where you give the leads the final nudge to buy from you.

Strategies that can help you to convert leads into customers

1) Be Direct: The bottom of the funnel is where you need to connect dots between your solution and their problem by telling them about the benefits of your service or product yet again. The content should be direct and not lead to any confusion.

2) Stand out from the crowd: When the prospect is about to take the final call, they will surely look for better options. This is where you need to play smart by studying your competition and putting out points that make you better than the rest.

3) Get really persuasive: You can get your leads to pull the trigger with the power of persuasion. This means that you need to highlight your awards, recognitions, and customer testimonials to build trust.

4) Make the best offer: At this stage, offering your customers a good deal can be a game-changer as it would be the deciding factor between you and your competition.

5) Make information easy to consume and share: Most people tend to take advice from others before the final call. You can help them in this effort by giving them sharable content that includes all your benefits.

6) Provide information on implementation: The leads can sometimes get a little anxious about the implementation of the service, so this is where you need to create content pieces that highlight how to use the service or product for a specific purpose.

7) Keep the pitch user-specific: Personalize your content and marketing messages according to the needs of your leads.

8) Directly address obstacles: Get someone on your sales team to address the last-minute doubts that the prospect might have related to your product or service and provide a viable solution.

Importance of Using Analytics at the bottom of the funnel

  • Including product usage data that highlights how your product proved to be beneficial for others can really help the leads in visualizing their own success.
  • Using behavior analytics can really help to convert better. If the behavior shows that a lead is losing interest then you can launch a retargeting initiative.
  • Analytics can tell you what is more important to a lead and you can then make a compelling offer based on that data.
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