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CTA Button Examples (+ 50 Call to Action Phrases)

Design CTAs that'll turn every shoppers into a buyer. Explore 50 call to action phrases and CTA button examples to boost sales.

CTA Button Examples (+ 50 Call to Action Phrases)

Who knew that this 1957 advertisement of Philco Bantam 12 AC would give direction to creating what we now term as call to action- one of the most effective and crucial marketing activities in the domain.

Philco - Call to action button

Can you spot the Call to Action in the ad?

Yup, you got it! It’s — Take it home Today, Be Cool Tonight!

Of course, you can say it's long and not really the kinds of CTA buttons we’ve been using today, but it does the job!

It’s urgent (Today), benefit-driven (Be Cool Tonight) and includes a powerful action word (take) which might just get folks to the shop.

What are the other features that work in its favor?

  • It’s in a black box that stands out easily amidst the white background.
  • It’s placed pretty strategically too, right next to the visual that shows a man who’s carrying the Air Conditioner, which really drives home the point of “take home."
  • It addresses the reader on a first-person basis which is friendly and engaging.

What is a Call To Action (CTA)?

Taking the above example, let's quickly define what a CTA button is and what a good call to action does.

Essentially, a call to action is created to trigger an immediate response towards your business, community, cause etc.  A well designed call to action is a digital marketing tool that can turn a visitor into a buyer.

Basically, they are integral touch-points between a prospect and conversion and have been quite underrated until recent times when they’re enjoying the spotlight.

50 Powerful Call to Action Phrases

Here’s our list of CTA phrases to promote your products on an eCommerce store.

  1. Get X% off your first order
  2. Buy now - offer expires in XX:XX
  3. Shop the sale
  4. Talk to our {style, fashion, etc} expert
  5. Choose size → Add to bag
  6. Order now and receive a free gift
  7. Claim restock subscription
  8. Join the {brand name} community 
  9. Claim free shipping 
  10. Complete my purchase
  11. Get my free sample 
  12. Refer a friend, and you both get $X
  13. Get my discount
  14. Low stock! Buy now
  15. Add to cart - X$$
  16. Claim my exclusive offer now!
  17. Redeem my voucher
  18. Sign me up
  19. Get early alerts for new products and sales
  20. Book a free consult
  21. Schedule/Make an appointment
  22. Get limited time offer
  23. Shop now to get free shipping 
  24. Get the look
  25. Access the limited-time offer today
  26. Compare pricing
  27. Unlock subscriber-exclusive discounts 
  28. Share wishlist 
  29. Share with my friend group 
  30. Add to registry 
  31. Add to wishlist 
  32. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter
  33. Shop {brand name}
  34. Sign up for weekly goodies!
  35. Upgrade now
  36. Donate with every purchase 
  37. Try it at home for free
  38. Continue shopping 
  39. Proceed to checkout 
  40. Shop the collection
  41. Uncover the story 
  42. Learn about our brand 
  43. Take the quiz
  44. Get on the guest list (for live streaming shop)
  45. Grab the new stock
  46. Grab it while stock lasts
  47. Shop low prices​
  48. Sign Up And Save
  49. Get the bundle
  50. Send me the coupons | I'm not interested

21 Tips to Create Revenue Generating Call to Action Buttons

Now that you've understood what a call to action is and what it means to a business and a marketer, let's cover a couple of strong ways to create CTAs that bring more conversions. These are some great call to action button examples to help you learn how to write or create a good call to action.

1. Keep it Personal

Personalized CTA buttons speak to your target audience directly. Why do these work? They instantly grab attention, and take the user instantly where they wanted to go, instead of to a product page or a lead form.

Grey Goose pitches you their bartending talent by this with a very unique CTA button example: “Discover a Cocktail Tailored To Your Taste”

Grey Goose - call to action button example | - cta button example

These CTA buttons also allow you to target the audience based on the journey.

