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Middle of the funnel

Middle of the funnel

The middle of the funnel includes marketing activities midway through the funnel that supports customer research and evaluation. The middle funnel content is solution-focused that helps to solve the problems of the buyer and make their experience better. For example, if you saw an ad on your Instagram for software(Top of the funnel) and after taking a trial for a week(Bottom of the funnel), you decided to signup for the subscription. You got a solution for your problem through the Instagram feed which acts as the Middle of the Funnel strategy. 

Another great example of middle-of-the-funnel content is when you offer a real-world customer experience and tell your audience about how your product has helped other brands to solve their problem, then this customer validation supports the buyer’s research and evaluation process.

Middle funnel channels and tactics include

Do’s and Don’ts for Middle of the funnel marketing

  1. Create solution-oriented content- Create content in such a way that it answers all the questions that your customers might have while looking for a solution. Don’t hold yourself from adding all testimonials, success stories, and in-depth solutions.
  1. Give more time for content production- You need to present the best information that you have related to your products and services. Since the content has to be information-rich, therefore you need to plan every step carefully.
  1. Don’t fall into the ambiguity effect- Ambiguity effect is when your products miss out on the information that the buyer needs to make a decision. Make sure that the content you share is customer-validated, relevant, honest, and memorable.

What is the need for middle-of-the-funnel marketing?

While the top of the funnel acts as a wide net to get more leads, the middle of the funnel focuses more on getting the relevant prospects. The relevant leads are quite ready to make a purchase, they are just looking for the best solution. So, we need middle-of-the-funnel marketing to create content and tactics that target the research goal of the buyers.

  • It helps to nurture SQLs(Sales Qualified Leads) and MQLs(Marketing Qualified Leads).
  • Requires a medium frequency of solution-oriented content.
  • Targets relevant prospects who are more likely to make a purchase.
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