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Brick and Click Store

Brick and Click Store

Brick and click store is a business model where retailers give their customers both an offline and online channel for shopping. In the current scenario, everything is shifting online including the eCommerce industry but having a physical premise is also a priority. Therefore, retailers take steps to sync the two together.

Benefits of Brick and Click store

  1. Click and Collect- It allows the customers to choose and buy a product online and then pick it up from the physical store nearby. Customers can shop from the comfort of their workplace or home and avoid any shipping charges by collecting the product on their own.
  2. Home Delivery- The customers can also select the option for home delivery to get the product delivered at their doorstep. It is beneficial when a customer wants to purchase cumbersome and large products like furniture or electronics.
  3. Synchronized Inventory-Since both the online and offline store is in sync with each other, it helps to maintain a synchronized inventory. This means that the products that are shown online reflect what’s left in-store and vice-versa. Inventory levels are accurate on both channels as they are constantly updated.

How to be a Brick and Click retailer?

  • Create a unified shopping experience across both your sales channels by keeping them in sync with each other.
  • Synchronize your inventory as it will reduce the risk of overselling and underselling products.
  • Make customer engagement your top priority by interacting with them through various in-store events and online offers.
  • Use a fully integrated point of sale system that combines eCommerce, physical retail, and payment processing.
  • Keep a track of your customer behavior by collecting information through the online and offline channels and use them for marketing strategies.

Some example of Brick and Click business that started offline but is now thriving online

  • TYLER’S- Tyler’s has grown up selling its accessories and footwear across nine locations in Texas but then decided to go online by syncing the two together which turned out to be successful.
  • Sara Campbell- Sara Campbell is a luxury fashion brand that operates through 26 locations in Massachusetts. During the covid-19 pandemic, it decided to shift online by building an online store and focusing on its customer experience with on-site search.
  • Lammes Candies- This candy company has its physical store in five locations along with an online business that is reaching new heights every day. Their team has managed to create an online presence that is authentic and relevant to their brand.
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