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25 easy-to-copy confirmation email templates (+ best practices & FAQs)

Have you run out of creative ideas to spice up your confirmation emails? Here are 25 templates for your inspiration that you can steal right away.

25 easy-to-copy confirmation email templates (+ best practices & FAQs)

Most eCommerce business owners follow the usual create and forget template model for their confirmation emails. 

Agreed, they are the no-nonsense transactional emails every business has to send. 

They are also invaluable for customers because of the information they provide. 64% of customers confirm that. 

But does that mean confirmation emails have to be bland? Not unless you want them to. 

Confirmation emails are a step ahead in deepening the connection with new and existing customers. With a little effort, you can elevate your email confirmation messages to a different level. 

The result: a win-win situation where the business will grab more eyeballs and the customer will feel more engaged. 

Here’s an incentive: business confirmation emails already have high open rates (65%). 

Yet many businesses don’t put in the extra effort to grab this valuable real estate—and make their confirmation emails stand apart. This means a heap of lost sales. 

In this post, we have put together a list of 25 super engaging list confirmation email templates + a bonus list of best practices and FAQs. 

Ready for the ride? Read on. 

Order Confirmation Emails

Right after an order has been placed, eCommerce businesses typically send out an order confirmation email. As much as they are transactional, these emails are meant to offer clear direction to the customer about what’s going to happen next. If you want customers to trust your brand, you would want to get your order confirmation emails right. 

Here are 5 effective order confirmation email templates and ideas we found that does complete justice to post-purchase communication with customers: 

1. Make it a joy to interact with your brand

This order confirmation email example from Harry’s shows how well the information flows from one aspect to another.

USP: The customer has all the information they need in one place—including the source for support.

order confirmation email example from Harry’s


  • Be transparent. The example illustrates how you can leverage sharing your business processes to gain customer’s trust. 
  • Put some thought to email UX. This example presents the facts in a visually pleasing way without making the communication look boring or cluttered. 

2. Personalize with subtle cross-promotions

Order confirmation emails are a tactical form of communication to cross-sell and upsell. Check how Crate & Barrel does it in the following example. 

order confirmation email example from Crate & Barrel

USP: The communication is subtle and flows easily without becoming pushy. Crate & Barrel introduces the products casually as if they were trying to get a customer to know them. 


  • Keep the communication simple. The Crate & Barrel example showcases only information that the customer would immediately look for in an order confirmation email.
  • Personalized persuasion always works. Without making the cross-sell or upsell the highlight of the communication, it still has made a mention of the relevant products that a customer may want to browse through. 

3. Make shipment tracking something to look forward to

One of the ways that an order confirmation email template can make its mark is by giving shipment tracking the importance it deserves. 

The following Zulily example is a classic, especially in the way it makes tracking an action item. 

order confirmation email example from Zulily

USP: In this example, visual aesthetics takes the cake. While the communication conveys multiple things, all of it is easy to catch and remember—thanks to the design. 


  • Use distinct information blocks—they work well. They call the customer’s attention to different topics within the same email, without seeming chaotic. 
  • Make website links a part of the communication. So while this does not take the conventional route of upselling or cross-selling, it offers the options of merchandise exploration. 

4. Offer effective, information-rich content

After purchase, a customer is looking for assurance that their order is on the way. As an eCommerce brand, it’s your opportunity to serve up content that isn’t just relevant to their purchase but also helpful otherwise. 

In the following example, check out how Zalando does it. 

order confirmation email example from Zalando

USP: All buying-related information your customers would want about the brand are in one place. 


  • Don’t just talk about how great a brand you are. Prove it. The clever thing that Zalando does is to really be supportive to people reading this communication. Right from the one-hour cancellation disclaimer to the FAQs, this email is one quick shot at setting brand perceptions straight. 
  • Declare upfront the benefits customers can expect. The design does a great job here by stating the advantages through text and icons at the bottom of the page. 

5. Set your brand communication to stand apart

Most customers are sure to have an excess of business emails in their inboxes. You don’t want to add to them. Your aim is to make your customer go back to your order confirmation email again and again. 

This confirmation email sample by Boden will help you do just that. 

order confirmation email example from Boden

USP: Cuts through the clutter of typical, dreary email communication and instead, serves up something fresh, really fresh.  


  • Copy and design can come together in an interesting whole. One look at this communication, and you can tell how well these elements work alongside each other. 
  • Wit never gets old and can be quite appealing, on any given day. So many businesses say use order received but how only a few use order received (and understood)?

