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40 High-converting Health/Beauty "Product Page" Examples

From the crowded health/beauty eCommerce space, we've handpicked 40 brands that are doing everything right to optimize and convert!

40 High-converting Health/Beauty "Product Page" Examples

Once part of well-known (or lesser-known) retail conglomerates (which obviously operated offline), health & beauty brands are now increasingly making their presence felt online. 

The 2019 pandemic, which forced more people than ever to take self-care seriously, further catapulted this segment to worldwide importance across online channels. 

For a fact, the statistics don’t lie:

Valued at $483 billion in 2020, the beauty industry is expected to cross $716 billion by 2025. 

The health & beauty category will also see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.1% between 2021 and 2026. 

The online share of sales for brands in the health & beauty segment showed a rise of 16.5% post Covid - it will further rise to 23.3% by 2025. 

So, we thought why not collate our learnings in the space both from real-time case studies of Convertcart clients as well as brands we admire?

Here’s a comprehensive list of elements that makes these health & beauty brands grab eyeballs and convert potentials. 

1. Milkmakeup 

This is an eCommerce brand that’s proud to be using ‘good ingredients’. The result is clean, vegan and cruelty-free products. 

milk makeup product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Tappable elements

Minimal yet significant. A bunch of them yet precisely placed. Milk achieves sheer brilliance in creating well-designed tappable targets across its product pages. 

  • Price change aligned with product version change

Apart from the price being featured on the “add to bag” button, what’s good is that it keeps shifting when you choose a different size of the product. 

  • Relevant visual gallery

The images cover crucial aspects - right from the packaging, the texture of the actual product to how it looks when applied to how the skin looks post-usage. 

  • An explanatory FAQ section

Not hidden away somewhere where shoppers won’t look - it’s right there answering valid questions about the product itself AND taking the attention to other related products as well. 

  • An excellent review filtering feature

They’ve featured 24 keywords (for the example we’ve used) in their filtering system to lead potential buyers to EXACTLY the kind of review they may want to read. 

2. Aesop

This is a 35 year old brand that inspires with its meticulous preparations meant to create a luxuriant experience for the customer. 

aesop product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Interactive gallery

When a product is subtracted then it’s removed from the picture of the product bundle 

  • Product info at a glimpse

For each of the the products in the combo, there’s a dropdown that reveals an overview and a section on ingredients - while “learn more” takes a shopper to the specific product page

  • A visual-led how-to-use section

Unlike many other brands that relegate the how-to-use section to a dropdown, Aesop brings it into its product page design aesthetic - combining textual with visual. 

  • The subtlety of the suggestion section

Instead of the usual “customers also bought” or “you’ll also love”, they say “others also considered” - making the suggestion seem like a suggestion minus the manipulation. 

  • Top question suggestions in their virtual assistant feature

When the chat feature is clicked, it shows the questions most usually asked besides a regular field where any other question can be entered to be asked. 

3. Noto Botanics

A cosmetic brand started by a high profile makeup artist, Noto self-admittedly makes use of the most high-performing ingredients.

noto botanics product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Immediate cues for easy decision-making

Notice the “face + neck” in the product name or the “get 15% off” button (meant for first-time purchases) that stays as a shopper scrolls. 

  • A non-interfering sticky menu

Thank God for the black and white color tones of the brand, because they contribute to the sticky menu staying relevant and yet appearing non-intrusive. 

  • Product highlights showcased with graphic icons

If it’s only text, a shopper can easily skim over - so Noto makes sure its quick product highlights come in a concise form, aided by icons.

  • The product video needs no extra scrolling to be viewed

They’ve ensured their product page UX features the product video peeping out at the bottom of the above-the-fold section - works very well for people who wouldn’t scroll just to see if the page features a video!

  • A visual UGC section placed just right

It’s not at the bottom where most people won’t look - it shows up right after the product display and description section. 

