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Electronic mail or e-mail as it is popularly known is a way of sending messages through electronic devices. When it was first introduced e-mails could only be sent to people that used the same computer and it often needed both the sender and the recipient to be online at the same time. However, in the current day emails can be sent across various computer networks using the internet.

Features of E-mail

  • A few of the identifying features of e-mails are
  • Users have access to automatic reply, forwarding, redirecting to and of messages.
  • E-mails allow you to attach images, files, videos, and graphics to your message.
  • E-mails have a ‘BBC’ and a ‘CC’ option which stand for blind carbon copy and carbon copy respectively. Both options allow you to send copies of the same email to multiple recipients, the only difference is that with the CC option the full recipients' list is shown to everyone who receives the mail, whereas with BBC it is only shown to the sender.
  • All e-mails have a date and time stamp.
  • Senders can attach their signature to a message.

Sending and Receiving Emails

To send an email you will need an active internet connection and as well as an e-mail address beforehand. You can get an email address by creating an account with an e-mail client, for example – Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, etc, and it will usually be framed like this – or These are usually web pages or applications that will manage all the emails you send or receive.

Once you have an e-mail id and an internet connection all you need to do to send a mail is

  • Log in to your email website.
  • Click compose/new to begin drafting your mail.
  • Enter the recipient’s email id in the designated box.
  • Write the subject and the body of your message.
  • Click Send.

To see if you’ve received any new emails, you’ll also need an e-mail id and an active internet connection beforehand. And then all you have to do is log into your email account, and click on your inbox to see if there are any new emails.

If you want to reply to a mail, you can click on the reply button at the bottom of the receipt. This way the sender's address will already be inputted and you can directly go ahead with writing the body of your mail. You also have the option of forwarding a copy of any email you’ve received to others.

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