Shipping Confirmation Emails

These are the kinds of emails businesses send after an order has been dispatched. They typically convey a few constant elements, including the shipping method, which shipping service has been used, and what date the shipment is likely to arrive at the customer’s door. 

Shipping confirmation emails represent a great opportunity for eCommerce businesses to establish their brand, earn loyalty, and create trust in the long run. 

We found 5 brilliant shipping confirmation email templates for your inspiration: 

1. Make simple look chic

It’s easy to think that no matter how hard you try, your shipping confirmation email will always carry the same boring facts. 

Chewy’s example shows how you can organize all the technical information in a visually pleasing way. 

example of shipping confirmation email by Chewy

USP: The animated GIF of the moving truck at the top adds fun and relevance to all the numbers in the communication in just the right amount. 


  • The placement of your text and other elements matters. Right from that GIF at the top, Chewy gets the sequential flow right. This makes it easy for the customer to mentally sift through the various pieces of given information. 
  • Highlight what needs highlighting. Make it really easy for your customers to take action by highlighting important information.

2. Speak about your unique brand strength/s

There’s a lot more to representing your brand through email communication than taglines and logos. A shipping confirmation email message carries ample possibility to let customers know that you truly care. So yes, it’s a real opportunity for establishing a more human connection. 

Check out how Adore Me does this in its email below. 

example of shipping confirmation email by Adore Me

USP: A minimal layout, complete with copy and design, ensures the content is easy on the eyes (and the brain).


  • Bring out the brand voice at a relevant juncture. The Our Promise section builds trust subtly while offering information that will put customers to ease (especially in the pandemic context). 
  • Focus on the minute details that matter. Adore Me clearly states how much time it might take for tracking to become available. They also feature the image of the product that has been ordered. These little details add a lot of value to the final customer. 

3. Create anticipation through your communication

Every shipping confirmation email message carries technical information that’s important for the customer. But very few address them directly and speak to their feelings. As an eCommerce business, you’d know how much anticipation customers will have for their order. Creating something witty yet wholesome can help connect with them. 

Like what Fitbit does in the following example. 

example of shipping confirmation email by Fitbit

USP: The communication creates an emotional engagement before it goes into the more plain facts and figures. 


  • Go for an intelligent brand-led design. While there are very few elements in this email communication, they have all been used in functional ways. 
  • Create personalized, human content. Are you smiling? You’re totally smiling. is such a simple bunch of words, but it sticks. And that’s all that matters. 

4. Present a compelling story

Everyone loves a good story, even those who read emails. Especially those who read emails. 

Make your next shipping confirmation email something that’s a cut above—featuring engaging content like a story, an imaginary situation, or some trivia. 

Check out how Frank Body does it. 

example of shipping confirmation email by Frank Body

USP: A catchy headline that’s sure to make customers revisit this piece of communication multiple times. It sets the mood for the rest of the text, but more importantly, it mirrors the anticipation experienced by customers knowing their order is going to reach them soon. 


  • Inspiring imagination can be an interesting way of capturing attention. Notice how the headline creates a distinct narrative to pull a reader in, instantly. There’s no moving away from the content of the email after that. 
  • Giving the product a voice can be engaging. See how the text reads after the headline? It’s a highly personalized voice that instantly clicks with any reader. 

5. Offer rewards that are seriously attractive 

Every eCommerce business sends out similar shipping confirmation emails. The difference comes when you think about going beyond customer expectations and wowing them. An incentive is a great way to do this. The wow effect ensures they develop a connection with your brand and also open any email that might come from your end. 

In the following example, Tradesy ensures this happens by promising a tidy referral reward. 

example of shipping confirmation email by Tradesy

USP: A casual, easy-on-the-eye design layout that shows a balance between visual and text. 


  • Plug into their emotions. The email talks of friends and referrals in a conversational style, and warms up to readers with a social quotient. 
  • Balance between fun and facts. While the referral aspect instantly gamifies the context, making it more interesting, the technical information ensures the customer is updated on what matters the most—the order. 

Account Confirmation Emails

eCommerce businesses send account confirmation emails to ensure the details you’ve provided during an account sign-up are all valid. Now while they are essentially sent for re-clarification of information, they don’t really have to be drab and uninteresting. 

Next are 5 account confirmation email examples for your inspiration: 

1. Clarity is king

When a customer engages with your brand through account confirmation emails, they are looking for the next steps i.e. how the product works, what they may need to do to have a great experience etc. What they need from you is guidance through clear information. 