For example, a CTA for a first time visitor will be different from the one for a lead.

For instance, these two CTA buttons would do wonders for a real estate business.

And with the First Stop, we have our first CTA Trivia.

Personalized Calls To Action perform 202% better than Basic CTA buttons.

call to action buttons example

2. Sign up?...hmmm...what else?

The ‘Sign Up’ all to action button is the most common one and though it does work most of the time, there are times when it just might not get you the results you expect. Especially if you’re looking for subscribers for your newsletter or monthly updates.

TIP: A ‘Sign Me Up’ adds a slightly more personal touch than a straight up, abrupt, ‘Sign Up.’ Like check out Birchbox below:

It empowers the user to instruct Birchbox to sign them up, rather than the reverse.

Brichbox - - call to action button example

If you’re particular about who needs to sign up, then position yourself with an assertive CTA button that’s backed by a strong benefit like Lyft does here so clearly:

lyft CTA - Call to action button

Here Lyft takes power into its hands and rightfully so, and the CTA here. Apply To Drive clearly indicates that they expect drivers only to apply.

Something more unique? Check out how floats a real smart and unique CTA button:

Kayak - Call to action button

CTA Trivia:

90% of the people who read your headline, also read your CTA!

Source: Constant Content

3. Sorry, for exclusive members only

Subscribers Only, Join the Club, Private Access, only available, subscribers/members only, now closed, and request an invitation.

These feed on the basic psychology that whatever is exclusive is more valuable. You can further customize the CTA button to hint that whatever the user finds here is not available anywhere else.

Here’s how Rothy’s does it:

Rothy's - Call to action button
Rothys - Call to action button

“Request an invite” is another commonly used CTA button that immediately suggests that access is restricted and exclusive.

4. Let’s Do It!

These fist-pump vibe CTA buttons are popular for a reason. They reflect a strong team spirit shared by the user and the brand. Epic, a branding agency chooses to ditch the ol’ Contact Us and instead goes in for something more together and warm.

Epic - Call to action button

Also check out the epic way in which Epic has designed their CTA, keeping with the design of their site. They’ve chosen to avoid the standard button design. CTAs can be anything clickable: underlined text, a button, or an icon.

Here’s another piece of CTA Trivia

CTAs in the form of buttons increase clicks by 45%

Source: Spiralytics

Grey Goose - Call to action button

Here’s Grey Goose getting the party spirit on!

5. Let's just show you what we can do

These come-to-the-point CTA buttons are great to offer a quick non-committal service to visitors. For example: CrazyEgg: Show Me My Heatmap/Headline Analyzer: Analyze Now or any real estate site with a primary CTA: Get A Quote or a software tool that calculates uses the CTA button: Get Your Score

They offer instant gratification to users looking for a quick and urgent solution.  

Once the users’ needs are satisfied, then they might show interest in any incidental information that you can offer, which can get them to go in for a trial or fill up your pop-up form.

Like for example, CrazyEgg states: ‘Start your 30-day free trial. Cancel Anytime’, right below the heatmap.

Crazyegg - cta button examples

Headline Analyzer has a CTA button ‘Analyze Now’ which provides a quick and easy-to-implement solution to the user. There’s a ‘Sign Up Free Now’ at the top right corner. By having the Analyze Now button, an instant service/solution is provided.

Headline Analyzer - cta button examples
Google Analyzer - cta button examples

Google gets it right — as usual — with ‘Get Your Grade’ and in the anticipation of availing this service you give in and just like that they’ve got your email id.

6. Wait, I want in too!

FOMO CTA buttons thrive on the psychology of scarcity and urgency. Anything that’s scarce or rare will definitely pull users; when there’s an added limitation on time and availability you’ve hit the jackpot. Grab your E-Book Now!

Download your coupons today only! The word claim adds an extra tinge of urgency, almost hinting-get it before anyone else does.

