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33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2023)

Looking for inspiration? Here are 33 awesome website landing page examples you'll want to copy and increase conversion rates in 2023

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2023)

"Build a landing page for a campaign” 

As an eCommerce business owner you might have got this advice from everyone - your marketing manager, advertising agency, and digital growth manager.  But you must be wondering, what elements contribute to a high-converting landing page?

In this post, we’ll highlight different eCommerce landing page examples owners commit in the landing page optimization process. We’ll also share how you can improve your landing page conversion rates with smart and actionable solutions.

Here are the things we’ll cover: 

  • 33 landing page examples and why they inspire
  • 7 psychological triggers that can increase landing page conversion rate 

33 Great Landing Page Examples and Why They Work

Here are 33 landing page examples for inspiration to increase your landing page conversion rate.

1. Meow Meow Tweet

33 Great Landing Page Examples and Why They Work

Meow Meow Tweet prides itself on being different than other products for being all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. They have a unique brand story and focus on creating an impression with scientific-based and low waste formulas. 

Why it inspires -

a) Engaging layout: The entire landing page uses a wonderful layout as it displays information without overwhelming a potential customer. Also, the contrasting color scheme and line illustrations reflect the brand’s cheerful personality. Moreover, it lists the products that can be bought to refill a customer’s supply.       

b) FAQ Section: Since the landing page offers potential customers info about ‘bulk buying’ or ‘refilling’, it’s logical that they might have doubts before making a purchase. Meow Meow Tweet keeps it short, simple, and sweet.  

c) Psychological Nudges: 

  • Right on top of the landing page, there’s a ‘free shipping’ nudge that’s very relevant to ‘bulk buying’. 
  • Meow Meow Tweet values low waste and cruelty-free products, which means so do their customers. With that in mind, the ‘Send Back Empties Here’ CTA gives customers a solid assurance that they can easily recycle.             

2. Fresh Heritage

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) -  Fresh Heritage  shopify landing page example

Fresh Heritage is a personal care company that solves modern-day grooming problems for men of color. Inspired by African grooming traditions, they create high-quality, chemical-free grooming products that men of color can use to look and feel like their best selves. 

Why it inspires -

a) Interesting Storytelling: The landing page utilizes enticing copy to keep customers engaged. Right at the start, the page touches upon Black History Month, offers a coupon code to prompt customers to buy and be charitable at the same time. The prompt is repeated in the middle of the page with a clever headline and CTA copy. The prompt is also supported by statistics that show the brand fulfills all its promises.   

b) Strong Visuals: A short video and photos maximize impact and reinforce branding.     

3. Hey Kangaroo

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Hey Kangaroo how to increase landing page conversion rate

Hey Kangaroo values creating security products that are simple and affordable. Security products are often difficult to navigate and customers expect customer support 24/7 even for the smallest questions.    

Why it inspires -

a) Clever copy: One of the things I like a lot about Hey Kangaroo is their clever brand language. From the title, step-by-step instructions, and subheadlines, the landing page relies on ‘value’ rather than cute copies.    

b) Stressing on ‘Tech details’: The landing page is extremely straightforward and provides precise details about different protection plans and what it covers in a clear, concise way. 

4. GetFPV

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - GetFPV shopify landing page example

GetFPV is the largest online store for drones, drone parts, and accessories in the US. They value a customer-first approach in everything from offering same-day shipping, robust customer service, and learning solutions.   

Why it inspires -

a) Benefit-based: GetFPV offers a brief introduction to the start of the landing page and then lists different articles that offer reviews on different products. 

b) Easy Navigation: The page has different navigational prompts for easy access. Every article has a tag that acts like categories. Furthermore, there is a side panel that lets customers browse with a sticky CTA button on the right side.      

5. SquattyPotty

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - SquattyPotty  website landing page example

SquattyPotty’s mission is to improve bathroom health around the world and manufacture products with recyclable or renewable materials. 

Why it inspires -

a) Candid Copy: SquattyPotty addresses a very intimate concern, something most customers won’t chat about without intense embarrassment. So kudos to SquattyPotty for making the most of it with a clever copy (‘The #1 way to #2’) to engage customers. 

b) Engaging Visuals: The promo video begins right away and this catches a customer’s eye as it creates some ‘action’ on the page. The photos on the landing page reflect the brand’s persona of keeping it light and breezy. Furthermore, the brand offers AR that lets customers view how the product looks in their environment.      

6. Partake Foods

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Partake Foods website landing page example

Partake Foods provides food products that cater to customers so they can eat delicious treats without worrying about allergies.  