Exactly what Ibotta achieves in the following example. 

Example of account confirmation email from Ibotta

USP: Deep personalization in messaging and content. 


  • The easier the first brand experience, the higher the chances of the customer returning or staying on. By hand-picking a few rebates for the customer, Ibotta proves that it’s on top of its game. 
  • Place your elements intelligently. See how well they have achieved a balance between text, icons, and imagery? 

2. Set the mood for your brand experience 

Account confirmation emails are elementary pieces of communication that your brand can use to develop an early connection with the customer. Set the tone, establish the mood, tell them what to expect. 

Check out what Warby Parker does and you’ll know why we are saying what we are. 

Example of account confirmation email from Warby Parker

USP: Strikingly visual; something that is simple yet memorable 


  • Keep your copy simple and clever. The two simple yet smart headlines convey what the customer immediately needs to know—they now have an account and that Warby Parker is a brand that they will enjoy engaging with. 
  • Show your brand’s cool quotient in the communication. Be it the chosen image or the way the language is constructed, the customer will get a glimpse of the brand essence. 

3. Explain how your brand operates

Account confirmation emails are one of the very first pieces of communication you will send your customers. So it’s a great opportunity to set the tone of how your brand works and what the customer can expect engaging with it. 

Here’s how wonderfully Patagonia does it. 

Example of account confirmation email by Patagonia

USP: Such crisp copywriting that one doesn’t really mind that it’s only text. 


  • Use conversational language. Though it’s essentially a one-sided piece of communication, the style Patagonia has adopted is easy and everyday. This makes it instantly stand out among emails that are long and technical. 
  • Convey brand reliability and accessibility. It’s done so subtly that you may not even notice it at first. Clearly laying out what content customers can expect and doubling to ensure that it won’t spam them—this is how a brand can earn early trust, quickly and simply. 

4. Show appreciation openly

Starting your account confirmation emails with how thrilled you are to have customers join your pack works great. When you bring appreciation to the forefront as a brand, your customers appreciate you so much more. 

Here’s an example of how Ralph Lauren does it. 

Example of account confirmation email by Patagonia

USP: The headline clearly promises something big once the customer is in. And it does that in a fetching, relatable style. 


  • Use simple but strategic content. Notice what Ralph Lauren has chosen to display in the slabs of text. The customer will at once find all of it relevant and relatable. 
  • Use brand elements subtly. Be it their logo or the chimp saying howdy, friend—it carries brand nuances tastefully. 

5. Build your brand essence

When looking at a confirmation email message, customers want to know why they should buy from you. If a brand can offer this sense of ease in a simple and accessible way, then customers will remember. 

Just how NYDJ does in the following example. 

Example of account confirmation email by NYDJ

USP: Clear communication about how the brand means what it says and is inclusive in spirit. 


  • State the variety of choices. The copy states every single body type will find something flattering—this makes the brand inclusive for all customers.
  • Make it human. This is a great example of how images used in an account confirmation email can relay human moods and emotions. Makes it way more convincing.

Cancellation/Unsubscribe Confirmation Emails 

Cancellation confirmation emails might throw off many eCommerce business owners. However, by sending unsubscribe confirmation emails, you offer your customers the choice to discontinue viewing your brand’s emails, offer updates, or any other free content. It’s often considered a great way to wheel back new and old loyalists, if you can get this piece of communication right. 

Here are 5 templates for your inspiration: 

1. Make it about the customer

A cancellation email can be tricky so communicating that the choice remains in the customer’s hands creates a good impression. 

The following example of Abercombie & Fitch prioritizes the task at hand, and how! 

Example of cancellation confirmation email by Abercombie and Fitch

USP: Keeping it stark, simple, and noticeable. 


  • A limited number of fields can be helpful. This shows the brand is considerate of your customer’s time. Also, the most relevant form fields can make it easy for the customer to choose. 
  • An uncomplicated color code prevents distraction. The customer can be convinced that you are not trying to distract them with products and discounts. On that note, notice how this brand has still placed links to shopping on the top bar. Discreet and smart.

2. Offer multiple choices upfront

While cancellation confirmation emails mostly give the customers the choice to leave, it can also give them reasons to stay. 

The following Alibris example shows us why offering multiple choices upfront might just be the way to wheel back a customer in. 

Example of unsubscribe confirmation email by Alibris

USP: Alibris shows us that even a cancellation confirmation email can have a warm, communicative tone about it. 