Career - cta button examples

Words like ‘Save’ and ‘Reserve’ further trigger the FOMO psychology.

CTA - cta button examples
Get to grips with FOMO in: 14 Ways to use FOMO and Boost Your Conversion Rates

7. Buy, Shop & Drop!

E-commerce businesses have abused the ‘Shop Now, Buy Now’ and there’s a reason for that. What say? They work. But what if you could personalize a bit more?

MVMT, an online brand sells watches, eyewear, and jewelry for men and women and they have 2 CTA buttons that take men and women to their respective shops.

Sitewide - cta button examples

And what if you can get them down to business without the overwhelming formality of a sign-up?

Check out how an e-card portal, Giftrocket, does it:

Giftrocket - cta button examples

Have an offer which could serve as a great bait?

Check out how House of Fraser keeps it hot!

They really get you hook line and sinker with this Just-Can't-Miss CTA button:

A great way to state your value proposition is with ‘Shop The Offer’!

You know what you’ll get in exchange for that click and you know you’ll like it.

House of Fraser - cta button examples

While we’re at it, why not learn from the e-commerce gurus themselves. Amazon spices up the ol’ Buy Now with (with 1 click!)

The 1-click add-on emphasizes on a frictionless purchase and transaction.

Amazon - cta button examples

And yes it’s time for yet another CTA Trivia:

On average, the eCommerce conversion rate is 2% but Amazon boasts of a whopping 13% conversion rate! Now you know why!

Source: Growcode

8. It’s a Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Free!

(Join free for a month) or ‘Try for Free.’ Join for free/Start a Free trial CTA buttons are basically high reward and low risk. They give users the chance to test the waters rather than commit immediately. Another example of a great call to action. Give Basecamp a Try - It’s Free for 60 days.

Basecamp - cta button examples

The small hitch - it’s too long.

Keep it short, Like Hot Jar here. When you can do it with just Three, why not Try it Free?

Hotjar - cta button examples

Spotify too pitches the Premium Subscription for Free.

Spotify - cta button examples

Netflix does this well with Join free for a month CTA button. The ‘Cancel Anytime’ option too offers reassurance and has the capacity to boost sign-ups.

Teuxdeux, a go-to productivity app, does this well by focusing on the freemium twice while completely sidelining the Log in CTA button.

Teuxdeux - cta button examples

We know, it’s a bit early for more trivia, but we can’t help it :)

A ‘buy now’ could bounce off 84% of your first-time visitors. A free demo/trial can increase conversions by 328%

Source: Magenest

9. Missing in Action? Not Really!

Generally, agencies, creative studios, web design sites, and templates go for CTA buttons without a Verb/action word.

A Simple What We Do/Our Work is focused on telling the user about you rather than getting the user to commit an action. These CTA buttons are more focused on giving users information rather than asking them to give information.

Impact - cta button examples

Read More and Know More are on the same lines except they use action words directing the user to act, but the above  example of What We Do is more inviting. These put the onus on the site to give information and take the pressure off the user to act.

Full Bundle another creative agency based out of London does so by welcoming its visitors with just two crucial words:

Creativity - cta button examples

Given that the user’s main purpose of visiting the site is to see their work, ‘Our Work’ is a better alternative to a See or Go! It straightaway comes to the point.

10. The 'Inception' Methodology

Don't think of an elephant! ..... You're thinking of an elephant aren't you? Apply this psychology to your call to action buttons.

Harmless reverse psychology CTA buttons. These are playful CTA buttons that work well, especially if they reflect your brand’s voice.

If used well, these creative and fun CTA buttons can really bring out the creator in you. And honestly, won’t you be dying to press when asked not to press? Your cheekiness might just intrigue the user more, than a normal ‘Click Here’ or ‘Learn More.’

Huemor - cta button examples

Huemor really got their humor on, with this witty ‘Do Not Press’ CTA button.

