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The word infographic was made by clubbing the words “information” and “graphic” together. They are visual tools that are used as a means of communication to give an easy explanation of a topic. It uses various forms of imagery, charts, graphics, and text to depict information. They are mainly used by marketers, educators, trainers, and non-profit organisations.

Infographics are mainly created for  

  • Giving a quick overview of a topic.
  • Making explaining a complicated process easier. 
  • Summarising a bulk of information from long articles, or books.
  • For campaigns and to spread awareness about events or topics. 

Types of Infographics 

Some of the common types of infographics are 

  • Data Visualisation Infographics - These help to explain data by putting it in the form of graphs and charts to make it easier to understand. 
  • Information Design Infographics - This is a form of graphic design that aims to show information in an efficient easy to understand way using pictures and text. They are usually used to display information more interestingly so it’s easier to digest. 
  • List infographics - This type of infographic uses more text than most do, but focuses on using eye-catching color schemes and icons to engage people. 
  • Process Infographic - these are infographics that are created to explain processes and depict the different steps and timeline it follows. 
  • Comparison Infographic - these are used to make comparisons between objects, ideas, people, events, etc. They are used to compare and contrast features, and to reveal similarities or differences.
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