4. Youth to the People

A skincare brand that uses only superfood ingredients to create its products, that’s Youth to the People for you. 

youth to the people product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • A powerful descriptor

Apart from an interesting product name, the brand has managed to come up with a self-explanatory descriptor - especially relevant for the ones in a hurry!

  • A graphic gallery that combines distinct images with memorable text

The lesson here is simple - want shoppers to engage with your product? Get their imagination fired up through brilliant visuals & quirky copy. 

  • An add-to-cart sticky menu nudge

Not your regular sticky header, this. It appears right after you’ve gone past the mention of quantity and price. 

  • A brand benefits strip right above the footer

If a shopper does scroll all the way down they’ll find all the overarching benefits mentioned (like “rewards on all purchases”) 

5. Jecca Blac

Jecca Blac is an all-gender inclusive makeup brand that celebrates self-expression and individuality. 

jecca blac beauty product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • A sticky reviews prompt

Good ol’ social proof made better. One click and a shopper can view “over 1300 reviews”. 

  • Intuitive zoom hover 

Click to zoom, click to zoom further and click again to reduce the size. Plus intuitive tappable buttons to get out of the zooming feature. 

  • Cost-reducing nudges 

Be it the section highlighting the special subscription price or the mid page banner on bundling - their cost-reducing nudges are super effective!

  • The main product description offers mini descriptions on the product variations

The best part is that these mini descriptions instantly create a visual sense for the shopper. 

  • Offers an instant glance at how many buyers have offered how many star ratings

Definitely helps a shopper-on-go to make a quick judgment about the product. 

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6. Trixie Cosmetics

Founded by drag queen Trixie Mattel, Trixie Cosmetics is a fun brand that thrives on bringing a sense of playfulness into their products and packaging. 

trixie cosmetics product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Creative + inclusive gallery that makes the product self-explanatory

A bunch of pictures covering the palette, the shades when applied and how the colors come together in make-up. 

  • Detailed product description

Each product has an interesting name - and what’s more, the corresponding shade also finds a mention!

  • Brand recommendations section

There’s a warmth and playfulness about the way the brand suggests “we love these for you”. 

  • Quality of customer reviews

Their reviews cover so much about the features of the product and how buyers have experienced the different shades. Great social proof!

7. CoverFX

CoverFX meets its claims as a conscious brand that takes personalization and customization quite seriously. 

coverfx product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Dropdown with shade names

There are buttons with the shade variants - but the brand has also ensured a dropdown that features both the shades and their respective names. Great for later recall!

  • Visuals include packaging & texture

CoverFX’s image gallery is surprisingly sparse. But they seem to have prioritized the most important aspects - what the packaging looks like and the texture of the actual product. 

  • Engaging How-to-use guide

It’s something you’d want to look at and read through - thanks to a gif and precise text. 

  • Engaging special info sections

The brand knows their target audience wants that “little extra” - so they’ve added a section to create awareness (on undertones + a quiz) and another on building a routine. 

  • Interesting way of upselling

And interestingly, the section on building a routine is also about subtle upselling. 

8. Haus Labs 

Founded by singing and songwriting sensation Lady Gaga, Haus Labs is a makeup brand that proudly puts science and innovation at the center of its existence. 

haus labs page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Compact, eye-catching layout

Haus veers away from the regular left placement of the hero product - instead keeps the variants, product and text in a largely vertical design aesthetic.

Very easy on the eyes!

  • A section on “real results”

They call it “claims” and essentially puts forth how other buyers have experienced the product.

  • Content that generates brand awareness

They feature sections that bring their special ingredients & formulas to light - as well as how the brand is science-backed.

  • Video that carries proof 

The lesson? Don’t just say something is water resistant - show it like Haus does.

9. MAC Cosmetics

All ages, all races, all genders is the founding credo that has established Mac as an expert and leader in cosmetics around the world. 

mac cosmetics product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Features a quick descriptor AND a detailed descriptor

A one-line mention for those who are exploring and a detailed section for those seriously considering buying. 

