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Social Media

Social Media

eCommerce social media is the practice of using social media for the marketing of a product by the business. eCommerce stores use social media for advertising, social customer service, social listening, competitive analysis, social commerce, and social selling.  Social media also helps businesses to get their brand, profile, and products shared online. Marketing on social media is very easy. Since it is completely free for anybody to create accounts on social media, it is also a cost-effective way of marketing for eCommerce businesses. Commonly used social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, etc.  

For effective marketing on social media, we need to apply a lot of strategies that vary depending on our business models and goals. We may focus on -

  • promoting our eCommerce site, i.e. driving traffic to our website or app,
  • selling products directly on social media platforms,
  • communicating with customers, both pre-purchase and post-purchase,
  • collecting information about your users, competitors, etc.  

Benefits of social media for eCommerce

1. Expand your online reach

Nowadays, most of the adult population uses various social media platforms. Therefore, almost all businesses can benefit from social media marketing. 

2. Reach your target audience at platforms where they spend most of their time

When you optimize your website for search engines, it allows you to reach users when they are searching for specific products. With the help of social media, you can reach your users at their favorite places online.

3. Engage your target audience in an informal way

Social media platforms are informal platforms where you can communicate with your customers. There is also a chat option available that encourages two-way communication.

4. Help your brand get shared online

Social media platforms allow your customers to share your brand within their circle of friends and family. This is very useful for online sellers as it increases their customer base. 

Strategies/Tips for social media for eCommerce businesses

  1. Your presence on social media should be consistent. Your profile should have the same page structure, color combination, etc. you should also post regularly on all social media platforms. 
  2. You should focus on being human rather than just focusing on selling products through your social media handles. You should work on interacting with your customers, taking feedback, etc. 
  3. You should post user-generated content. This type of content shows your followers and new customers how your existing customers feel about your brand and your product. 
  4. You should look for influencers (with a minimum of 1000 followers) who can promote your profile and your product. 
  5. You should use social media ads to reach more and more people. It is a cost-efficient way to deliver advertisements and sell more of your product.
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