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Our Favorite Hero Image Examples in eCommerce (2024)

Want a free tutorial on eCommerce hero image? We've handpicked 40 amazing hero banner examples (industry-wise) along with best practices and tips for you to get started right away!

Our Favorite Hero Image Examples in eCommerce (2024)

It takes less than a second for the audience to form a first impression of your brand. 

This means the hero image (photograph, video, graphic illustrations) has to really pop out to keep the audience hooked. 

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40 Hero Image Examples in eCommerce 

Best practices to design the best hero image

40 Hero Image Examples in eCommerce 

In this post, we’ve picked 40 amazing hero image examples from different industries and justified why they work for these brands. 

5 hero banner examples from cosmetics brands

1. Credo Beauty

Hero Image Example: Credo Beauty
What we love:
  • The faded pink background works really well against the dark-themed product images
  • Announces the new arrival in a very subtle fashion just above the entry headline
  • Punchy entry headline–an innovative and crispy derivation of the famous phrase
  • Aesthetically rich subtitle that describes the product in the best way possible
  • The minimalist CTA

2. Coco Kind

Hero Image Example: Coco Kind
What we love:
  • Brilliant use of real estate–the layered view of the hero image that allows visitors to easily grasp what the product is all about
  • Simplistic yet vivid theme
  • A separate section for the copy to announce a new arrival 
  • The minimalist product photography with a white background
  • The real-time demonstration of the product that acts as a user guide
  • 2-in-1 CTA that urges the visitors to buy right away and start saving from Day 1

3. Kylie

Hero Image Example: Kylie
What we love:
  • Hero image promotes a Valentine’s Day sale with a trendy headline
  • Brilliant illustration of their flagship lipstick product–the dark splashes of the lipstick blends perfectly with the soft color palette in the background
  • Simple CTA

4. Lumin

Hero Image Example: Lumin
What we love:
  • The simple, monochrome background for a premium brand, bringing out a premium essence
  • The color of product packaging makes the product pop against the gray background
  • Innovative display of product portfolio
  • Catchy entry headline–concise copy that catches people’s attention
  • A neat subtitle that describes their repertoire
  • Simple CTA to access all products

5. Winky Lux

Hero Image Example: Winky Lux
What we love:
  • Brilliant use of close-up photography for the audience to visualize the product
  • Simple entry headline to announce their new arrival
  • The vivid image complements the simple copy and the vibrant background
  • Crisp subtitle that resonates with the image
  • Effective use of hero carousel to introduce different products–3 images with entirely different themes with an intriguing copy for each
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5 hero banner examples from men’s fashion & clothing brands

1. Minaal

Hero Image Example: Minaal
What we love:
  • The clean, striking hero image
  • Crisp entry headline to indicate a gift that keeps on giving 
  • Subtitle reassures the user on not missing out on the product
  • Save $20 on pre-order–even if the product is sold out, this turns out to be a blessing in disguise for a visitor who can pre-order and enjoy a discount 
  • 2 CTAs with only one of them color-bolded to indicate whether the product is available for purchase or to pre-order

2. Southern Gents

Hero Image Example: Southern Gents
What we love:
  • Bold hero image that resonates with the brand’s motto–vintage style with a modern twist
  • Crispy entry headline that mirrors the hero image–a late middle-aged man wearing a topcoat over his formal attire
  • CTA directs the user to watch a trial before making a purchase

3. Todd Snyder

Hero Image Example: Todd Snyder
What we love:
  • Great example of a bold, interesting statement with the photograph 
  • Concise copy that supports the hero image with the flaunting denim jacket
  • Monotone background
  • Simple, straightforward website layout

4. Orttu

Hero Image Example: Orttu

What we love:

  • Brilliant use of hero background video–demonstrates all the collections in a particular category
  • Perfect use of real estate–hero image on either sides and the copy/CTA at the bottom center to avoid overlay
  • Subtle way to announce new arrivals
  • Distinct and interactive CTAs–gives the audience a clear choice between shopping and accessing a virtual trial room

