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Inbound Link

Inbound Link

Inbound Links are links that were used on other web pages that lead back to your website. Another commonly used term for inbound links is backlinks. The term inbound link is usually used by the person who clicked on the link and landed on your page. To put it simply it is a hyperlink from one website to another.

Importance of Inbound Links 

  • They help drive more traffic to your website from other websites. 
  • They contribute to SEO.
  • It helps improve search engine ranking, as Google and other browsers take the number of backlinks a page has into consideration for page rankings. 
  • Good inbound links help to increase website authority and reputation. 

For an inbound link to bring value to your business it needs to be a good quality link. I.e. it should come from a website with authority and it should use proper anchor text (the context behind the link is included). 

Building Good Inbound Links

  • Focus on creating relevant, high-quality content for your website that people will naturally want to use on their own.
  • Design and publish infographics online which people can use in their content. 
  • Collaborate with social media influencers to get feedback on your products or services. Offering them discount codes to share with their audience also works to get links. 
  • Use your links in different places where they’re relevant on your website. 
  • Leverage your network with publishers and other businesses. If you have content that is relevant to them, reach out and let them know. 
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