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Business Blogging

Business Blogging

Business Blogging is a marketing strategy that uses blogging to give online visibility to your business. Blogs are basically the short contents that are posted to the blog section of your website. For example, currently, you are reading a blog post (short-form content) that has been posted on a blog.

Now, blogs can be on any subject but when you’re doing business blogging then the subject matter is related to your business. Business blogging is a way for your business to rank better in the google search engine and be visible to people who might be interested in your products or services.

Benefits of business blogging

  1. It helps drive traffic to your website: When you write a blog, it acts as an opportunity for you to show up in search engines as it shows that your site is active. Moreover, it gives you content that you can share on social media which will eventually bring more traffic to your website and increase the visibility of your page.
  2. It helps convert traffic into leads: Now that you have new visitors to your website, it’s time to convert them into leads. You can do this by simply adding a call-to-action on each blog post for lead generation. This can include things like free webinars, free ebooks, trials, white papers, basically any content that would provide something of value to the visitors so that they would be willing to exchange their information in return, also known as gated content.
  3. It helps to establish authority: Writing blogs that answer the most frequent questions that the customers and leads might have, helps to create a sense of authority in the eyes of the customers. When you write content to solve the problem of your prospects even before they get associated with you, that is the time they start trusting you.
  4. It drives long-term results: They say ‘old is gold’ which is true when it comes to blogging as your old blogs hold more value than the new ones. Your previous blogs have better reach and you can polish that content again by updating it every now and then to get more visitors.

What should you write about in a business blog?

  1. Linkbait posts: create blog content that acts as bait for backlinks. The heading should be catchy enough to get the attention of the viewer and the body should also cover all the essential information related to the topic. For example, a blog on the topic “ 5 ways to save more while shopping online” will instantly grab the attention and increase your page views.
  2. Industry news: Always write blog content to update the audience about the current industry trends or issues that are affecting the industry.
  3. Office life: Give your audience a sneak peek into your company. You can showcase your work environment using pictures and videos.
  4. FAQs: You can create blog content based on the most frequently asked questions by your customers so that they can get more detailed information about the same.
  5. Video posts: When you are launching a new product, you can create a blog with 1 or 2 paragraphs and then embed a video that showcases your product and its features.
  6. Infographic posts: If your company deals with a lot of data and research, then the best idea is to represent your information using infographics such as charts and diagrams that make the information easy to read and understand.
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