  • Offer communication that builds connection. The brand does not make this part of the process sound transactional anywhere. This makes it likely that customers will consider staying back on their email list. 
  • Be nuanced in sharing options. It’s interesting how you can introduce nuances in the way you offer options to customers. I would like to keep receiving coupons (but stop all other emails) is a great example. 

3. Make choosing a fun thing

We’re back to talking about multiple choices in a cancellation confirmation email, but the question is how do we keep things interesting? 

In the following example, Refinery29 shows us how. 

Example of unsubscribe confirmation email by Refinery29

USP: An otherwise technical and transactional piece of communication assuming an attractive and fun interface. 


  • Create copy that reads like you’re directly talking to the customer. That’s the most engaging part of this email, we thought. The way the words have been chosen and used, despite it being one-way communication. 
  • Display the content in interesting, consumable blocks with CTAs. This makes it a joyride because it presents the information clearly and helps customers make a decision. 

4. Make space for real feedback

Acknowledging that there might be something to improve from your end is a good communication approach for an unsubscribe confirmation email. The reason is simple—every customer wishes the brand would really care about their needs and try to understand why they may be leaving. 

Barneys New York makes for a lovely example to elaborate on this point. 

Example of unsubscribe confirmation email by Barneys New York

USP: The tone of voice conveys an attempt to understand the customer and their needs deeply. 


  • Always aim for the human touch. It starts with the headline you will be missed and then is followed up by the multiple choices.
  • Text-only confirmation emails needn’t be boring. Text is used intelligently, communicatively, and with the intent to build a deeper connection. 

5. Bring back the memories

A cancellation confirmation email is an ideal opportunity to remind customers of what they might miss if they unsubscribe. This approach also establishes a brand voice that customers will remember you for. 

Puma is worth mentioning in this context.  

Example of unsubscribe confirmation email by Puma

USP: The cancellation confirmation is made an event here, creating an unparalleled memorability. 


  • A bold, humanistic headline can make all the difference. Notice that much of this piece of communication is only about the headline. The rest is all supporting text to convey facts. 
  • The opportunity for a customer to jump back in. Alongside the cancellation, the brand also keeps another option open. If the customer changes their mind, they can make their way back. 

Newsletter Confirmation Emails

Sending newsletters is a way for any brand to develop long-term communication with customers. If they sign up, it indicates trust and interest in the brand. This is why newsletter confirmation emails—when crafted effectively—can do more than confirm subscriptions. 

Here are 5 newsletter confirmation templates to help you create your own:

1. Create an attention-grabbing design 

Among countless email newsletters if yours has to stand out, it has to be unique. 

In the following example, Chipotle nails their newsletter with a quirky design. 

Example of newsletter confirmation email by Chipotle

USP: The striking quality that text, design, and imagery create together. 


  • The art of using contrasting colors. This newsletter shows how a contrasting brand colors can be used to the advantage. It highlights the communication aptly and makes the email look more striking. 
  • Provide options for the next course of action. Once the primary purpose of the email is solved, you can direct the customer to take further actions—like find a store, browse the menu, or order. 

2. Make the journey fun

Newsletter confirmation emails can be a wonderful gateway into the thinking customer’s heart and mind—something that can be used for instant connection. So there’s absolutely no reason why you should go the boring way. One surefire way of achieving this is to establish your brand identity right from the start. 

Take a look at how PrettyLittleThing does this below. 

Example of newsletter confirmation email by PrettyLittleThing

USP: A distinctive voice that speaks to customers in a fun and quirky tone.


  • Start with gratitude. If you notice, the example has a great headline. What makes it powerful is how it communicates gratefulness about the customer signing up. The emoji prevents it from being too formal. 
  • Create a strong brand identity. The use of brand colors and copy such as bae and SLAY the world together presents a strong brand identity. 

3. Offer the luxury of choice

Customers love to see personalized content. And if you can offer choice through personalization, then nothing like it. 

Look at how Rhone presents curated bestsellers for their various customer segments—offering multiple choices.

Example of newsletter confirmation email by Rhone

USP: The communication is detailed but it has been laid out in a way that’s easily understood. 


  • Inspiring the customer’s imagination. If you look carefully, you’ll see what the offering of bestseller choices does here. It instantly engages the customer at a deeper level and makes it necessary for them to act. 
  • A balance between photography and text. This ensures the email communication looks interesting while continuing to be relevant. 