  • Feature callouts

“Medium coverage, satin finish, hydrating” makes it easy for shoppers to get a sense of the product instantly

  • Customer review as a quirky badge

What’s practical AND cool? Featuring a snippet of a customer review like a badge of support. 

  • Whatsapp prompt

A way for the brand to reach out to potentials - and also for buyers to talk back to the brand. 

  • Relevant calendar event offer prompt

The brand celebrates Foundation Week and makes sure related products carry attractive discounts!

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10. Fluide

Inclusive and diverse, Fluide’s mission is to make makeup fun, accessible and free of the rigid attributes that have been associated so far. 

fluide makeup product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • New/Sale labeling

The associations here make the labels more effective - because usually old products are for sale (or that’s what most buyers believe). 

  • Price anchor

Many brands declare a reduced price - but few like Fluide go a step further and also talk about how much a buyer actually saves by buying a product. 

  • Noticeable social share buttons

They’re not hidden away and they’re not too loud - placed just beneath the vital info section, they immediately catch attention. 

  • Attractive suggestions section with multiple discounts

Their product reccos feature a number of new/sale items like our example here, and most of them are of a lesser price (to nudge positive buying behavior). 

  • Callouts for conscious buyers

Fluide ensures the vegans pay attention and so do those who want their skin-care products to be “clean”. 

11. Live Tinted

A brand that began when a survey brought to light hyperpigmentation was a problem many faced, Live Tinted stands for thoughtful makeup that’s kind on the skin. 

live tinted product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Price options in several currencies

This feature makes it more attractive and accessible for diverse audiences. 

  • Efficient use of the above-the-fold space

While most brands require buyers to scroll to reach the description, Live Tinted makes sure the most relevant is displayed above-the-fold. 

  • Diversity in the image gallery

From the packaging to how the product looks on different skin types, Live Tinted has got it covered across a few images. 

  • Need for minimum scrolling

Right after the first scroll, their reviews section comes up - followed by a super efficient footer. 

12. Billie 

Billie stands for creating formulas that are non-irritating to the skin and are a blessing for all skin types. 

billie product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Product variant changes aligned with change of image & variant name

The changes are seamless and we’re especially inspired by how they infuse fun into their variant names. 

  • Efficiently designed above-the-fold

If someone asked for a neat rating between 1 and 10, we’d give this a 9!

  • Product benefits are brought upfront

Even if buyers aren’t sure about the product from the images, the benefits section will clarify their doubts for sure. 

  • Volume of reviews clearly shown

2458 reviews and an average rating of 4.9 - impressive right?

  • Free shipping highlight

That too in brand colors (creating brand recall) with a simple hover-over function. 

13. Lush 

This is a renowned brand known for their enthusiasm for goodness and natural ingredients - at a price that won’t make people run away. 

lush cosmetics product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Gallery featuring visuals in an Insta-story format

It makes viewing interactive and the progress bar indicates how long one has to wait for the next visual to load. 

  • Brand values part of visual communication

The copy on the images is an instant indicator of what the brand stands for and how it’s ready to engage with its customers. 

  • A distinctly highlighted search feature with callout

We’re all used to that tell-tale magnifying glass - but Lush takes it further by mentioning ‘Search & Shop’ out loud! 

  • Tappable keyword buttons for exploration

Talk about easy navigation from the product page and Lush gets it right - the tappable buttons make it easy to explore various related product ranges. 

  • Multiple callouts for what the brand stands for

Lush clearly wants to convey how accountable they hold themselves against various objectives including being against animal testing and creating handmade products.

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14. Morphe  

A brand that stands for strikingly original makeup, Morphe was born to make the work of creators easier and more joyful. 

morphe health beauty product page example

What’s inspiring?

  • Copywriting that highlights the brand personality

Be it the name of the feature product or the shades that it comprises, Morphe’s copywriting is on point with the quirky style the brand is known for. 

  • Intuitive hover-over zoom feature

This puts no extra pressure on the shopper to click - instead displays a high-definition version of the same vision upon hovering. 