Why it inspires -

a) Compelling Brand Story: Since ingredients are the major point of Partake Foods products, the landing page starts with a short introduction and a friendly photo of the founder with her daughter. Potential customers might ask what does that have to with the products and click on the ‘learn more’.    

b) Interactive Content: Instead of filling the page with chunks of information, the landing page has a banner, where customers can click on the ingredient and get the required details.  

7. Tribe

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022)- Tribe shopify landing page examples

Tribe offers subscription-based vegan and gluten-free snacks for athletes that are delivered to a customer’s door.  

Why it inspires -

a) Clear Value Proposition: Tribe creates an attractive offer campaign both for first-time visitors as well as existing customers. The landing page establishes irresistible value propositions through free shipping, reviews, and accreditation. 

b) Highlight Social Impact:  They exhibit a wide range of products that help both in brand and product recall. They also create a product desire with social proof elements with copy such as ‘£800,000 raised to fight modern slavery’.

8. Refinery 29

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Refinery 29 shopify landing page examples

Refinery29 is an American multinational digital media and entertainment website. They offer unique content to their target audience with first-hand reviews and personalized recommendations. Recently, they have started their own product page to let customers purchase without leaving the website.   

Why it inspires -

a) Personalized Categories: Refinery 29 is very on-trend. Their readers will most probably end up on this landing page through an article. Therefore, the products are categorized thematically with a few name-checks like ‘Back to School’, ‘Presented by Target’, and ‘Amazon’s Most Wanted’.   

b) Bold Visuals: Since Refinery 29 is primarily a content website, they have already established their brand language. This translates to their products landing page as well.  

9. Infinite Moon

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) -  Infinite Moon shopify landing page examples

Infinite Moon has a simple philosophy - offer customers the perfect night’s rest. Their star product is the ‘everpillow’ which can be customized according to size and materials.    

Why it inspires -

a) Copy with a Human Tone: The landing page copy speaks directly to their target audience, addresses their pain points, and solves specific customer problems. 

b) Information hierarchy: The landing page design has zero clutter - makes good use of the space above the fold, communicating their value prop through a punchy headline and emotive hero shot

10. The Saville Row Company

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - The Saville Row Company shopify landing page examples

The Saville Row Company is a long-established and reputed store for tailor-made menswear. 

Why it inspires -

a) Personalized Messaging: The landing page is designed keeping in mind customer segmentation and offers plenty of personalized options for their target audience right down to the make and color of the shirts. It also adds a compelling offer in the first fold to keep the customers engaged.  

b) Strong Social Proof: The landing page ends with a dose of healthy social proof to close the deal

11. Trouva

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Trouva how to increase landing page conversion rate

Trouva offers unique homewares from curated boutiques for Insta-worthy and cozy homes.  

Why it inspires -

a) Gamification, with a twist: Trouva helps people discover products from small to medium boutiques and helps their businesses thrive. With that in mind, Trouva has collaborated with Glen Dye (boutique cabins and cottages) for a lucky draw. The winner gets a free stay plus a hefty gift card to spend at Trouva and buy their favorite pieces.         

b) Personalized Recommendations: The landing page seamlessly blends into product offerings right after a short recipe from Glen Dye’s chef. This way, it incorporates products without making them too in your face.  

12. Verishop

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Verishop how to increase landing page conversion rate

Verishop aims to be a premium and go-to lifestyle shopping destination for everyday luxury in fashion, beauty, home, and more. 

Why it inspires -

a) Unique Offerings: Verishop offers products that are used by influencers in their live streams. The landing page uses the usual eCommerce store prompts but with a twist. The page cross-sells products and lists prices for a transparent shopping experience.           

13. Liv Watches

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Liv Watches how to increase landing page conversion rate

Liv Watches delivers unique, handcrafted Limited Edition Swiss wristwatches that stand the test of time.

Why it inspires -

a) Engaging Information Hierarchy: The entire landing page is on-brand and dedicates an entire section to communicate the features and benefits and also leverages product videos.

b) First-Hand Reviews: The landing page displays a comment section where potential customers can see what others thought with a rating.  

14. Thistle

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Thistle how to increase landing page conversion rate

Thistle offers healthy, organic, plant-based meals and cold-pressed juices delivered across California and Nevada.

Why it inspires -

a) Eye-catching Design: Thistle’s landing page is clean, well-organized, and clutter-free. It offers a video to watch in the first fold. The page also has photos that are ‘human’ and ‘family-friendly.  

b) Benefit-Oriented Copy: The landing page has one messaging, making sure people know exactly what the page is about and what to do on the page. The page also directs customers to FAQs or a way to communicate with customer service.  