5. O.N.S Clothing

Hero Image Example: ONS Clothing
What we love:
  • The hero images bring out the best of their collections
  • Entry headline suggests solid social proof
  • Interactive CTA to access the influencer favorites
  • A 3-slide carousel that also comprises end-of-season and Valentine’s day offers–works best if you want to retain your existing hero image while also directing the visitors to your homepage from an ad campaign

5 hero banner examples from furniture brands

1. Stone Forest

Hero Image Example: Stone Forest
What we love:
  • The hero image depicts their brand with a neat, striking image of a stone forest 
  • A minimalistic CTA button 
  • The logo and the CTA stand out despite a stunning hero image 
  • Nailing the B/W theme to perfection

2. Philly Mattress

Hero Image Example: Philly Mattress
What we love:
  • Crisp entry title and solution statement
  • The different shades of gray complements their brand’s graystone ceramic theme    
  • The CTA statement followed by their limited time deals and free shipping option nudges, make a crystal-clear message
  • Conveniently located CTA button

3. Ornamic

Hero Image Example: Ornamic
What we love:
  • The mid-century modern-day lifestyle combination appeals to the niche audience 
  • Entry title that resonates with the hero image
  • 2 CTA buttons–more options for the shopper

4. Rustic Trades

Hero Image Example: Rustic Trades
What we love:
  • Using a hero background video is a great strategy to keep your users engaged (A Forbes study supports the statement with evidence of improvement in conversion rate by 80%)  
  • Crisp entry title to nurture visitors on what to expect
  • The minimalist narrative of the video that complements their theme–handmade, custom tables

5. Omega Chair

Hero Image Example: Omega Chair
What we love:
  • Nails the idea of using a split-imagery to demonstrate different postures
  • The punchy entry headline that is perfectly in sync with the visuals   
  • The colored CTA button against a gray background
  • Unmissable CTA–loud yet elegant (this is rare)
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5 hero banner examples from jewelery & accessories brands

‍1. Rebel Nell

Hero Image Example: Rebel Nell
What we love:
  • A simple yet vivid hero image to highlight the showcased pieces of jewelry 
  • Straightforward web design to contrast with the vibrant graffiti-inspired jewelry 
  • Strong entry title to indicate their rarity
  • The “Rewards” nudge to entice the audience

2. Sunday Somewhere

Hero Image Example: Sunday Somewhere
What we love:
  • Hero image with the glaring sun in the background depicts their signature products–new-age, unisex sunglasses designed with frames from the 70’s 
  • Launching their new arrival with a crisp copy and logo
  • Classy/fashionable typography
  • Inviting CTA

3. Gorjana

Hero Image Example: Gorjana
What we love:
  • Brilliant use of real estate–large banner with a bold image that immediately grabs attention
  • The light, delicate vibes that complement the stunning hero image
  • Strong copy that resonates with the jewelry
  • Hero image depicts what they’re known for–contemporary classic jewelry with a clean-lined style

4. Ana Luisa

Hero Image Example: Ana Luisa
What we love:
  • Sustainable jewelry made using recycled gold and diamonds–no carbon footprint
  • Great use of bright tones to promote their Valentine’s day sale
  • A one-of-a-kind Buy 1 Get 1 (BOGO) sale with 50% OFF
  • Concise messaging
  • Two CTAs to give the audience a clear choice–avail the offer or explore their products

5. Bremont

Hero Image Example: Bremont
What we love:
  • Aesthetically rich design
  • Photography that captures exquisite perspective of the product–in line with the brand’s image 
  • Rich layout and design that suits their luxury appeal
  • Compelling copy–simple yet appealing
  • Inviting CTA

5 hero banner examples from liquor brands

1. Reserve Bar

Hero Image Example: Reserve Bar
What we love:
  • Sales for a cause–urges the audience to shop Black-owned brands
  • Clean, striking visuals of the image against a fitting black background to suit the narrative
  • Entices the user with 10% OFF on orders
  • Multi-purpose hero image carousel–invitation for an alcohol tasting event, launch of a new Tequila brand, and fundraiser for an alcohol brand (HBCU)
  • Bold, intriguing copy and CTAs to nurture and convert their audience