  • Buyer reviews from only verified purchasers

This makes a big difference because anyone reading their reviews will notice this - and verified purchase reviews are exactly the opposite of fake ones. 

  • ‘Add to Wishlist’ flanking ‘Add to Bag’

Makes it easy for anyone breezing by to save it for a later purchase. 

  • A ‘Why I Chose This’ section

This is an add-on to the social proof elaborated by reviews - it helps to see how existing buyers arrived at the buying decision.  

15. Olaplex 

Founded humbly in a garage in 2014, Olaplex creates path-breaking hair formulas .

olaplex product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • The 1|2|3|4 demarcation in the photo gallery

Though it may not seem instantly obvious, this kind of numbering makes it easy to process information and reduces cognitive load. 

  • The interactive product description section

They’ve placed how the product works and what it’s made of side-by-side leading to easier synthesis of information absorption & processing. 

  • The animated When I Where I For section

Followed by how the product helps and a few pro tips makes shoppers aware of the most important aspects in a short time. 

  • Brand accountability brought out through the ‘sustainability’ section

They talk about secondary packaging as well as the number of concrete ways they contribute to improving the environment - makes for shopper awareness and increased trust. 

  • Convincing product recommendation section

Because this is where they introduce the complete Olaplex system - convincing more serious buyers to try out other related products as well. 

16. Shakeup Cosmetics

An exclusive men’s brand, Shakeup has taken it upon itself to redefine how men’s cosmetics are perceived. 

shakeup health beauty product page example

What’s inspiring?

  • Product name is self explanatory

‘Hydrate in a Hurry’ becomes easily understood for anyone in a hurry - not ironic, very smart!

  • Brand promises work well to convince

The Shakeup promises section highlights aspects that many shoppers are keen to enjoy an advantage in. 

  • Super neat complementary copy & content layout

Great quality images and video meet slick copywriting in an easy-on-the-eyes layout - what more can shoppers ask for?

  • Noticeable social share buttons

You like it, you share it - couldn’t have been easier. 

  • Social media inspired reviews section

Everyone loves a detailed review - everyone loves a review more when it comes with the face of the reviewer. 

17. Bubble 

Bubble is a skincare brand that goes into the heart of skincare issues to offer unique solutions. 

bubble beauty product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • The background image gallery layout

Saves space with the horizontal scrolling - and a shopper can look at the text info and image details simultaneously. 

  • Features & benefits blended intelligently 

For every ingredient used, they mention an aligned benefit.

  • Videos covering multiple products in the bundle

Their video section has 4 videos covering a number of the featured products.

  • A button showing location of the user

And clicking on it instantly shows info on duties and taxes. 

  • Brand highlights in a dynamic ticker strip

This breaks the monotony of scrolling and also informs shoppers why it’s a good idea to buy Bubble products. 

18. The Honest Company

Founded by actor Jessica Alba, the Honest Company takes a loving approach to the planet, people and of course, skincare. 

the honest company product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Graphic labeling of the hero picture in the gallery

So that shoppers exploring the page know the various products the routine consists of. 

  • Easy viewing of the individual products

A quick list shows up right beneath the main description. 

  • Separate detailed sections for each product in the bundle

This makes it even easier for shoppers to see a detailed view of each product without having to leave the page. 

  • Upfront mention of special price on the entire bundle

It becomes clear that adding all to the bag will fetch a deal - right when a shopper lands up on the page. 

  • A detailed footer section revealing more about the brand

From investors and affiliates to gift certificates and web accessibility, The Honest Company maintains a rare transparency in their footer section. . 

19. Mini Bloom

Rooted in social responsibility, Mini Bloom creates gentle skincare solutions for the whole family. 

mini bloom product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Mention of top-up timeframe

A buyer is able to choose from 30, 60 or 90 days, out of a dropdown menu.

  • A highlighted FAQ section

It covers the most obvious first-time buy questions.

  • Animated newsletter signup nudge

This appears as a shopper scrolls, and is designed to attract attention. 