15. Harrods

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Harrods how to increase landing page conversion rate

Harrods needs no introduction. It’s a leading luxury department store with a motto to be "all things for all people, everywhere". They create unique experiences for their clientele and go one step ahead after the sale.   

Why it inspires -

a) People Over Product: The landing page entwines the start of the new year with a ‘renewal’ messaging. After a comforting letter-style copy in the first fold, the page shows different resolutions written by Harrod’s customers instantly giving a human touch.

b) Clear Value Statements: Luxury items need better care to sustain their lifetime value. Continuing the ‘renewal’ messaging, every section of this landing page caters to a specific benefit such as Clothes Care, Watch Aftercare, Furniture Reupholstery, etc.

16. Solo Stove

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Solo Stove how to increase landing page conversion rate

Solo Stove designs simple and ingenious outdoor products to offer customers convenience above everything else. 

Why it inspires -

a) Psychological Nudges: Solo Stove pulls out all stops with micro nudges - ratings, price slashes, different payment methods, deals, and product bundling. Moreover, the reviews show what customer’s really felt about the product.    

b) Interactive Content: The landing page displays videos, an FAQ section, and a ‘How it works’ section to elevate a customer’s shopping experience. All this helps to eliminate risk and build trust in the brand.  

17. Keto and Co

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Keto and Co how to increase landing page conversion rate

Keto and Co develop award-winning keto products that enjoyable tastes.

Why it inspires -

a) A Way to Communicate: One of the best elements of this landing page is the live chat feature. While many brands have this feature, Keto and Co use friendly language and a name to add a human element.  

b) Trending Products: While the landing page is focused on recipes, it inserts the most popular products to nudge customers towards an action.  

18. Heyday

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Heyday how to increase landing page conversion rate

Heyday is a skincare brand that offers products according to a customer’s requirements.  

Why it inspires -

a) Customer-centric Copy: The landing page avoids being salesy and also nudges with a free shipping nudge on top. 

b) Action-Oriented Filters: Customers can filter products according to product or skin condition or both. When the cursor hovers over the product, the product image changes to a descriptor so customers know and don’t have to go to a different product page.   

19. Woodworker’s Guild of America

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Woodworker’s Guild of America

Why it inspires -

a) Informational Design: WWGOA is all about educating their customers to become experts. That’s what they lead with, showing the latest resources in different content formats like videos, articles, and more. 

b) Highlight Promotions: But be subtle about it. If a customer ends up on the landing page through an ad, they’ll see the special offer for membership and the CTA.  

20. ColdCalm

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - ColdCalm website landing page example

Why it inspires -

a) Benefit-based Copy: The landing page gives a clear and precise headline, defining the product aptly. Furthermore, it gives an overview of benefits, safety, and product differentiators like quick-dissolving tablets making it easy to understand the medicine well.

b) Strong Social Proof: ColdCalm offers extensive social proof in the form of in-depth customer reviews

21. Taut

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Taut

Taut offers trademarked collagen enriched products. These premium products are targeted towards a particular clientele who often think before buying.   

Why it inspires -

a) Smart Benefits Hierarchy: The landing page shares information in different ‘clickable’ sections without overwhelming a customer. As you get farther down the page, the page copy includes reviews, real photos, and infographics.  

b) Compelling CTAs: Every section of the page has a CTA that page taps into a customer’s desire. The page also boasts a sticky side CTA that offers a ‘sample gift’ which opens a pop-up to capture email IDs.  

22. FlashRouters

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - FlashRouters

FlashRouters creates products and content to help customers embrace the importance of securing and protecting their personal data and home/office privacy.

Why it inspires -

a) All About the Copy: 

  • The landing page leads with a clear and concise value proposition so customers know exactly what they are getting. 
  • The copy is written in a friendly, human voice with bulleted lists in different sections like ‘How it works’ and ‘What Makes a FlashRouter Different?’ 

b) To-the-point CTAs: The landing page has only 3 CTAs so customers can take their time to read through the information and then make a decision, especially for a confusing topic such as routers.   

23. BootyBands

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - BootyBands

BootyBands offer patented products and specific online workouts to help their customers achieve their health goals.  

Why it inspires -

a) Quick Form: The interesting part of this landing page is the form right at the beginning. It asks only one long-form question which is also easy to fill. 

b) Human and Friendly Content: The form is supported by content and visuals that show the other ambassadors and what they will gain if they join the club.

c) Contrasting Color Scheme: The landing page copy, elements, and graphics stand out against the white background making it eye-catching.     

