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Email CTA

Email CTA

An email call to action (CTA) is a button or hyperlink text that is used in email marketing. The primary objective of an email CTA is to get the receiver to click on it and carry out the desired action. A desired action could for example by going to the company’s website or using a coupon code.

Tips for creating an effective email CTA

  • Use colors that stand out for CTA buttons.
  • Keep it simple. Having a complicated design will make the reader avoid it.
  • Placement plays a big role in how effective a CTA is. Make sure that the flow of the email naturally leads the reader to the CTA button or link and that it is easy to find.
  • Make the button big enough that it stands out amongst the other text. This way it will naturally draw the attention of the readers.
  • Add cues that direct the reader to the CTA button or link.
  • Create variations of your CTA and conduct tests to see which one is more effective in getting conversions.

When writing the text for a CTA link or button here are a couple of points to keep in mind:

  • Directly address the reader.
  • Use action-oriented wording. This includes words and phrases such as ‘Save’, ‘Find’, ‘Get it here’ and “Try out now’.
  • Create a sense of urgency so that people will be more inclined to take action quickly.
  • Keep it short and simple.

CTAs are extremely important in email marketing as they help direct and push the customer towards the next step in the buying process. Customers also expect these cues to be there and depend on the business to provide CTAs that will guide them towards the next action they should take.

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