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JavaScript or JS is a dynamic programming language that is used to develop website content and it is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web. This script, which is used in over 97% of websites, is primarily used to create automated and animated content. 

So, while HTML is concerned with the structure of a webpage, and CSS controls the visual aspects, JavaScript is concerned with making a site dynamic. 

General Features of JavaScript 

  • JavaScript is regarded to be a lightweight language; it is only used to handle data at the browser and it has a limited set of libraries. Though it can be used for back-end development the language is mainly used for client-side calculations. 
  • JavaScript applications can be run on any platform or browser, it isn’t constricted to a platform. Scripts can be run anywhere without there being any effect on the output. 
  • Because it is a client-side language JavaScript offers browsers greater control through its functions that help to reduce network traffic and load time. 
  • JavaScript has a built-in ability to determine dates and times, which is not common in other programming languages. 
  • It is used to validate the information that users enter into forms on the website. JavaScript is used to place validations on both the client and server-side that ensure that the values entered in by users are correct. 

Uses of JavaScript 

  • JS is used to add interactive elements to a website such as slideshows and animated graphics. 
  • It is widely used alongside HTML5 to develop web-based games. The Ease JS library offers solutions for working with rich graphics that are useful for game development. 
  • JavaScript is used for the development of mobile and smartwatch applications.
  • Though it's mainly used for front-end work, it can also be utilized from back-end development. 
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