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26 Best Product Page Design Examples in the US (+ Expert Advice)

Product page designs showcase the most vital elements: your products. So, it pays off to give them special attention. Score major perks with these product page design examples.

26 Best Product Page Design Examples in the US (+ Expert Advice)

Online product detail pages are as important as real-world trial rooms. In fact, 87% of customers feel product content is the most important factor when deciding to purchase an item online as they cannot physically see, feel, or smell the item.

Now, creating a good product page doesn’t mean loading your page with unnecessary information and flashy product pictures.

So, what makes up a great product detail page?

In order to help you answer this question and effectively optimize your product detail page, we’ll be exploring the following topics:

26 Best Product Page Design Examples in the US (+ Expert Advice)

1. Glossier: Leave nothing to chance 

Glossier uses its product page to highlight the value proposition of the product and keeps the copy crisp by highlighting the most important details. 

Important trust signals such as Vegan, Cruelty free, and dermatologist tested reduce the perceived risk and nudges customers to buy. 

Product Page Design Example: Focus on readability and UX

What makes it great

  • Benefits over features: The product description highlights the benefits and how it makes the customers’ lives easier. Terms like without the blot, adapts to your natural lip color, and no mirror needed justify the point. 
  • Easy to scan: The product description is bulleted making it easy to read on mobile devices. This improves user experience on mobile devices especially since 35% of US customers shop online only on their smartphones. 

2. Bang & Olufsen: Use specifications to your advantage 

Bang & Olufsen drives the conversation on its product page by using the specifications to emphasize the perceived benefit of the product. It describes its utility in daily life. The 30-day free trial encourages the customer to try the product. 

Product details page: Use specification to your advantage

What makes it great

  • Perceived value: The use of adjectives like adaptive, impressive, authentic, and powerful increases the perceived value of the product influencing customers to buy. 
  • Omnichannel experience: By inviting customers to visit the store, the brand is trying to build omnichannel retailing. According to HBR, omnichannel customers spend 4% more in-store and 10% more online. 

3. Astley Clarke: Use storytelling to sell the product 

 Astley Clarke includes nudges on its product details page and storytelling in its product description. 

Best Product Page Design: Use storytellng in product description

Storytelling in product descriptions makes the brand memorable and builds stronger relationships with customers while increasing the value of the content. 

Make the product the protogonist in your product descriptions

What makes it great

  • Visualization: The storytelling in the product description provides a visual experience behind the creation of the product. Visualization is a technique where you convince customers how their lives will improve if they accept it. This is accomplished by supplementing them with sensory information. 
  • Nudge Marketing: The use of nudges such as free shipping worldwide, free returns, and a 2-year warranty influence users to buy. It influences purchase decisions by reducing loss aversion. 
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4. Farfetch: Build a product page design optimized for UX 

Farfetch includes all elements in its product page design making it reader-friendly. The size guide and size finder make it easier for customers to find their fit. This invokes heuristics—mental shortcuts that help customers make decisions and help solve problems quickly. 

Farfetch: Best Product Page Design 2023

What makes it great

  • Color Scheme: The black and white color scheme makes the typography, images, and other visual elements stand out reducing cognitive load for the users.
  • Horizontal navigation: Horizontal navigation helps in readability since most English speakers are used to reading from left to right. 
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5. Buffy: Leverage Endowment effect 

Buffy uses the Endowment Effect on its product page template by offering a 7-day free trial as part of its return policy. As per the Endowment Effect, customers will retain an object they value than give up possession of the object. 

product detail page template: Endowment effect

This is also likely because of the efforts required to make the return. The reason 58% of customers want a hassle-free returns policy. 

product detail page template: Free trial & Return policy

What makes it great

  • Strikethrough pricing: The product details page design includes strikethrough pricing—the original price is slashed and used as an anchor to make the new pricing more apparent. 
  • Crosssell add on: The product page template has an option where it asks users to add a linen duvet cover. An opportunity to increase the AOV when selling a higher priced product. 

Short on time? Here's a quick video with all the brilliant examples:

6. BOSE: Use captivating images to sell 

Visuals can help merge the gap between the physical product and the online representation of it and BOSE understands it well. 