4. Make the details looks attractive

Given how many emails customers receive daily, most look at long emails with a certain amount of wariness. But not when you make the email interesting to consume.  

Take a look at how Boden makes the detailed email look readable.

Example of newsletter confirmation email by Boden

USP: A large chunk of text, highlighted with multiple fonts and styles and a smart, pleasing layout. 


  • Create a brand buildup to convince customers. The Boden newsletter confirmation email highlights several brand USPs such as 365 days peace of mind returns to build a case for customers to remain hooked. 
  • Social proof can be a significant addition. See how Boden uses customers using its products to create an enticing layout?

5. Stress on how exclusive it is

Every eCommerce store owner wants their emails to stand out. Exclusivity is a great trick to use to do just that. 

Check out how deftly Headspace does it. 

Example of newsletter confirmation email by Headspace

USP: Short, convenient, easy to read, and easy to act on. 


  • Short is sexy. Make the newsletter confirmation email to the point and avoid making it unnecessarily long.
  • Throw in a bit of urgency. See how it mentions that the link is valid only for 24 hours—it makes customers decide to verify faster.
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6 confirmation email best practices to drive more repeat purchases

a) Set clear expectations. The idea of any confirmation email is to set the customer on a path to certain relevant actions. Make sure that comes across in your communication. Layer information in a way that they know what needs to be done next and how it can be done. CTAs are absolutely essential. 

b) Include all essential information. In a world where there were fewer emails, perhaps only the cost and shipping information would count in this list, but hey, times have changed. Here’s a quick view of elements you MUST ABSOLUTELY include in your confirmation emails: 

  • A subject line that captures the customer’s attention right away. 
  • All relevant costs that might be involved in the transaction.
  • Shipping details that include delivery time and carrier information. 
  • Marketing banners that make it clear the communication is an extension of your brand. 
  • Product recommendations that are made specifically to match the buying behavior of the customer. 

c) Add a human touch. While the transaction you’re highlighting in the confirmation message might be technical, customers want more than that. At a subliminal level, they are expecting you to work towards building a connection with them. Make sure the copywriting (including the CTAs) reflect that and so does the design. 

d) Be on-brand. Pay attention to the branding elements you use in the communication, including logo, templates, and typography. They might be subtle but rest assured, your customers always pick up on the nuances. Recognizability and recall are the two of the most important goals of a confirmation email. 

e) Take UX design into consideration. Figure how all the relevant information can be packed in without the quantity of text going overboard. Make the communication flow easily skimmable. Also, ensure that the email can be read just as effectively on mobile devices. 

f) Add incentives. Because well, who doesn’t love some appreciation or a good reward? If you want existing loyal customers to continue walking the road with you, throw in incentives for special occasions, offer exclusive discounts, etc. 

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Confirmation Email FAQ

a) How to make my confirmation emails comply with the CAN-SPAM and GDPR rules?

Since 2018, data privacy has come into focus with the activation of the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation. Consent of the data subject is of main importance under GDPR. So featuring check-boxes and questions in your confirmation email that enable the customer to offer consent for the future use of their data, is critical. Similarly, the CAN-SPAM Act has made it necessary for you to send an actual physical address with your confirmation email, along with a suitable header and subject line. 

b) Am I required to A/B test confirmation emails?

It’s a wonderful idea to set up confirmation emails for A/B testing because the ultimate outcomes you’re hoping for are better conversions and retention. A/B testing can effectively reveal which elements are performing well for what kind of audiences and how your content & design may need to change to make your confirmation emails more productive. 

c) How do I write a confirmation email?

While there are many different kinds of confirmation emails, as you may have already noticed above, some pointers stay the same. Here’s a quick flow that you can take to write a confirmation email:

  • Confirm the reason for sending the email
  • Add an appropriate subject line
  • Address the customer and tell them what the next steps are
  • All relevant details of the transaction
  • Include a relevant CTA (or two) the customer can access

d) When is the best time to send a confirmation email?

It is often thought that confirmation emails consist of a single email that a business sends to confirm an order or verify signup. However, depending on the outcome expected, you may need to send a series of them. After sending the first email, you could wait 24 to 48 hours to send shipping information or a reminder. A third email could possibly be sent within another 48 hours talking more at length on what the customer can anticipate and the final one can be sent post-delivery seeking feedback. There are no right or wrong answers here because the outcome might vary, but make sure you build an email cadence so that customers learn to look forward to this form of brand communication. 

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