  • A distinct section on brand USP(s)

Called ‘the mini bloom difference’, it does make you stop for a bit and take it all in. 

  • Limited number of product recommendations

When did you last see only three suggested products?

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20. Sturm

Sturm is a thoroughly science-backed brand that leaves behind marketing-based skincare to embrace performance-based skincare. 

sturm product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Displays if a size variation isn’t available (PLUS a NOTIFY ME button)

The buyer sees the unavailable option struck out - a ‘notify me’ button helps in preventing a dead-end for the potential buyer. 

  • ‘Add to wishlist’ as a distinctive CTA

We’ve all seen the heart symbol and the subtle link right below the primary CTA button - Dr. Strum makes wishlisting a priority. 

  • A clear callout for those the product is suitable for

This is an extra layer of awareness-building, and can attract those who may be apprehensive about trying the product out. 

  • A ‘Contact Us’ highlighted section

The brand ensures shoppers know about their omnichannel support. 

  • A Before/After touch to UGC

This cause-and-effect approach can be helpful in convincing potential buyers a little more than randomly picked UGC can hope for. 

21. Plenaire

This is a carbon-neutral certified brand that uses only those ingredients that have been proven to be safe. 

plenaire product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Buying benefits right at the top

A shopper won’t have to get into the page to know the free shipping threshold, the first buy discount or even the advantage of referring a friend. 

  • Overview features other related skincare sets

It’s a subtle product suggestion nudge offered at the right time - when the shopper is still thinking about the benefits of the product in question. 

  • Display of influencer review within image gallery

Even if someone does not have the inclination to scroll through the reviews section, they can read this and get a sense of how the product is received by people. 

  • Clear mention of dispatch time

No going into policy links or looking for fine print - the dispatch time is called out loud. 

  • Option to vote a review as helpful or not (and also report)

This can deepen user engagement as reviews often answer key questions. 

22. The Ordinary

The Ordinary is a brand that focuses on functional skincare, creating solutions that reflect innovation and integrity. 

the ordinary product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Highlights of the product

It takes at least one scroll to get to the overview - for shoppers breezing by the super short highlights lined up against the gallery help.

  • FAQs right beneath ‘add to basket’

Makes it easy for shoppers to instantly look at commonly asked questions to have some of their own answered. 

  • Features a 365 day return policy

Who doesn’t love a wide return window? The smart thing they’ve done is to offer the return policy link right there to help buyers avoid assumptions. 

  • Suggesting other related products through a how-to guide

It’s the psychological principle of reciprocity in action right here.

  • An authentic mix of positive and negative reviews

The Ordinary declares: “The Ordinary posts ALL reviews, positive or negative :-)”. This surely reflects on the brand’s level of accountability. 

23. Tarte Cosmetics 

Tarte identifies as a responsible beauty brand that uses only high-performing ingredients, which are wholly natural, for creating its products. 

tarte cosmetics product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Virtual try-on advantage

Offers a chance for interested buyers to try on a product before they buy it. Interactive AND subtly trust-building. 

  • An exploratory quiz to find the right shade

It makes use of the shopper’s existing knowledge of their own skin tone to finally make a suitable suggestion. 

  • Smaller size variant nudged as travel friendly

Many brands tout a smaller size as ‘half size’ - but Tarte takes the strategic call to label it ‘travel size’. It instantly drives home a tangible benefit. 

  • Features more points rewards to those create an account

The lesson? Don’t just nudge your shoppers to create an account - offer them something in return. 

  • Promotes discounts for bundled sets 

A smart way of upselling by stating the original price against the discounted price.  

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24. Fae Beauty

Created specifically for the Indian skin, FAE is a brand that thrives on creating original and unfiltered products. 

fae beauty product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Mention of product discount in product description AND image gallery

Talk about reducing cognitive load and increasing information processing!

  • Awareness-building through the image gallery

Informs shoppers about sunscreen jargon AND how SPF Juice brings it all together. 

  • Product description answers why, what, how, when

In a quick flow of information, the description answers the most common questions on the shopper’s mind. 