2. Keg N Bottle

Hero Image Example: Keg N Bottle
What we love:
  • Strong entry title and background image suggesting they are a one-stop shop for all things alcohol
  • Prominent CTA
  • Uses a hero image carousel to market their Whiskey and Craft specials
  • Guaranteed one-hour delivery with Amazon to customers in San Diego county

3. Waitrose Cellar

Hero Image Example: Waitrose Cellar
What we love:
  • Flaunts the entire premium wine collection in a single image rather than opting for a carousel–doesn’t allow the user to distract themselves
  • Entry headline to roll out an offer instead of a catchphrase (this is a good option if your homepage is the landing page for your marketing activities)
  • Different shades of red in the background to resonate with the product
  • Minimalist and precise subtitle to inform where the offer applies‍
  • 5 CTAs–presents the user with all available options to choose from

4. Flaskap

Hero Image Example: Flaskap
What we love:
  • The use of demo video in the hero image to keep the visitors hooked
  • Product functionality in a nutshell with crisp copy
  • Social proof–7000+ 5-star user ratings
  • 10% OFF on the first order

5. Spritz Society

Hero Image Example: Spritz Society

‍What we love:

  • Bold color palette to support the context in the copy  
  • Innovative product photography
  • Award-winning products–#1 award from USA Today Readers' Choice 2022
  • Free shipping nudge (above$55+)

5 hero banner examples from home & kitchen appliance brands

1. Celios

Hero Image Example: Celios
What we love:
  • Organic way of blending the headline with the subtitle 
  • Excellent use of stock image
  • Nurtures the user about the ramifications of not using an air purifier
  • CTA that directs the user to know more about the product and the technology before making a purchase

2. June Oven

Hero Image Example: June Oven
What we love:
  • A real-time working prototype of the product in the hero banner 
  • Narrative from a product POV
  • Intriguing copy – crisp description of the product
  • Social proof–User ratings and reviews
  • CTA to enjoy a virtual experience of the product
  • “Get June” CTA to purchase the product right away

3. Breeo

Hero Image Example: Breeo
What we love:
  • Hero image depicts all things winter–a couple wearing windcheaters and a patio firepit 
  • Entry title resonates with the hero image
  • Product-specific CTA to launch their new arrival 
  • Free shipping and lifetime warranty offers to entice the visitors

4. Inspire Ecoware

Hero Image Example: Inspire Ecoware
What we love:
  • Embraces sustainability and eco-conscious practices
  • Polished hero image to display a mobile-operated lunchbox; also justifies the absence of an entry title  
  • Tinges of green across the hero image to complement their environment-friendly practices
  • Product-specific CTA  


Hero Image Example: SOGA
What we love:
  • The fresh, classic vibes from the hero image
  • Covers all the products in the collection in a single image
  • Simple, straightforward copy
  • CTA that blends with the image background albeit a soft shade of color block
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5 hero banner examples from pet store brands

1. Fable

Hero Image Example: Fable
What we love:
  • A den table, an interactive gadget with food, some bowls, and a magic leash–the hero image has it all for a pet dog to have fun while a person rests  
  • Straightforward hero image for a pet lover
  • Takes the offer/deal route rather than the catchy copy route to entice the audience
  • Flashy CTA for a bundle offer

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2. Open Farm

Hero Image Example: Open Farm
What we love:
  • Simple hero image and copy that echoes the need for a nutrient-rich pet food
  • Monochrome background theme
  • Separate CTAs to access dog food and cat food 

3. Pet Boutique

Hero Image Example: Pet Boutique
What we love:
  • Cozy blankets, calming beds, and bedspreads to welcome the Spring Season–all depictive of the theme and the products they sell
  • Goes big on the offer–50% off on all products
  • Stresses the free shipping option
  • “Shop Now” CTA that directs the user to the products page

4. West & Willow

Hero Image Example: West & Willow
What we love:
  • Concise copy and great typography to complement the hero image
  • The homely vibes of the hero image
  • A small discount to nudge the audience
  • “Create your Pet Portrait” makes for an interactive CTA

5. Paw Huggies

Hero Image Example: Paw Huggies
What we love:
  • Photograph of a dog captured in a way to depict the brand’s spirit
  • Concise copy that speaks volumes about the need for leashes
  • A simple “Shop Now” CTA button to close the deal

