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Call-To-Action is a button or phrase that tells the user what action to take and how to take it. For example, “download the free eBook” or “buy now” can be a clickable button or simply a text with a hyperlink.

Call-to-action phrases use action verbs like -

  • Sign up
  • Register
  • Subscribe
  • Donate
  • Buy
  • Download
  • Click here
  • Buy

Example of popular Call-to-action 

  • Airbnb uses the ‘learn more’ button with the catchy phrase ”find out how much you could earn” to get the attention of the visitors.
  • Lyft uses the ‘install now’ button against their promotional code that gives users up to $50 in ride credit.
  • Yeti uses the shop now call to action button to encourage customers to buy from their site.
  • Hulu uses the signup call to action button that gives the visitors an opportunity to get a free trial for their online streaming service.

Benefit of Call-to-action

  • Avoid any confusion - Since call-to-action buttons are direct, it helps to enhance the user experience as they are guided in the right direction.
  • Direct readers based on your needs - if you have signup as an option, then readers will simply click on it if they are interested in your content. Therefore, if your need was to get more signups then the visitors will be directed to do so.
  • Grow your audience - Whatever is more important to your business at any point in time can go as a call-to-action button. It helps you to grow your audience and increase sales.

Types of CTAs

  • Leads- The main objective of this type of CTA is to convert visitors into buyers.
  • Product or service discovery - We come across these types of CTAs quite often as they direct the visitors directly to the product page.
  • Sharing- The sharing CTAs help the visitors to share your content across various social media channels. This helps to improve the visibility of your page.
  • Continue reading - A learn more or read more button prompts the readers to continue reading. This is done to offer a concise display without any confusion.
  • Forms- Submitting a form or signing up helps to convert visitors into leads.
  • Event promoter - These types of CTAs alert the visitors about certain promotions or special events.
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