Webflow, a DIY website building portal, takes it to another level. They not just tell you about the creative struggle of web designing, which you would already agree with considering you’re visiting their site, but they also tell you what you can expect.

Inspiration - cta button examples

11. Pop It Up!

Pop-up CTA buttons, you can love them or hate them, but you can’t ignore them! Pop-ups by nature are urgent and are always screaming for attention. But they can be solution-driven and that’s where CTA buttons play a major role.

They always have something to get the user to subscribe or sign up. It could be a downloadable e-book, a monthly newsletter, or anything which gives you instant value.

Are you an online brand? Use pop-ups to lay that last bait, a juicy offer, perhaps like the way Hush Puppies does it…?

Hush Puppies - call to action button

No Sale or offer on the platter? No problem, Pop-ups are still the go-to tools to push the user towards your goal.

StuckInCustoms, a travel and photography blog, does this well with this entry pop-up that helps people quickly go to where they want to on the site.

StuckInCustoms - call to action button

12. Plead Guilty!

Guilt-tripping Exit CTA buttons - Want to catch them while they are just about to leave? Guilt-tripping CTA buttons might just get them to stay. For eg: Yes...I want to lose Weight! No, I don't mind the extra pounds!

grammarly ad - call to action button

Now, now, Grammarly, that’s harsh isn't it? But it works!

Don’t want to take a negative tone?

You could change it to NO, My grammar’s pretty good!

So something like this one...

5000 Subscribers - call to action button
Newsletter - call to action button

Check out how here the ‘No, I don’t want to get your awesome content’ is strategically in small caps and places the benefit — awesome content — that you’ll be deprived of if you don’t subscribe.

13. Curious CTA buttons

A striking question can really make all the difference. Questions pique curiosity easily. Check out how HubSpot puts you in the spot.

Website Grader - call to action button

Beachway Therapy Centre does this well too by including the pain point or the objection to be addressed in the CTA button itself.

Beachway - call to action button
Cisco - call to action button

Cisco again fuels the anticipation of the user, who’s looking to keep systems secure with the ‘Are You Ready?’ CTA.

14. Aye, Aye, Captain

Now, these affirmative CTA buttons are great if you’re looking to help the user take the plunge by highlighting the pain point that the CTA will help the user address.

LemonStand had a pop-up offering a growth guide to eCommerce businesses with a CTA button that said, Yes, I want to grow faster. In this, the pain point which is to ‘grow faster’ is used in the CTA.

LemonStand - call to action button

Check out how the copy at the top starts with an affirmative Yes! The CTA Yes Please! Here, the CTA feeds on the confidence that the copy exudes and gives the added push to sign up.

Yes - call to action button

15. Zero Selling Point

These are great as social media CTA buttons; if you’re just looking to build an initial connection with potential customers without having an offer in place or if you’re a micro-influencer who’s trying to reach out to more people. There’s no pressure on the user to buy/subscribe, plus you get more viewers or better still, followers!

Yellow - call to action button

16. What’s in it for me?

When the CTA clearly states the benefit the user can enjoy, for eg “Give Me Growth Tips'' it just adds a stronger push to click.

Conversionxl - call to action button

Conversionxl is hinting that giving them your email gets you a step closer to becoming a Conversion Master.

Conversionxl - call to action button

Assuring its audience of a better period, Thinx, is a period underwear brand that uses the CTA button ‘period better’ and it couldn’t have done the job better! - call to action button does this well! There’s the benefit of growing and growing NOW.

Check out the Urgent, Benefit-driven, and a power word like START.

It’s all good.

17. TWO to Tango

When you have 2 different kinds of users using your app/website, you’ll want to include both kinds with respective CTA buttons.

But as they say, no 2 CTA buttons are equal.

For eg Monster has job seekers and employers both visiting the site.

The primary CTA button is for job seekers that’s why it dominates the site whereas, the CTA button for employers is at the bottom.

