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Landing Page

Landing Page

A landing page is the one where a visitor lands after they click on an ad from Facebook, Google, link in an email, or anywhere else on the web. The main goal of a landing page is to get better conversions by focusing on appropriate Call-To-Action such as registration, signup, or purchase. With fewer links and super slick ads that promote offers, it has the power to convert visitors into customers.

Types of Landing Pages

  • Squeeze page- The main goal of a squeeze page is to get the email address of the visitors in exchange for a free offer like a newsletter or an ebook. These pages are short and simple and often used as pop-ups to capture the attention of the users.
  • Splash page- Splash pages are simply used for announcements and just include the message you want to convey. Some of the popular choices for splash pages include verifying the age of users, knowing their language preference, or making an announcement.
  • Lead Capture page- The ultimate goal of the lead generation page is to get vital customer information and actual conversions. They use a form as a Call-to-action to collect data from the visitors like their name and email address. In exchange for the contact info, they offer something free like an ebook or an informative webinar.
  • Click-through page- A click-through landing page makes sure that the user is well informed on key product features. The main goal of this page is to use a simple Call-to-action button that sends the visitor into a checkout flow or completes a transaction.
  • Get started landing page- your “Get Started” landing page should clearly highlight the benefits of your product and services.

Need of Landing pages for your eCommerce site

  • Drive higher ROI- By having landing pages you can meet the expectations of visitors that land on your eCommerce site. For example, If someone clicks on your paid ad for ‘summer T-shirts’ and is taken to a homepage featuring other products, they will likely bounce whereas if the ad takes them to the landing page featuring summer T-shirts with a CTA to buy then there is a better chance that they will stay on your site and end up buying the product and as a result drive higher ROI for paid traffic.
  • A true gem for testing- You can A/B test your landing pages to see what works well for your eCommerce site. You can keep a track of what CTA buttons get the most clicks and what offers/deals attract the visitors to buy on the spot and even what design and color combination appeals more.
  • Target specific customer segment- Personalized landing pages can help to target a specific set of customers. Optimize your landing pages keeping shopper psychology in mind. Once you have them hooked with psychological triggers, it’ll be easy to convert them and close a sale.
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