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Content Optimization

Content Optimization

Content Optimization is the process of making sure your content reaches out to a large target audience. The content Optimization process can include user experience changes, link building, copy improvements, SEO, and other technical fixes. If done in the right way, it can help your page to rank better in the search results and convert more visitors into leads.

There are two ways to optimize your content- manually or using AI. Both use an 8 step process to create and optimize your content.

8 steps of content creation

  1. Research - Review competitor’s content while taking into account context, relevance, and topics.
  1. Planning - Create a list of content articles and topics to cover based on keyword research and search volume.
  1. Briefing - Write a brief from scratch after exhaustive research on keyboard rankings and topics based on SERP results.
  1. Writing - Ensure brand guideline documents are followed across all writers with unique voices.
  1. Editing - Review and rewrite multiple drafts for a single piece of content to improve SEO.
  1. Promotion - Promote content based on freshness, performance, or best guess.
  1. Optimization - Review and analyze old content, article by article, to update.
  1. Inventory+Auditing - Manually update inventory and competitor’s content in spreadsheets for comparison.

Steps to optimizing any content

  • Create quality
  • Build trust
  • Establish authority
  • Match the search intent of the visitor
  • Produce strong call-to-action
  • Optimize engagement with the help of images and videos
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