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Listing Fee

Listing Fee

Listing Fee is the nominal fee that you have to pay to list your products or services on eCommerce platforms. The listing fee depends on the value of the product as well as the number of days you wish to keep your product on the website. The higher the price of the product, the higher the listing fee. Popular platforms like Amazon and eBay provide fee calculators to help the sellers to calculate their fees for listing as well as fulfillment and shipping costs.

Amazon and eBay listing fees

Amazon fee calculator depends on three categories, which give merchants data regarding fees for monthly storage, fulfillment, and referral fee.

Fulfillment is the expense to be charged for the weight and size of the merchandise, which the vendor is putting for sale. This expense covers packing and picking orders, customer service, shipping and handling, and item return whenever requested. The Fulfillment expense has two subcategories, which are referral fee and monthly storage fee.

The monthly storage expense is the month-to-month stockpiling expense of your items to be put away in Amazon's stockrooms. The expense relies upon the measure of room it takes to store your merchandise.ย 

Referral charges are paid by vendors to Amazon for every item they offer. This expense is a percentage of the total product price.ย 

eBay fee calculator has two sorts of expenses, which are final value and insertion fee.

Insertion fees depend on the category and the number of categories dealers decide to specify for their items. Insertion expenses are non-refundable, which implies that regardless of whether dealers don't sell any items they will still need to pay an insertion fee to eBay. However, if a vendor doesn't have an eBay store or just opened a store, he/she gets 50 zero insertion fee listings, which implies that the initial 50 merchandise given by the dealer will not be charged by eBay. Zero insertion fees are legitimate just for the nation, where the merchant has enlisted.ย 

The final value fee is the fee charged for the total amount of the sale. This expense incorporates the product's final price and delivery charges. Sales tax is excluded, however.

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