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Smarketing is a combination of two words that is sales and marketing. Smarketing is a strategy where both the sales and the marketing team of an organization work together towards common organizational goals and to integrate sales qualified leads and marketing qualified leads. Both the teams have to build a stronger relationship and ensure direct communication to work on unified goals. Smarketing helps in growing business as both the teams will be knowing each others’ strategies well which will help them convert leads into customers. The ultimate goal of smarketing is converting leads into sales by using tactics like email and content marketing. 

Reasons to develop a smarketing strategy

1. Increase the ROI of both the sales and marketing department - When both the sales and marketing team work together, there are higher sales figures and the marketing team also works on converting leads into paying customers that maximizes their return on investment. 

2. Achieve business goals faster - Since the two teams work towards achieving the same goals, goals are achieved faster and increases your profits. Rapid growth flourishes your business.  

3. Improve team cohesion and the company environment - Employees understand each other better and there are fewer chances of conflict when teams work together. Employees feel happy and perform better which improves the overall business and harmony is maintained in the organization.  

How to implement a smarketing strategy

A few simple tips to execute smarketing in your business are discussed below-

  1. Assess the working of both teams and then set goals. These goals should be specific, smart, and measurable. Both the teams should work together towards achieving the set goals. 
  2. If you have not been working in an integrated environment then bringing change is not a one-day task. Listen to people, ask the heads of the teams to coordinate so that the subordinates follow the same. 
  3. You should organize meetings for both the teams so that there are fewer communication gaps and smooth functioning is ensured. 
  4. There should be a common database for both the teams and should be accessible by all.
  5. Besides formal meetings, encourage your teams to use various tools like Microsoft teams, google docs, and one drive, etc which will help in better communication and sharing of information. 
  6. You should take regular feedback and resolve conflicts among the team members if a need arises.
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