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Bulk Email Campaigns

Bulk Email Campaigns

A Bulk Email Campaign is a marketing method that involves sending mail to multiple recipients and groups at one time. Its main aim is to build relationships with the clients and increase sales.

Bulk emailing has high ROI associated with it, which makes it the most popular marketing strategy.

How to create a successful bulk email campaign

The fact that you only have to compose one mail and send it to multiple recipients saves a lot of time and money. These campaigns are also beneficial in reaching out to your target audience and are easy to follow up.

Now sometimes if you follow poor bulk email practices, then your emails can end up getting stacked in the spam folder. To avoid this, you need to follow a few tips to set you on the right path:

  • To avoid ending up in the spam folder, you should send an email to only those contacts who have opted into your emails.
  • You need to plan the content for your bulk email campaign in advance.
  • Email should fit your brand image and promote brand awareness.
  • You need to ensure the best user experience by crafting mobile-friendly emails.
  • To prevent your emails from being marked as spam, provide a visible unsubscribe link to every mail.

Bulk email tips

  • After subscribers join your mailing list, tell them what kind of emails they’ll be getting and how often you would send them.
  • Let your subscribers decide the mail content preference in order to get content that they have an interest in.
  • Use feedback from previous email campaigns and generate support tickets to understand the needs of the subscribers.
  • Inform the customers about the benefits of your brand without being pushy.
  • Try to send catchy video content every now and then related to the working of your product.
  • The key is to automate your bulk email campaigns in order to save time.

Some examples of bulk email campaigns

  • Big clothing brands like Forever21 and Bonobos use bulk email campaigns to notify the subscribers about the sale offers and new products that have been added to their website.
  • A minimalistic approach is used by Nira Rubens to tell its customer about their new sneakers.
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