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Above The Fold

Above The Fold

Earlier Above the fold was a term used for content that appeared on the top half of a newspaper. Now it has extended its importance to the websites where Above the fold refers to the visible section of the page that doesn’t require much scrolling. As soon as the shopper land on your page, they should know exactly what you’re offering. The trick here is to put catchy content on the top so that the visitors are intrigued to read further.

Tips to make above the fold content more powerful

  • Make your website fast and responsive: A responsive web design results in a better user experience and therefore better engagement. If your website looks good on all platforms then visitors are likely to stay longer and interact better.
  • Add important Call-To-Actions: You can use Call-To-Action buttons above the fold section of your website to redirect visitors to a different page that encourages them to sign up. For example, you can add a read more or a product discovery button.
  • Place important content above the fold: As this is the first content that the viewers see when they land on your website, you need to make this content intriguing by using catchy headlines, CTAs, and other valuable content. In this section, you can give answers to the questions that visitors are looking for.

Above the fold examples

  • Snack Nation: This company uses above-the-fold content to let shoppers know that they are the award-winning healthy snack delivery service that cares about its customers.
  • The green glass company: This is a company that sells recycled glassware created from beer and wine bottles. They use above-the-fold content to highlight that they are “made from reproduced bottles”. This shows the customer why this brand is unique and different from others.
  • Jackie Smith: This is a fashion company that displays some of their popular products above the fold so that you get an idea about what they offer without much effort.
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