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Buy-to-Detail Rate

Buy-to-Detail Rate

Buy to detail rate is a metric that shows how successful a product page is in converting prospects into actual buyers. It is the percentage of people who buy a product or service on a website, after viewing that product’s page. By looking at the BDTR of multiple pages, you can easily recognize which pages are more effective at generating sales. This can help to optimize the website and improve its conversion rate.

Buy-to-Detail rate formula

You can calculate how frequently a purchase was made after viewing a particular product page by using the BTDR Formula.

Buy-to-Detail rate (BTDR) = (Total purchases/Total views on the product page)X100

Pro Tip: Before reworking your product page, calculate the BTDR using the formula. Then calculate it again after a few weeks or months to check if the improvements made by you are fruitful or not.

How to optimize your store based on the finding

  • Using the Buy-to-rate metric, you can try different tactics to improve your page and figure out if the low numbers are because of the poor product description.
  • You can direct your marketing focus more to the pages that are capable of generating more sales and profit for your business.
  • If the customers are just viewing the product page and not actually buying the product, then you can offer some great deals and build promotions to nudge them towards actual conversion.
  • You can also determine which products are selling higher in quantity and pair them up with other products to offer a package deal to the customers.
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