BOSE features an image showing the product in context—a person wearing noise-canceling headphones in a subway station demonstrating the effectiveness of the product. 

product page inspiration: Use images showing product in context

What makes it great 

  • Scarcity: BOSE leverages limited stock as an aid to reinforce scarcity to invoke customers to act fast or miss out on the special offer. In fact, 45% of customers opine that scarcity piqued their interest in knowing about a product. 
  • Interactive View: The interactive view offers an immersive experience where shoppers can rotate, zoom, and spin the images. As a matter of fact, Shopify witnessed a 40% decrease in returns thanks to 3D visualization. 

7. ASOS: Make product discovery easy 

ASOS makes product discovery as it optimizes its site for a long tail keyword. Long tail keywords have high search intent with low search volume, low competition, and high conversion rates. 

product detail page design: Make product discovery easy

What makes it great

  • Promo code: ASOS features a promo code on its product details page encouraging first-time visitors to buy. 80% of first-time customers feel encouraged to buy from a brand if offered a discount or offer. 
  • Add to Favorite: The heart icon enables customers to add a product to their favorites list saving it for later. They can decide to purchase later, something which the cart doesn’t offer. 
  • Breadcrumb Navigation: The breadcrumbs help users navigate their way around the site making UX smoother. They display the hierarchy of the pages enabling users to move back and forth between pages.
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8. Missguided: Taking advantage of the above-the-fold 

Missguided optimizes its above-the-fold for conversions. 

What makes it great

  • Optimized above-the-fold: The above-the-fold product details page uses strikethrough pricing, a dominant CTA, sizing, size guide, delivery, and returns. This influences the purchase decision of the customers.
  • Customer Info: The customer info has dedicated links to FAQs that help customers seek information. A vital element of UX. 
  • Transparent delivery rates: With delivery rates mentioned upfront, there’s transparency when it comes to shipping costs—the main reason 48% of US customers abandon their carts.
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9. Manitobah: Community-driven with authenticity at its core 

Manitobah takes a storytelling approach married with community building efforts to convey authenticity. 

product page design: Use community building efforts

It features its mission and vision of supporting indigenous communities and artists. 86% of customers buy from purpose driven companies; even better if they share the same values as them. 

Feature mission statement on product page design

What makes it great

  • Product video: The product video sells the benefit of the product along with its brand values. 73% of customers will buy a product after watching a product video. 
  • Cross-sell recommendations: Manitobah offers a gentle savings nudge on purchase of lower priced items. 
Product recommendations on product details page

10. Tangle Teezer: Driving sales through customer guides

Tangle Teezer uses appealing visuals and explainer content to increase engagement and drive sales.

best product page design 2023: Customer guides

What makes it great

  •  Explainer videos: The explainer videos embedded on the product page template show the product in use and demonstrate its benefits in a concise manner. 
  • Visual hierarchy: The different colors for fonts ensure visual hierarchy—arranging elements in an order to show their importance.

11. Bloomingdale's: The power of choice 

Bloomingdale's focuses on increasing its customer lifetime value and offering the power of choice on its product detail page.

product detail page template: Offer in-store pickup

What makes it great

  • CLTV: Bloomingdale includes the customer loyalty program on its product details page to increase customer lifetime value. The use of the framing principle reinforces the customers to sign up. 
  • Power of choice: The product page has a pickup in-store option which conveys customers a choice and saves costs. 65% of US customers prefer to BuyOnline, Pick up In-store to avoid shipping costs. 

12. Nudie Jeans: An immersive product description with VR

Take a product page inspiration from Nudie Jeans, using a unique approach to product description through the use of virtual reality. 

product details page design: Offer immersive 3D experience

What makes it great

  • 3D Description: The click to know option helps know the minute details of the product. The rotate option and click to compare option help in decision making. 
  • Virtual size guide: Apart from the fit guide, the product page details page has a virtual size guide for users to compare the pants they own with the new product. 