Uber has CTAs for both drivers and passengers. ‘Make money while you drive your car’, for drivers, is right at the top navigation bar. ‘Start ride with Uber’ is at the center of the page and obviously dominates the page due to the contrasting color used. The straightforward copy further manages to arrest attention.

Uber - call to action button

Here you go, right when you thought, you were missing something!

CTA Trivia

In 2009, Unbounce declared the Orange Button - The Big Orange Button - as the color that converts your CTA the best! But over the years, brands have reached the conclusion that whichever color stands in contrast to the background and doesn’t get lost in the design has an equally good chance to convert!

Source: CXL

BarkBox - call to action button

Interestingly, Barkbox creates 2 equally sized CTA buttons for first-time users while existing users continue by logging in. ‘Get Started’ are for those looking to sign up whereas ‘Give a Gift’ are for those not looking to commit but just looking to Gift a Barkbox.

This way, they don’t chase away those who’re not looking to sign up and still close a sale.

18. Second to None

A Secondary CTA button is an alternative CTA to the primary CTA buttons like Sign Up, Download Now, that you ideally want visitors to click etc. Basically, these CTAs will still keep users interested in your services when they are not ready to commit.

Premium - call to action button

The Go Premium one is highlighted whereas Play for Free is muted. Though Spotify wants to push for premium subscriptions they would not want to lose consumers with a take it or leave it attitude, hence the secondary CTA button is for those sitting on the fence.

Skype does it too.

Skype - call to action button

19. The Refer-ee

Referral CTA buttons are one of the most underrated ones.  

Rather than monotonous business jargon like ‘refer a friend’ or ‘earn rewards’ an ‘Introduce Us’ can go a long way to get your customers to refer a friend.

It’s more friendly and reflects genuine interest from the brand’s side to get introduced to new, potential customers.

Even better? Check out Harry’s a men’s grooming brand chooses does better than a Refer a Friend with Choose Your Friends

Harry's - call to action button

20. Interested?

Take The Tour, Visit your Office, Download the eBook, these are mainly for casual browsers who just chance upon your website - you wouldn’t want to miss leveraging this surprise visit, now would you!

These persuade casual browsers to take concrete action which may help you close a sale too, down the line. These CTA buttons are great for service-based businesses like fitness centers, marketing services, or schools.

Here, Equinox uses the plain Schedule a Visit but backs it up with the offer of giving you your initiation back.

Training - call to action button

But if you want to milk their interest levels and tell them what you have to offer, without actually having an ‘offer’, try something like what WPEngine a web hosting service does here with a simple,  ‘See Our Plans’. Like this, you steer away from the dull Sign Up or the overwhelming ‘Schedule A Consultation’.

WP - call to action button
Bluleadz - call to action button

With ‘How We Help Marketers’

Bluleadz, a Florida based digital marketing agency quickly garners interest in brands/companies looking for marketing services. “How we help marketers' targets the right audience, engages the reader and piques curiosity.

Crossropes - call to action button

Crossrope sells jump ropes. With this smart word play - Show Me The Ropes, they definitely boost interest levels more than what the know-it-all ‘Know More’ could.

You can leverage interest level CTA buttons especially if you have downloadable content resources like a blog blog into a white paper or e-book or a case study.

12 Proven Ways - call to action button

Such CTAs take users closer to the content that they are interested to access and in the process get you their information details which you can add to your email list. Want to leverage this interaction? Try an additional CTA phrase, ‘Ask and you shall receive” and you’ll be amazed by the willingness of people to share their deets!

21. It’s all about the Community!

When you’re not just a brand looking for new subscribers but you’re looking to build a community.

Discounts - call to action button

Toms does this the best. Plus there’s an irresistible offer!

The word ‘Join’ has a lot of pull especially when the users know what’s in it for them.

OkCupid gets this right all the time; inviting singles to join a thriving dating community with a great headline.

OkCupid - call to action button

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