5 hero banner examples from supplement brands

1. Super Coffee

Hero Image Example: Super Coffee
Hero Image Example: Super Coffee
What we love:
  • Interactive and engaging copy and CTA, despite a lot of whitespace
  • Bright-colored packaging of products that blends well with the background
  • Appetizingly looking strawberry-glazed doughnuts
  • Making the best use of their flagship product 

2. Wellbel

Hero Image Example: Wellbel
What we love:
  • Stunning typography–although the entry title and the copy seems descriptive, they don’t dominate the polished, well-thought-out hero image
  • Concise copy that talks about their mantra and how they incorporate it into their products
  • Separate CTAs to access men and women’s products
  • A simple yet soothing background

3. Needed

Hero Image Example: Needed
What we love:
  • They don’t just sell supplements. Instead, they chalk out a full-fledged nutrition plan. 
  • Precise and on-point copy that resonates with moms and moms-to-be 
  • Brilliant marketing with the hero image–soft tones of color palette, a plethora of nutrition supplements at stake to support the narrative
  • “Upgrade your Prenatal”–unique and personalized CTA statement

4. Holos

Hero Image Example: Holos
What we love:
  • A perfect hero background video that blends with the narrative
  • Easy-to-understand copy that allows new customers to grasp information on the product
  • Excellent typography (although it’s an overlay)
  • Stunning visuals–represents all things organic to pursue a long, healthy life
  • Brand-specific CTA

5. The Patch Brand

Hero Image Example: The Patch Brand
 What we love:
  • Flexibility with hero designs–friendly and welcoming with soft color palette
  • Flaunts the entire collection with a hand sticking out, making it easy for the user to visualize using the product
  • Catchy entry title
  • Promoting for a cause–strictly vegan
  • Minimalist CTA button

4 best practices to nail your eCommerce hero image

1. Endorse single-line messaging

  • Optimal use of real estate–ensure the hero image isn’t stuffed with too much text that might look overwhelming for a visitor; try to keep your promotions simple (like how Kylie did it with their Valentine’s Day hero image)
  • Brainstorm a website theme or layout with color palettes and hero images that resonate with your brand’s essence–originality and uniqueness are crucial traits in a hero image
  • Your hero image could be a photograph, a background video, a graphic illustration, or even a stock image (if used wisely). In case of a background video, do keep tabs on the loading speed as well since it might disrupt user experience 

2. Address user pain points with your CTA

  • The hero image MUST have at least 1 CTA for the visitor to either access the product or category page; ensure the CTA is color-bolded to make it pop
  • A product-centric hero image needs a product-centric CTA–“Shop Heat Deflector” is a better option instead of a generic “Shop Now” button
  • Try to be innovative and give your CTA copy a personal touch–“Upgrade your Prenatal” from Needed and "Shop and Save" from Coco Kind are great examples

3. Create mobile-friendly hero images

  • Design a layout in a way that is flexible for both desktop and mobile versions–the split-screen design from Ana Luisa is a good practice
  • Brands can also throw in new perspectives on product photography with the right design and layout
  • Ensure the copy and CTA are conveniently located in the mobile version as well

4. Go the carousel route (only if the layout is visual)

  • Most brands prefer to have a single slide hero image–our experience suggests the same too!
  • However, if you choose to have a carousel, ensure all the slides have a unique message (just like O.N.S) 
  • Even if you have multiple products to display, try to fit them into a single narrative (just like Soga Cookware)

Disclaimer: Carousel makes perfect sense if it’s contextual. If you have a single hero image while running an ad campaign for an event, you can afford to have an additional slide or two to ensure the visitor finds the same ad on the homepage for quick action. 

Final Thoughts...

There’s no definite yardstick to measure the success of your hero image. However, there are 2 metrics that you can rely on - bounce rate and click-through rate. 

If the visitors jump off your website within seconds (high bounce rate), then your hero image is not doing a great job at keeping your audience hooked. Also, a low click-through rate is indicative of clustered, overwhelming messaging and a generic CTA button. 

The scroll percentage metric gives you a fair understanding of the user behavior as well. 

Take a leaf out of these amazing hero image examples and follow the aforementioned best practices to improve sales and stand out from the crowd.  

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