24. Crazy Cups

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Crazy Cups

Crazy Cups is famed as the world's first fan-generated flavored beverage company with its own fandom called the #FlavorNation. They encourage their customers to share their experiences to inspire others.   

Why it inspires -

a) Colorful Content & Design: Crazy Cups makes quite a first impression with its colorful brand language and product images on its landing page. It perfectly captures the value proposition and even a ‘How it works’ section and a CTA for first-time buyers by offering a discount. 

b) Navigation to Prompt Action: 

The landing page incorporates different types of navigational elements to improve a customer’s shopping experience such as:

  • Collapsible FAQs 
  • Back to top nudge
  • Preview pop-up

25. Topsecretrecipes

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Topsecretrecipes

Topsecretrecipes pretty much gives away the brand’s messaging. The brand offers top secret recipes as well as spices and cookbooks.  

Why it inspires -

a) Less than 3 Scrolls: We often tell our clients it’s best to stick to shorter landing pages. However, there’s always an urge to add as much information as possible. But not on this landing page. It lists the two products, gives the required details and a CTA. 

b) Sticky Headers: As a customer scrolls, the top header is sticky so it’s easy to navigate with a clever copy on top that says ‘The #1 CopyCat Recipes Website’.   

26. Floliving

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Floliving -  good landing page example

Floliving offers solutions that help women to regain their hormonal balance, get pregnant naturally, lose weight, and other health concerns. 

Why it inspires -

a) Establishing Pain Points: The whole point of Floliving’s landing page is to assure their customers they know what they are talking about. The landing page starts off by establishing the problems faced by customers, then leads to the solutions offered by Floliving. The solutions are then supported by customer reviews and then a compelling CTA.       

b) After the 1st scroll: A sticky header pop’s out after the first scroll, linking the tabs to different sections of the page such as the FAQs, Results, and Reviews with the trending hashtags.   

27. Shop at Perrys

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) good landing page example

Why it inspires -

a) Straightforward Hierarchy: The shop page gives a brief introduction that speaks about the crystals and their details. Once established, the page leads to different products to browse and shop.  

28. Staples

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Staples

Staples is a popular office retail brand that focuses on offering convenience to its customers.   

Why it inspires -

a) Above the Fold: The first half of this landing page focuses on benefits and shows the different ‘rewards’ like additional savings and free trials that customers will gain once they sign up for the restock program.    

b) Support for Decision Making: After a quick explanation, the landing page leads to relevant categories and products with filters. However, what I love is the comparison filter, where customers can compare up to 4 bulk purchases to make an effective decision.       

29. Well Earth Goods

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) - Well Earth Goods

Well Earth Goods is a homegrown brand that offers natural, sustainable and zero waste products for an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Why it inspires -

a) Compelling Facts to Establish the Problem: Well Earth Good’s landing page is basically a stand-alone page that speaks about the subject matter. It establishes the pain point with hard-hitting facts, a few solutions, and other ways customers can make a difference. What it doesn’t do is push the products in your face, instead, it only links copy to the product page. While this may not work for many brands, if your brand stands for a cause, such pages can increase organic traffic and bump your eCommerce store in search results.    


33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) good landing page example shopify landing page example

TPMOCS blends cultural traditions with modern design to offer products that have a great social impact.  

Why it inspires -

a) Short-form Copy: Above the fold, the landing page gives a quick description of what the potential customer will get and how their purchase will make an impact. 

b) Interactive Form-Filling: The form asks less than 7 questions and line graphics display the different parts of the customized process. Furthermore, if the customer hovers over the variants, it pops up to show        

31. Package Free Shop

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022)shopify landing page templates

Package Free believes sustainable living should be easy and offers natural, plastic-free, and affordable products.

Why it inspires -

a) Compelling Copy Above the Fold: Lauren Singer is the face of Package Free, therefore this landing page fulfills two purposes, branding, and conversions. From the top copy, customers get an understanding of how the products will impact their lifestyle.       

b) Interactive Shopping Experience: When the customer hovers over the product image, it gives a quick view of the product and its uses. Moreover, the images reflect Package Free’s minimalistic brand personality.     

32. Tofino Soap Company

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) -Tofino Soap Company how to increase landing page conversion rate

Tofino Soap Company sells handcrafted 100% natural products and free from synthetic ingredients  

Why it inspires -

a) Brand-Reflecting Visuals: The images are the most impressive element of this landing page. They show the product in a dreamy and aesthetic aspect, reflecting the brand’s persona. The accompanying product description paints a beautiful picture as well.    

b) First-Hand Reviews: The landing page displays a comment section where potential customers can see what others thought about a product with a rating.  

