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LinkedIn is considered to be the world’s largest professional network on the internet. LinkedIn is a thriving community of entrepreneurs and business folks and is a handy place for career development and networking. You can sign up at LinkedIn and fill up your profile with as much information as you can- Jobs you have had in the past, details of your qualifications, skills, interest, and knowledge, links to your website, blog and other online profiles. You can search LinkedIn to connect with people you know by name or you can let LinkedIn scan your email account for people you are likely to know.

If you are super keen on LinkedIn, you might want to pay for their premium membership that gives you access to a lot of statistics about your viewers.

How to really use LinkedIn?

  • Set a goal
  • Look for people who are in the best position to help you reach that goal.
  • Use “Advanced search”.
  • Look at the list for common contacts.
  • Ask for a magic mail from the person you have the best relationship with.

Why should you be on LinkedIn?

  • You can expand your professional network by getting in touch with your old colleagues.
  • You can use your LinkedIn profile as a resume by adding your qualification and work experience.
  • It acts as one of the best places to find and apply for jobs.
  • You can connect with new professionals who can help you with your professional goals.
  • You can request to join groups of your interest and expand your network.
  • You can make thousands of people read your content by publishing blogs and therefore, increase your credibility.

Build your ‘basic’ network in three steps

  1. Upload the contacts from your email program to LinkedIn.
  2. Connect with classmates and Colleagues using LinkedIn tools.
  3. Join the groups that are based on subjects and issues that interest you, for example-
  • People with the role that interests you.
  • Professional organizations
  • Trade organizations
  • Recruiters
  • Alumni associates of your college or previous employer(s).
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