  • Clear mention of expiry date

This is additional info that can help the shopper make an informed decision. 

  • Shop the Look interactive panel

Instead of a typical suggestions section - this is more visually appealing, leading a usual shopper to want to hover over every image. 

25. Flower Beauty

Founded by actress Drew Barrymore, Flower is a brand that believes in creating products that uplift the natural beauty of every customer. 

flower beauty product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Beauty award badge callout

With the word ‘SELF’ highlighted in the badge, it becomes easy to spot the mention of SELF Healthy Beauty Award 2021 in the description. 

  • Shade finder for those who haven’t used the brand before

To align with the brand’s own shades, it asks buyers to choose the product, brand and shade they’re used to. 

  • Concise description with just the most important highlights

The section quickly throws light on how the product works and how its ingredients are helpful. 

  • Free standard shipping threshold callout right at the top

That a buyer has to spend at least $30 to qualify for free shipping is mentioned as soon as the buyer lands up on the product page. 

26. Pat Mcgrath

A brand conceptualized and manifested by the legendary makeup artist of the same name, Pat McGrath is known for luxuriant and decadent makeup solutions that amp up creative expression.  

pat mcgrath product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Above-the-fold resembling a landing page

This creates an unhurried, luxuriant mood in keeping with the brand and the product. 

  • Reviews displayed in a quick section

Especially for those who don’t like to scroll too much or simply don’t have the time to. 

  • Anatomy of a Palette 

This section is a real optimization winner because across three subsections it highlights which shades belong to which steps of the makeup process. 

  • Directions to build a few looks

The brand brings in its authority to talk about three looks that a buyer can try out with the product. 

  • A CTA to add all the product suggestions to the bag

In a suggestion section that features just 4 products, a single CTA enables a buyer to add them all to the cart. 

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27. Thirteenlune

This is an eCommerce platform that’s committed to bring to the world beauty brands launched by Black and Brown founders. 

thirteenlune product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Brand details in the description

Most eCommerce businesses share a lot on the product - thirteen lune teaches us that it’s a great idea to also convey what your brand is about, upfront.  

  • Neat alignment in image & copy layout

As simple as this sounds, being able to view the big picture created by an aligned copy & visual layout adds greatly to UX. 

  • Resources that build brand & product awareness

Their ‘shop talk’ section engaged shoppers at a cerebral, awareness level - offering info to establish brand recall and create trust. 

  • Visually introducing the brand founder

Brand transparency is the message thirteen lune sends out by featuring their founder on the product page. 

28. Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe is a skincare brand that takes sensorial experiences and effective outcomes seriously. 

glow recipe product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Highlighted membership rewards button

The button expands into a detailed view of associated rewards - points, referrals and VIP advantages. 

  • Suggestion section split into two

The brand takes an ‘expert knows’ stance through ‘recommended’, while ‘bestsellers’ clearly point to which products are selling really well. 

  • Highlight of one buyer review

It’s an add-on especially when a potential buyer is trying to get a sense of how real humans have experienced the product - and get it fast!

  • Glow recipe quiz for first-timers

It’s in line with the brand’s value of taking skincare ‘day by day, skin by skin’. 

  • A highlighted section on sustainability

A great idea to attract serious buyers because ‘clean’ skincare matters to them. 

29. Verishop

As an aggregator brand that stocks some of the best DTC and independent skincare brands, Verishop looks at creating compelling browsing and shopping experiences. 

verishop product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Ticker that talks about the brand’s app

It’s right at the top and calls attention to the other channels the brand uses to see and interact with customers. 

  • The ‘few items left’ callout 

Because sometimes the only way to get potential buyers act right away is to create urgency on the spot. 

  • Declaration of anticipated delivery window

It’s a desirable feature because it puts the buyer’s mind at rest. 

  • Description section exclusively brings forward benefits

Verishop keeps its crisp and solely focuses on laying out the advantages. 

  • Section on other products by the same brand

This is a feature that helps discoverability of the brand in question. 

