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Social Signals

Social Signals

Put simply, social signals are the likes, shares, and views on your social media posts. These social likes, shares, and views increase the visibility of your posts and tell people that your content is insightful and helpful. More people visiting the posts, liking and sharing them, more will be the traffic on your website. 

Social signals are an important social media marketing metric. Although they are not a direct indicator of the ranking, they reflect and tell search engines how valuable and rich your content is. Higher the ranking a post gets, the more it is visible in the social media feed. Different platforms consider different types of engagement as social signals. For example, 

  • likes, shares, and comments on Facebook
  • retweets, quotes, and conversations on Twitter
  • pins, views, and comments on Pinterest
  • connections, links, and references on LinkedIn
  • followers, comments, and regrams on Instagram
  • views, thumbs-ups, and comments on YouTube

How to increase social signals

Nowadays, most of the sharing takes place on various social media platforms. Therefore, it has become very important to work on increasing your social engagement which in turn increases your ranking(indirectly). Multiple strategies to increase social signals are discussed below-

  1. Strong content- It is very important that you provide entertaining, valuable, and informative content to your users which brings about positive interaction with your social media posts. Content should be such that the users are able to relate to it. Post your best content to have a good engagement rate which will also display your content more often.
  2. Link your website- You should link your website to get some direct traffic when people come across your profile through social media platforms. 
  3. Post daily: You should post daily to keep your viewers engaged and interested in your profile. 
  4. Use images: Images catch attention, hence we should try putting our content in the form of images on all social media platforms. 
  5. Listen: Hear what people are saying about your products and respond to feedback in a positive way.
  6. Monitor: to monitor your performance, associate free social media apps with your brand that track likes and shares, etc. 
  7. Contests: Contests and giveaways is a significant way to increase interest and attract users.
  8. Partnerships: You can share content and links with other popular brands.

Cover all the social media bases: You should produce content for all of the top social media sites for maximized involvement.

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