13. Birkenstock: Using strategic visuals to amplify the value

As a popular footwear brand, Birkenstock takes an extra step to help prospective customers choose the right variation of their product. 

best product detail page design: Use zoomed-in images

What makes it great

  • Zoomed-in images: Zoomed-in images allow the users to evaluate the specific details bridging the gap between the actual product and the image shown. This inspires confidence in making the right decision. 
  • Heuristics: The sizing guide mentioning the width and US/UK size help customers in decision making invoking heuristics.

14. Everlane: Intelligently building customer trust

Everlane uses different elements that convey trust signals to customers.

product detail page design: Include trust signals

What makes it great 

  • Returns guarantee: The product page template has a uniform 365-day return guarantee that reduces the perceived risk and encourages new product trials. 
  • Intelligent cross-selling: Everlane features a Complete the look and product recommendations that gently nudge the customers to buy increasing AOV. 
  • Accompanying guides: The guides explain the material composition and the laundry instructions that address buyer’s remorse.

15. Réard: Converting with a minimal design 

The brand Réard takes a minimalist yet compelling approach to its product page. 

product page template: Minimal design

What makes it great

  • Minimalist design: The use of a monochromatic design, bulleted points, and white space optimizes the product page design for UX. The horizontal navigation for information makes it easy to access information. 
  • Replicate in-store experience: The product description helps in replicating the in-store experience by explaining the benefits of the swimwear. The color swatch helps in easier decision-making. 

16. Cult Beauty: Pricing transparency and product bundling done right

Product bundling and price transparency is a potent combo. Cult Beauty demonstrates the use of both as persuasion aids. 

product page inspiration: Price transparency + product bundling

What makes it great

  • Bundled kit: Product bundling can increase your AOV and help sell slow-moving products. It increases the perceived value of the product in the eyes of the customer. 
  • Price transparency: The brand is transparent about the taxes that will be applied at the checkout. Hidden costs are the major reason for cart abandonment. 
Increase your AOV: 15 product bundling examples that convert (& 12 proven ideas)

17. MAC Cosmetics: Driving conversions through gifting 

MAC Cosmetics uses a gifting approach to initiate urgency and increase AOV. 

best product pages: drive conversions through gifting

What makes it great

  • Last-minute shopping: Gift sets help woo last-minute shoppers. 33% of last-minute buyers choose to buy gifts based on how soon they can get them.
  • Virtual try-on: The virtual try-on allows a customer to try on a product digitally depicting a realistic representation of them trying out products. 

18. Cariuma: Demonstrate cause marketing 

Invested in a cause? Don’t shy away from showing it to your customers. Here’s a product page inspiration from Cariuma. 

Mobile product page: Feature cause marketing initiatives

What makes it great 

  • Low stock alert: The low stock alert in red font initiates urgency nudging customers to act. The exclamation mark reinforces the message further. 
  • Positive brand image: With its cause marketing efforts, Cariuma builds a positive brand image. 87% of customers have a positive brand perception of brands that care and support environmental and social initiatives. 

19. The Ordinary: Where the customer does the selling 

The Ordinary is not your run of the mill brand. It has optimized its page for social proof and detailing so customers can buy based on the experience of other customers.


best product pages: Use social proof to drive sales

What makes it great 

  • Authenticity: The star rating average is based on a higher number of ratings which makes it highly credible. The best reviews, both positive and negative are flagged to enable customers to make purchase decisions. 
  • Guided Upselling: The product page template contains a skin care regimen where products are recommended by the brand using a three-step process. 
best product pages 2023: Guided upselling

20. Hermes: Converting through exclusivity

Being a luxury brand, Hermes takes the exclusivity and product story-telling approach to pitch this product. 

product page design US: create exclusivity

What makes it great  

  • Product storytelling: The product details page features the back story behind the creation of this product. This is a narrative that depicts the brand values and the vision behind creating the products. 
  • Exclusivity: By stating the 70:30 composition of cashmere and silk, Hermes creates exclusivity justifying the high pricing of the product. 

21. Krave Jerky: Make it short and sweet

Krave Jerky is a producer of culinary-style meat and protein snacks that are not chemically processed and makes snacks better for health.

product page design inspiration: Keep it simple and crisp

What makes it great 

  • Reduced scrolling: The product page design is created such that it is over within two scrolls. The trust signals help convey the benefits of the product.
  • Product Variant: Choosing the product variant changes the product page color which is a visual cue holding the customer’s attention. 

