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Voice Commerce

Voice Commerce

From Alexa and Siri to Google Voice Typing, voice commerce technologies are eventually taking over the use of keyboards. In technical terms, Voice commerce is a technology that reduces the dependence of users on hardware and allows them to make use of voice commands to search or purchase a product online. 

Even though the voice commerce technologies are not new altogether to the market, some customers still hesitate in using them while shopping online from an eCommerce website, and on the other hand, some customers use them regularly. Voice commerce technologies provide the users with a hands-free approach to online shopping. Devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home have become popular nowadays and are examples of how voice commerce technologies work actually. 

Imagine you want to buy Boat speakers and your hands are busy doing some important work, in that scenario you can use google voice typing on your phone and speak,” buy boat speakers”, Google will automatically take you to the links to various eCommerce websites from where you can buy the speakers, it will also show you blogs about the same saying ‘why you should buy boat speaker’, etc. This is how voice commerce technology makes purchasing stuff online easier for you.  If you are the owner of an eCommerce website then you can use voice commerce technology to enhance the user experience of your website.

Benefits of Voice Commerce 


Voice commerce is easy to use for your customers. All they will have to do is activate it with a voice assistant and their own voice. It also enables them to multitask i.e do shopping along with other day-to-day tasks.

24/7 Availability

Voice commerce makes shopping online hassle-free and quick. Using voice commerce your customers can buy products from your website 24/7 without getting entangled in a long and cumbersome buying process.

Speed of purchase

In a world, where everyone is running short on time, voice commerce technologies can save time for the buyers by eliminating the step where a buyer has to fill in all his details before making a purchase.

Personalizing buying experiences

People interact more with voice commerce technologies and eCommerce websites can use this data to enhance the experience of their customers by getting to know about their preferences and requirements. Via collecting information on consumer behavior businesses can develop impactful products and marketing strategies to boost their sales.

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