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User Experience

User Experience

When a user visits your ecommerce website, the kind of experience he has while browsing through the web pages of your website is what is referred to as the user experience. When you visit a store in the physical world, the way the storekeeper makes your shopping convenient has a lot of influence over your decision of buying from the same store again, your experience at the store in the physical world can be referred to as a shopping experience. However, when you are making a purchase from an online store, a simpler interface can enhance your experience of purchasing from that particular website, this experience is designed in a way to get into your head so that you come back to visit the website again and is called user experience.ย 

The experience that a user has over your eCommerce website can be positive as well as negative, which means that a user might find browsing through your website convenient while some other user might find it complex, i.e. we can say that user experience is totally perception based.ย 

Imagine you have walked into a multipurpose store and you are looking for the sunscreen of a particular brand and you cannot find it, when you look for some assistance from the employees of the store, they do not attend to your needs properly. Your experience at the store will be disheartening and you will avoid going to the same store again. This is how an unsatisfactory user experience on your eCommerce website can make your customers abandon their cart and directly have an impact on your sales. When a large number of users shall abandon their carts, your revenue shall see a massive decline. That is why it is very important that you provide the visitors to your website with a convincing user experience.ย 

If you build a great experience for your customers, they will tell each other about that. UX or User Experience design plays a major role in the success or failure of any eCommerce website. Your website should not only have thorough logic and simpler transitions but it should also have a platform for micro-interactions and feedback. The presentation of products on your website should be catchy and the payment process should not be cumbersome for your customers. These little things can help you build a better user experience for the visitors visiting your website.

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