22. Aesop: Editable product bundles

Aesop is a 35-year-old brand that inspires with its meticulous preparations meant to create a luxuriant experience for the customer. Aesop implements many features to increase AOV to boost sales.  

product page: Use editable options

What makes it great

  • Interactive gallery: Aesop has the option to add/remove the items in a bundle where the item removed disappears. Checkboxes allow customers to select what they want. When a product is subtracted then it’s removed from the picture of the product bundle as well.

23. Amazon: Let customers save for later

Amazon needs no introduction. 

While we often say don’t do everything Amazon does, they do have some product page elements such as wishlists that need to be mentioned.  

product detail page template: Save for later option

What makes it great

  • Option to create numerous lists: This can aid users to use personal sorting methods to keep track of the products they are eyeing. The more categories a user is able to add, the better they will be able to sort through their own choices.
  • Enable sharing of “wishlists” and “favorites”: A simple tweak to what users can do with their wish lists can do wonders. If you make wishlists shareable, you are likely to grab more eyeballs that are socially relevant to your existing users. 
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24. Amala: Humane chat option 

Amala has a humanized live chat along with FAQs that help customers in finding answers.

best product page design 2023: Humanized chat option+canned responses

What makes it great

  • Canned responses & FAQs: Using canned responses and FAQs lead to faster response times, customer satisfaction, and accuracy of information. 

25. Cole Haan: Offer back-in-stock notifications

Cole Haan offers customers to opt for back-in-stock notifications on the product details template page. Back-in-stock emails have a high open rate of 65.38% paving the way for higher conversions. 

best product pages: Back-in-stock email notifications

What makes it great

  • Script font: The script font for the product name gives a classy and elegant look enhancing the product value. 

26. AWAY: Offer exclusivity with personalization 

AWAY offers customers an option to personalize their travel bags on its product page template. Customization offer a sense of exclusivity and help people stand out from the crowd. 

best product pages 2023: Customization option

What makes it great

  • Airline compatibility: Airline compatibility allows customers to evaluate if the bag will fit during flights. This eliminates the risk aversion in customers. 
Airline compatibility to rule out buyer's remorse

Creating the perfect product page

The most converting product pages are simple, targeted, and tactical. They also find the balance between being user-friendly while delivering product details or information.

So when creating your product page, take into account the nature of your product, who your target audience is, and what the goals of the page are. Taking all these elements into consideration, along with some ideas from the product pages reviewed above, you’ll have a solid product page that will convert your potential customers.

We should, however, also mention that a great product detail page does more than just optimizing for conversion. That’s only a start. Just like you would observe in our example pages, a great product page will also foster brand trust and loyalty, and seek to increase customer lifetime value by making customer satisfaction a priority. Keep these in mind while you create and optimize your product detail pages.

Anatomy of a High-Converting Product Page Design (Best Practices)

1. Write (conversational) product descriptions 

Your products are for humans, then why isn’t your product description not written for them? 

Your product description should make it seem as if it was written solely for them. 

Here’s what you should keep in mind while writing your product description — 

a) Your ideal buyer is the protagonist

If you managed to appeal to your users in under 8 seconds, your product description has sold well. That’s the human attention span. Finding it hard to believe, isn’t it? 

Write your product description centered around the ideal buyer aka the protagonist. Target them directly and add a personal touch by addressing them in the second person. 

b) Sell experience 

Tell customers what pain points your product addresses followed by the benefits they are going to experience. 

The aim is to convey how your product is making their lives easier without sounding self-centered.

c) Cut down blah, blah (Filler words)

Whenever you have nothing to contribute, you start using filler words like cutting-edge, robust, and state-of-art. 

Ring a bell? 

This is where you lose the game. Instead, include specific details and break down the technical terms with their benefits. 

d) Make it easy to scan 

Anyone likes to read huge blocks of text. Make it easy to scan your product description making it easy to understand the gist of the product. 

Use bullet points, make use of white space, use headlines, and increase the font size for readability.  

BlackMilk fulfills all of these optimal points in its product description. 