30. Consonant 

Consonant is a contemporary brand that strives to move away from false promises and towards honesty - to create wholesome products. 

consonant product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Image change with product size change

The graphic shift visually engages and registers the change in the size more naturally than only words would do.  

  • How-to-use, reviews and ingredients in a compact visual layout

It makes this section easily scannable without the shopper needing to scroll.

  • ‘What’s your skincare need?’ dropdown that suggests contextual products

Based on what a shopper chooses, the product suggestions change. 

  • Popular payment method trust signals

This can never go out of style given that buyers will always need such reassurances. 

  • Virtual assistant features contextual guides and videos for support

Their instant answers sections have relevant content embedded making self-support easier.  

31. Byoma 

Byoma is the answer to people seeking approachable and accessible skincare but not having options. 

byoma beauty product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • A distinctive image gallery

Just 4 images pack a punch here - simply because the photography and design aesthetic are top notch. 

  • A ‘Proof of Impact’ badge

Once clicked the badge leads to three separate badges - of being Peta verified, vegan based on evidence and clinically tested based on proof. 

  • Detailed and authoritative product description

The section ensures any potential buyer reading it will come out better informed. 

  • A section with elements of the product explained

This creates instant transparency even if a shopper doesn’t understand a whole lot of chemistry. 

  • Live chat button that says ‘Need help?’

Just makes it more human, doesn’t it?

32. Oui the people

Oui the people is self-admittedly a brand that wants to not only create products that are inclusive but speak in a language that propagates responsibility. 

oui the people product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Copy that reflects the brand 

Oui the People is clearly about being really modern, and not just for the sake of saying so - their product page copy maintains similar integrity. 

  • Upfront mention of how the product helps

No one has to go deep into the page to know that it ‘repairs’ and ‘hydrates’. 

  • A GIF that shows the product in action

There are takeaways in this about how easy-to-use the product is and how it leaves the skin looking post-use. 

  • A bottom-of-the-page sticky ‘add to cart’ nudge

They’ve also ensured labeling the nudge with the original price as well as the discounted price.  

  • A top-of-the-page ticker that draws attention to multiple critical elements

Be it the bodycare quiz or the free shipping threshold, the ticker draws attention. 

33. Pacifica Beauty

As a 26 year old brand, Pacifica roots its skincare philosophy in caring for nature and producing 100% cruelty-free products. 

pacifica beauty product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Video prompt/popup as soon as a shopper lands on the page

The how-to-use video makes it easy for potential buyers to skip the text-driven sections completely if they like. 

  • The ‘in stock’ prompt

This makes it clear that shoppers will be notified even if the product is out of stock. 

  • A link to special offers

Free gifts, free gift thresholds and free shipping conditions are revealed when you click on the link. 

  • Visual labeling of the product

A quick snapshot of the ingredients involved and what they do to help the customer. 

  • A segment on average customer ratings

This factor is further split into quality of product and value of product and applicable ratings show up. 

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34. Goop

A brand founded first as a newsletter by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Goop now identifies as a brand that’s constantly looking for innovation from a place of curiosity. 

goop wellness product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Clear mention of where the product is shipped to

The countries and their flags find a feature next to the quantity marker. 

  • Mention of dispatch window

This helps in orienting customers about the impending delivery. 

  • A fact-backed product description

Goop gets it right because they build on the narrative with a bit of help from science. 

  • Zoom feature that expands into a separate visual frame

So that each visual can be seen in more detail, without the distraction of other content. 

  • A short description on returns

They feature the highlights and for all other additional info, a shopper can click on the returns details link.

35. Laneige 

Laneige is a skincare brand that’s been at work for over two decades figuring out how water can be used most effectively for hydration. 

laneige product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • New launch alert at the top of the page

What also grabs attention is that they’re promoting a limited edition product in the alert. 

  • A highly graphic image gallery

Along with great photography, the images are strikingly labeled to create a lasting impression. 

