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User Interface (UI)

User Interface (UI)

The way your website appears to your users is referred to as the user interface. The user interface is commonly abbreviated as UI and it is basically the design of your website on the user-end. A convenient user interface plays a major role in enhancing the user experience and thus if you are the owner of an e-commerce store then you should build the user interface of your website in such a way that it provides your customers with a pleasant shopping experience. 

Everything on the web page of your website from the navigation and user input options to the help options comprises the user interface. As the name suggests, user input options are nothing but elements that take inputs from the users. Whatever the user clicks on your website, is his input. The drop-down menus, drag, and drops on the web page of your website are the user input options and thus a part of the user interface. 

The user inputs are an important part of any website’s user interface and thus must be labeled correctly because they help the visitor on your website travel from one section of your website to another section. 

The navigation options on your website are also an integral part of the user interface of your website because they help your customers find the route to reach different parts of your website. The universal menus on the left-hand side of your webpage and the search bar that helps your customers find the information about the particular product that they are looking for is a part of the navigation options on your website. 

The Help option is a must-have in any user interface because it helps the users who are new to your website understand how it works. 

A convincing user interface can help in boosting your conversion rate which means that the better the user interface of your website, the more the visiting customers shall end up buying from your website after visiting it. You can always use images to highlight the brand of your product and its key features, also you can also create a product page for your particular products so that a customer before buying a product from your website can know it well. These are some of the things that websites with an attractive user interface keep in mind.

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