BlackMilk Product Page Design

BlackMilk Conversational Product Description

It starts by describing the ideal buyer as the protagonist. It describes them as ninjas (the name of the product). 

Unlike others, it explains the term superfit fabric and explains the technical details with benefits such as moisture wicking and quick drying. 

All of these are explained in bullet points. They convey experience without jargon. 

2. Help customers find their ideal product (prioritize product specifications) 

Tell the features of your product and how it can solve their problem. Keep it crisp. Explain technical jargon with its purpose.  

If customers don’t find the products they’re looking for, you’re going to lose them to your competitor. 

Your product specifications are a short and concise explanation of a product's features and its benefits/functions. 

Here is a product description for Legacy Lifting Gloves by Gymshark

The product specifications are one-liners that convey the purpose precisely. 

Props for bullet points. 

Gym Shark Product Specifications

For instance, Fingerless lifting gloves convey that it doesn’t cover fingers.

Padding to Palm conveys that the palm region has padding for grip and safety. 

Breathable Mesh Front Panel means the gloves allow air to circulate eliminating odor. 

It also mentions the material composition and dimensions for all types.

3. Pricing (Tell your customers how much they saved) 

The type of pricing strategy you choose is entirely up to you. However, there’s one finding you should know. 

Price is an important factor more than you think it is. In fact, 87% of Americans opine that pricing is extremely important. 

Setting uber-specific prices work as a persuasion tactic. Let’s say instead of $50, use $49.99. 

As per a study, it was found that customers perceive rounded figures to be artificially inflated. 

Savings are a psychological trigger and influence decision-making. 

Here’s an example from Booty Band on how it effectively combines uber-specific pricing with savings. 

Booty Band Pricing focused towards savings

It uses the principle of price slashing and uber-specific pricing. It mentions 15% savings which work as a psychological hook. 

If you observe the last point above the price, it says Get Results or Your Money Back 

This money back guarantee works as an assurance eliminating buyer’s remorse. 

Summing up, ensure that customers see some sort of gain, value, or savings when you decide your pricing strategy. 

4. Help the customer when it comes to size (Use guided selling)

Your customers may not always know what they want. Details such as size may change over time due to age and medical conditions. 

If you sell apparel or shoes, you need to go beyond basic size guides. 

Hint: Use guided selling 

Guided selling replicates the in-store experience that identifies the needs and wants of the customer to help them buy the products that solve their problems. 

It is a step-by-step process that takes users through the touch points of your conversion funnel. It enables product discovery, customer experience, and smooth navigation making decision-making easier. 

Muroexe has a size guide that helps customers who clearly don’t know their preferences and specifications when it comes to shoes. 

Muroexe Guided selling through Virtual Fitting Room

Followed by a step-by-step questionnaire.

Muroexe guided selling quesionnaire

In short — Provide an experience that eliminates the barrier of physical presence. Adapt your customer journey to changing situations.  

5. Take (immense) effort in making it visually appealing

Visual guides don’t have to be product demo videos but high-quality images showing the intricate details of the product. 

Elements of a great online shopping experience graph

As per a study, 87.6% of customers stated that clear product images provide a  quality online shopping experience. 

eCommerce brands that have great quality products have three things in common: 

  • All product images are taken against a white background
  • The product is a closeup and features only the product. There’s no unnecessary white space
  • The images are usually 720p or 1080p 

Here’s an example of Ikea’s product images. 

IKEA high-quality product images

Notice how the chair is the center of attention. It has a white background and is not pixelated. The below image shows the seat underneath. 

IKEA multi-dimensional product images

Product imagery has a direct connection to its sales. If customers aren’t compelled by your product images, they are going to checkout.

Customers pursue brands that are serious about their business. And mediocre product images don’t create good first impressions. 

6. Offer a Price nudge (Limited Time Offer) 

Limited time offers create buzz. It creates a sense of urgency to take action. 

It works on the simple premise — Buy the product now or it’s going to get expensive soon. 

It also activates scarcity, a product will be low in stock and might run out. This compels people to buy. 

Under Armour drives urgency well by including a limited-time offer on its product. 