  • Detailed product description below the fold

From benefits to what the product formula is about, this section is information-rich. 

  • Content that lays out real results

The brand clearly knows what they’re talking about - because their results are the outcomes observed during clinical studies.

  • ‘Best when used with’ upselling nudge

Puts the brand in a position to make the suggestion without it seeming too obvious. 

36. Well People

This is an award-winning beauty brand that’s been creating plant-based beauty products since the time it wasn’t even considered cool. 

well people product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Added to bag notification 

Well People gives the usual add-to-bag a boost with ‘adding to bag’ AND ‘added to bag’. 

  • ‘Free’ offers section

Need to convince a potential buyer to add your products to the cart? Feature some ‘free’ offers

right beneath the add-to-bag button. 

  • Brand transparency through product description

Their description is as much about the product as it is about the brand that’s creating them. Adds up when you think of how this can create heightened trust. 

  • Rating snapshot feature in reviews

Three different rows with 3, 4 and 5 rated reviews help shoppers filter.

37. Golde

Golde is a self-care brand that relies wholly on superfood ingredients to create products that can be blended into the modern lifestyle easily. 

golde skincare product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Horizontal switching content layout

In this format, the description, benefits, ingredients and how-to can all be viewed in one shot without the shopper needing to scroll. 

  • Animated product highlights

This makes them more eye-catching, relatable and possibly even high on recall. 

  • Free shipping ticker banner

This acts as a reminder and the ticker format makes it a persuader. 

  • Accessibility adjustments feature

This shows the brand cares to make their touchpoints more accessible for a wider audience. 

  • Highly detailed product reviews

Each one of them from a verified buyer, their reviews offer a good glimpse into how buyers used the product and in what ways they found it helpful. 

38. Province Apothecary

A brand that comes from the skincare struggles of its own founder, Province has functioned as 100% plant-based from the start. 

province apothecary product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • As seen in

The mention of Refinery 29, a global digital media platform, immediately elevates the way the product is perceived. 

  • Before/after image inclusion in gallery

Real pictures showing real results have a bigger impact than a brand talking about how effective its own product is. 

  • Survey results 

To back the previous point, the brand has showcased the results from a survey that conducted across 31 participants. 

  • Key ingredient highlights

From the typical mention in a small section, Province Apothecary creates a whole animated block to cite the product’s key ingredients. Engaging and effective!

  • A note from the founder

An intense form of personalization where the founder speaks of her own battle with eczema. Can it get more convincing?

39. Hair Food

Hair Food is a hair-care brand that revolves around natural kitchen recipes to offer one-of-a-kind products. 

hair food product page optimization example

What’s inspiring?

  • Lazy loading/animation

This is a feature that optimizes page loading speed and also creates an interactive environment when the shopper lands up on the page. 

  • The advantageously positioned ‘Share’ feature

Imagine a buyer thinking of someone when they see the product and feel like sharing it with them. The quickly accessible ‘share’ feature helps a lot. 

  • ‘Click to save in your favorite cart’ feature

The brand features two internationally known marketplaces and a shopper can pick the one they trust more. 

  • Copy that informs and creates a narrative

It’s rare to find copywriting that lends the brand a clear voice. 

  • Image-driven detailed reviews

Clearly the brand incentivizes reviews - the more detailed the better. 

40. Bioclarity

Bioclarity is a brand that puts the green lifestyle at the forefront of all its innovation, which invariably is based around their proprietary formula FLORALUX.

What’s inspiring?

  • Subtle upgrade nudge

You’ll never again believe someone who says nudges are pushy. They aren’t if you use language with care. 

  • Pictorial hydration marker

As soon as a shopper lands up on the page, it becomes clear to them if the product can meet the levels of skin hydration they’re looking for. 

  • Photo-led ingredients section

One needs to just hover over each photo and the accompanying short bit of text appears. 

  • Visual dividers in the description section

We can’t stop marveling at their intelligent use of boxes and sections to draw attention to each sub-section. Nope, attention doesn’t wander!

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