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YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

Visuals always have more impact on the mind than readable text and what is a better platform than Youtube to market your eCommerce website using visual marketing. Video Marketing has become one of the most popular marketing strategies nowadays and Youtube is the first choice of most business owners. Youtube Ads are nothing but a platform for advertising a business in the form of a visual ad that plays at the beginning or mid of a Youtube video.  If you are the owner of an eCommerce website then you can make use of Youtube Ads to market and sell your products. 

Types Of YouTube Ads

There are various types of ads that Youtube offers like Bumper Ads, Unskippable and Skippable Ads, Overlay, and Sponsored card ads.

Bumper YouTube Ads

These ads run for a time span of 6 seconds and are short and unskippable i.e. while watching a video on Youtube if a bumper ad plays in between the video the viewer cannot skip the ad, he will have to view the entire ad to continue watching the video.

These ads are played on YouTube videos, or on Google’s partner sites and apps. 90% of brands using bumper ads on Youtube experienced a hike in their conversion rates.

Non-Skippable YouTube Ads

These ads run for a time span of 15-20 seconds. These ads are played either at the beginning, end, or in between a Youtube video. These ads consume less data and less time and make great options for mobile ads.

TrueView Ads

These ads are skippable ads and are efficient in driving video engagement and web traffic. Large eCommerce websites usually use this type of ad because of its diversity and ability to engage a large number of consumers. Also, the financial risk in buying this ad is the least because you as a business owner have to pay for this ad only if the viewer clicks on your ad.

Outstream YouTube ads 

Outstream ads are new to the market and are basically the kind of ads that can be streamed over mobile-only. These ads are played mainly in partner apps or websites and off Youtube. These ads when played automatically run without a sound, only when a user clicks on the ad the sound is unmuted.

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