33. TerreBleu

33 High-Converting Landing Page Examples (Updated 2022) website landing page example

Terre Bleu is a family-run business that offers products with lavender at its core.  

Why it inspires -

a) Storytelling Approach: The entire landing page uses storytelling, giving a human feel to the product collection. As you scroll, more of the story reveals itself, offering family-friendly copy blended with social media statistics. 

b) Colorful Design: The purple and yellow elements bring the landing page alive. Through the pictures you can’t help but feel like you are at the lavender farm, standing in front of the yellow door. 

7 psychological triggers to improve your landing page conversion rates

Your landing page has a laser-focused goal: to improve your conversion rate and achieve your sales targets.

Optimize your landing pages keeping shopper psychology in mind. Once you have them hooked with psychological triggers (explained below), it’ll be easy to convert them and close a sale. 

1. Keep your content above the fold

You’ve got just 15 seconds to convince the reader to stay on your landing page and continue exploring. 

That’s why the fold plays an important role in landing page optimization. 

As per Nielsen Norman Group’s study, 57% of customer attention is spent above the fold.

chart showing attention above the fold

Most high-converting homepages and landing pages already have all their important content above the fold

This is where you can include important information such as:

  • Headline
  • Call to action (CTA)
  • Social proof

2. Hook them with a compelling copy

Keep your lead generation landing page copy crisp, clear, and concise. 

Use bullet points as much as possible.

Ensure that your copy addresses all major customer pain points. 

You can employ various copywriting formulas such as:

  • Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA)
  • Problem, Agitate, Solve
  • Before After Bridge
  • Features Advantages Benefits

There are several other elements that come under good copy: 

a) An impactful headline

Don’t fix your focus on just selling products. Try and build a connection with your customers and solve their problems.

It’s a great practice to convey the benefit in the headline itself.

CC Ebook Banner

b) An equally engaging sub-headline

The sole aim of the sub-headline is to offer more context. It needs to complement the information provided in the headline. 

Here are 4 tips to follow: 

  • Depending on the space, you can make the sub-headline longer to add more relevant information
  • Don’t forget to add your value proposition or unique selling point (USP)
  • Use the space to convince your customers to take the desired action
  • Don’t take up too much space. Keep it short and focused

c) Call to action (CTA)

CTAs are where you can experiment with different variations because these clicks are going to bring you sales. So you A/B test them and see which works best. 

Some best practices to keep in mind are: 

  • Use urgency triggers
  • Experiment with color styles to make your CTA stand out
  • Use action words. Something around 2–5 are fine
  • Keep the text size big and easily readable
  • Use the first-person tone
  • Keep a lot of negative space around the CTA

3. Appeal to their emotions with colors

Certain colors trigger certain emotions in your customers. You can use these to elicit particular actions. 

For example, the chart below depicts which colors portray which emotions. 

chart showing different emotions for each color - how to increase landing page conversion rate

You can choose a combination of colors that symbolize your brand and use them on your landing page. 

4. Cherry-pick your images

Your images are one of the first things your customers will see. They are also the most instant source of a brand connection. Pictures also break the monotony of large chunks of text. 

Use images that describe your products and explain the functions the best. 

Try adding photos of people as much as you can since they make your products more human. 

5. Assure them with trust seals and badges

Your customers are only going to purchase from you once they trust you. 

Trust seals and badges help reinforce the authenticity of your brand. Adding them can help boost your credibility.

6. Create a need with social proof

Another way to establish trust and credibility is through using social proof

Testimonials, customer reviews, and social engagement are effective ways to use this tactic. 

7. Avoid form fatigue at all costs

Place your forms smartly on your lead generation landing page to generate the most conversions. 

Your form design is crucial since it builds the reader’s interest to fill the form. 

When it comes to form fields, less is more: the fewer the form fields, the better the landing page conversion rates.

For example, in this case study, ImageScape was able to record a 120% conversion rate by reducing their form fields from 11 to 4.

example of form conversions - how to increase landing page conversion rate

Test to Perfection

If you have been struggling to increase thought creating a high-converting lead generation landing page was tough, this post would’ve changed your mind. Now that you won’t be repeating these mistakes, you’ll easily be able to improve your landing page conversion rates. 

The secret: keep testing the various elements to see what works and what doesn’t.

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