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Snackable Content

Snackable Content

Just as the name suggests, Snackable content is content that is like a snack that is consumed for a small time interval. Just like the snacks are supposed to be consumed within a few minutes, snackable content is one that meets the eyes of your users for a few moments whereas full meals could take an hour or more which are basically like the blogs on your website. As the technique of using the internet has changed over time, most internet users are online for a short duration of time, multiple times a day rather than logging on for longer durations of time and that is where snackable content becomes an effective marketing strategy

Snackable content basically refers to the website content that is short and simple to digest. The text, videos, and images on your website that are created to be viewed in just a short duration i.e. it can be viewed anywhere and at any time on a smartphone is basically the snackable content of your website. Multiple bits of snackable content can be used in continuity to narrate a bigger story. 

For example, the reels posted on Instagram encourage users to seek out and consume other, more traditional forms of content from your page or website. Imagine your customer is riding in an Uber, waiting in the Coffee shop, standing in an elevator, or sitting in a lobby. Snackable content is small pieces of text that attract the attention of your customer to your website for short spurts of time.

Types of Snackable Content 

Snackable content mainly comes in handy on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook because social media platforms are designed for quick feed updates.

You can use snackable content on your website in the following ways :

  • Short excerpts of texts, like the updates that are seen on Twitter
  • Videos that are just a few seconds up to a minute in length, like on Instagram
  • Pictures, especially those that are used in memes
  • Infographics that share in-depth information with a quick glance

If you want to create viral content that your viewers would like to read, share and re-share with their friends and followers on different platforms, then snackable content is something that you must focus on while building your website.

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