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Trust Badges

Trust Badges

Imagine you are the producer of a food product, then your customers are going to trust your food product only when the Food Cooperation of your country puts its quality check badge over the cover of your product. A Trust Badge is a similar kind of badge or seal that is placed over your eCommerce website. As the name suggests this badge is basically a way to gain the trust of your customers. 

Whenever a customer visits your online store and adds a product to their cart, then while completing the checkout process, the trust badge will be visible to him/her on the checkout page. However, nowadays the trust badges are usually placed on the homepage of websites to tell every visitor that they can trust the website for making a purchase from it. 

A trust badge ensures the legitimacy of your website to your visitors. It also guarantees every user who shares his/her data with you that their data shall not be misused and will only be collected via third-party service providers. A customer will feel safe on your website while making a purchase because he believes that if a trust badge has been awarded to your website it means that all the quality measures of the website are verified thoroughly. 

A trust badge promises security in transactions to the customers, i.e a trust badge ensures that a website is going to keep the information of customers related to credit cards, debit cards, UPI, etc. private and secure. These badges come in different shapes and sizes and signal different things to potential customers. 

Types of trust badges

The five types of trust badges serve different purposes each.  You can use all these trust badges on your website simultaneously according to your goals.

  • Guaranteed Safe & Secure checkout badge

 This is a must-have badge for your eCommerce website. This badge is the seal given to your website when you make a contract with a company that provides an SSL certificate. SSL refers to Secure Socket Layer which is basically a protective layer that protects the internet connection and the data shared across that connection. If your website has this badge then it ensures your customers that they can trust the checkout process of your website and all their transaction-related data is in safe hands.

  • Free shipping and free returns trust badge

Who doesn’t like being offered free services? Everyone loves it. This badge can basically build the trust of your customers by letting them know that they can receive and return products from your online store without paying any additional fee. If you are an owner of an online store then you can place this badge on all “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” pages of your website. 

  • Accepted payment trust badges

When a customer sees a popular brand, it makes them feel familiar – that’s why accepted payment badges are so important. Having Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal badges as your payment options can help you boost the level of trust of your customers in your website. These badges can be placed as buttons in the footer of your website or the payment page of your website.

  • Third-party endorsements

In order to tell your customers that your business is legitimate and established, these badges are very important . The Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and Google Customer Review badges are examples of Third-party endorsement badges.

These badges basically signal to your customer that others have had a great experience buying from your online store and thus help you boost your sales.

  • Money-back guarantee badge

A money-back guarantee badge eliminates the customers’ fear of buying a product or service from your online store. This badge lets your potential customers know that you have their best interests in mind. For example - a 30-day money-back guarantee not only increases the number of potential buyers but also builds up their trust in your brand. This trust badge is completely free.

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