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Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry provides the necessary set of tools to help sellers avoid counterfeit issues or situations where the content of your product is changed by a third-party seller. Using Amazon Brand Registry, verified brand owners can have access to enhanced reporting tools and more control over their brand across Amazon. It also helps the business to build its brand presence on Amazon and grow its business.

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

1) Brand representation- Since the Amazon brand registry helps to prevent any counterfeit issues, therefore customers always see the correct information related to your brand which leads to accurate brand representation.

2) Powerful report tools- Using custom features and tools provided by Amazon, you can easily find cases of infringement.

a) Global search- Using the same screen, you can search for content in different Amazon stores.

b) Image search- You can use images to find product listings that match your product.

c) Bulk URL search- You can search for product URLs in bulk to explore and report any case of infringement.

After you find any potential case of infringing content, you can submit the report and Amazon will take appropriate action.

3) Additional Brand protections- Amazon can add an extra layer of protection when you provide information about your brand. For example, it will bring to your notice the product listings that use your brand logo or report sellers that ship products from countries where you do not manufacture.

4) Build your Brand- You can use tools like Brand dashboard, stores, and enhanced brand content to build and grow your business on Amazon.

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