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CMS – Content Management System

CMS – Content Management System

A content management system is a software that allows the eCommerce owners to create, manage and modify content on the website without any technical knowledge. Instead of building your own system for storing images and creating web pages, the content management system handles all the basic infrastructure stuff so that you can focus on more important areas of your business.

How to build a website with a Content Management System?

  • Purchase web hosting and a domain name
  • Install the content management system of your choice on your browser.
  • Configure the system to decide how your site looks along with the features.
  • Use the content management system’s interface to start writing the content.

A content management system is made up of two core parts-

  • CMA - It stands for Content management application and it allows you to add and manage content on the site.
  • CDA - It stands for a Content delivery application that allows you to handle the backend process by taking the content you input into CMA and storing it correctly to make it visible to the visitors.

Examples of popular Content management systems

  • Wix
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Squarespace
  • TYPO3

Kind of websites that you can build with CMS

  • Ecommerce stores
  • Static websites
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Membership sites
  • Portfolios, etc.
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