Under Armour price nudge example

It has reduced the price from $65 to $48.75 which is a 25% discount. This works effectively since millennials are a sizable chunk of Under Armour's target market. 

Close to 70% of millennials look for a deal before making a purchase

7. Create Product Demo videos (that bring products to life)

Product videos not only serve as a medium for high engagement but also as educational tools. 

It sends greater trust signals to customers that your product isn’t a facade using good lighting and excellent photography. 

69% of customers believe product demo videos help them in making purchase decisions. 

Ikea has a product demo video that is simple and easy to understand. In the video, the person demonstrates the use of the swivel chair. 

The video nails three aspects: 

  • No reliance on background music 
  • Runs on autoplay hence the customer is naturally attracted to the video
  • Self-explanatory. The model is demonstrating the video without talking

Ultimately, videos have a higher preference. 71% of customers prefer videos over other types of content. 


Videos answer questions and clear the doubts. If your videos help them with their needs, you have half won the game. 

8. Offer alternative product recommendations on the product page

Instead of losing clients because of that page, aim for conversion by offering alternative product recommendations on the product page:

  • Allow customers to opt-in for notifications when it comes back in stock
  • Use dynamic messaging like banners and pop-ups to let users know when a highly requested product is now available
  • Show which products are available in-store or available for curbside pick up.

9. Give the option of co-browsing

A live chat function can solve more problems if you enable it with the co-browsing option. It’s especially helpful when customers are confused about the process of virtually trying out products, requesting a replacement, or wondering how to return a purchased product.

Product Page Design 101

1. What is the goal of a product page? 

The goal of a product page is to educate, create awareness with product information, and clear doubts. The purpose is to facilitate the buying process by explaining to potential customers how the product will improve their life. 

It should enable the customers to discard it if they don’t buy it. 

2. How do you structure product pages? 

The product page must have these 6 elements to create the best structure — 

a) Above the Fold Images  

Your product images must fit on the web page before the first scroll. 

Here is an example from GetFpv

GetFPV above the fold

The arrow is pointing to the fold separating the above part and the below part. Studies have shown that above-the-fold content has high viewability with the median time being 68% as compared to 40% (below the fold) content. 

b) Pricing (Typography matters) 

Pricing is the first thing that your customer sees. 

When it comes to highlighting the price, typography is crucial. Here are a few pointers — 

  • Use a bigger font for the price
  • Add a contrasting color to mark the price slash
  • Emphasize discounts and highlight the savings 

After pricing, payment options are important. Including interest-free payments as an option can significantly boost conversions. 

Shockingly, 42% of customers in the US won’t purchase if their preferred payment method isn’t there. 

Dangerfield includes three payment options on its product page that attracts the interest of a major chunk of customers. 

Dangerfield interest free multiple payment options

c) CTAs 

Your call-to-action buttons are a decisive factor when customers make a purchase. 

From the color to placement, CTAs need more attention than you believe. 

Below are tips to ensure your CTA delivers: 

  • Take the 3-second test: Place your CTA right under the product name and next to the product image. If you don’t see it for 3 seconds, you have work to do. 
  • Pick the right color: Bright is right. Your CTA button should stand out from the rest of the page. 
  • (Button) Size matters: The CTA should be large enough to click without taking a second try. 42-72 pixels is the ideal range when it comes to the CTA button. 
  • Action text: The call to action could be as simple as Add to cart or Buy now. You could innovate but it should do its job of conveying the action you want the user to take. 

Builtathletics can give you CTA goals (You’ve our word) 

One can’t simply scroll without seeing it. 

BuiltAthletics Product page CTA button size

The color and the text complement each other. 

As you scroll further, the CTA appears at the fold, that’s simply hard to escape without seeing. 

BuiltAthletics Floting CTA Button

d) Product Descriptions (that feel like a breath of fresh air) 

Lazy product descriptions that do nothing but bore are one of the reasons for your dipping conversion rates. 

While there is no secret sauce to a perfect product description, there are a few handy tips for an ideal one. 

  • Write the benefits followed by the technical details 
  • Use bullet points 
  • Use contractions 
  • Write like you speak (Don’t make it a sales pitch) 

Here’s an example from MyProtein. This product description clearly conveys without any filler content. 

It conveys that it's a meal replacement, high in protein, and keeps one full for long. It also mentions the calories justifying that it's a low-calorie meal replacement worth its money. 

MyProtein Product Description

e) Social Proof (Let ‘em know why your customers love you) 

Social proof refers to your product’s efficacy in making your customers happy. It can attract more customers than your pale stock photo. 

It works on a principle - If others found it good, it's worth trying.

Heck, 92% of customers are more likely to trust non-paid recommendations than other forms of advertising. 

Here’s a customer review on Bite where the customer is narrating his experience. 

It narrates how doubtful he was about this product being useful to him. Next, he says that he likes it and has to use it twice a day but it is better than using the harmful chemical-laced deodorants that are harsh on the skin. 

Bite product page customer review

Social proof isn’t limited to customer reviews, testimonials, or ratings. 

It can also be the popularity or the demand for your products. Case in point, NewAir uses the purchase frequency as a form of social proof nudge. 

NewAir product page social proof nudge

10 people bought this product in the last 30 days

This shows the popularity and the demand for the product. This is quite possible in a month and isn’t false or misleading. 

f) Product recommendations 

Product recommendations are a critical part of the eCommerce personalization strategy which recommends products similar to the user’s browsing behavior, attributes, and touchpoints to offer a personalized shopping experience. 

Product recommendations have more benefits than what meets the eye. 

49% of customers stated that they bought a product they initially didn’t plan on after seeing a personalized recommendation. 

And eCommerce brands stand to gain as well. 

54% of online retailers opine that product recommendations are the key drivers to increased AOV. 

There’s certainly no end to statistics but product recommendations are the mainstay in an eCommerce 

You can include best sellers, complete the look, trending, steal deals, etc. 

Here’s a pro tip — Keep 20% of your top selling products on your above the fold so that you can earn 80% of the revenue. 

Anthropologie displays product recommendations on the side of its product page (above the fold). 

Anthropologie Vertical Product Recommendations

This increases the odds of customers clicking on the product recommendations. 

According to a Salesforce study, it was found that shoppers who clicked product recommendations are 4.5x likely to add to the cart, and correspondingly complete the purchase. 

3. Why is my product page not converting?

Getting to make your product page convert can be a tough task. But once you remember people take just about 50 milliseconds to respond to a good first impression, you would want to look into what would make your product pages work harder.

To help with that, here’s a quick glimpse at some of the most common reasons why product pages fail to convert -

Lack of trust in the brand or product

  • The copy fails to convey a convincing narrative
  • The pricing does not seem fair or competitive
  • The value proposition does not come out instantly
  • The cross-sell and upsell tactics seem far-fetched
  • The UX does not cater to the ease of mobile users
  • There are also many other nuanced problems at work when it comes to product pages not converting.

And if there are problems, there must be ways to troubleshoot too, some of which we’ll share with you right away

  • Introduce trust symbols (and make sure they’re easily recognisable)
  • Write copy that ties the product with the brand and the bigger picture
  • Work to create pricing structures that align you with that of competitors
  • Make the value proposition visible as soon as they land on the page
  • Find ways to make smarter product recommendations
  • Don’t just optimize for mobile - build for mobile!

4. Is there any product page template?

It’s a great question to ask when you’re starting to make changes to your eCommerce storefront for better conversions.

The good news is that there are a host of great free and paid templates to choose from.

Here are two templates to inspire your next move:

Product Detail Page Template 1:

Full Functionality, Complex UI

Product Detail Page Template

Product Listing Page Template 2:

Simple Layout, Consistent UI

Product Detail Page Template

However, what’s interesting is that a template does not mean much by itself.

It offers a structure and layout for you to put your page elements together.

Here are a few ways to know if a product page template will help you move a step forward or not. It would tell you how to -

  • Maximize the effectiveness of your photo gallery
  • Guide users through compelling CTAs and descriptions
  • Recommend products that would seem highly relevant to the shopper
  • Use emotion in weaving a story that’ll make your brand more sticky
  • Showcase reviews in a way that influences the shopper
  • Talk about the features that matter the most
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