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License Plate Receive

License Plate Receive

LPR refers to an industry-wide standard of receiving inventory into a warehouse. It is important because it helps to reduce the errors in the inventory being received and the need for disputes of fees/chargebacks. It also leads to better availability of products by reducing the onboard stowage time. It is a process where multiple items are received by scanning a barcode known as SSCC placed on the outside of every carton, thus eliminating the need to open the carton and scan each item individually.

Benefits when using LP Receive?

  • Higher Invoice Accuracy- Vendors that operate on LP Receive have less PQV(Purchase Quantity Variances)
  • Cleaner Open order book- Amazon’s order planning is made easier with the knowledge of what is coming. This leads to more sales and higher availability for vendor partners and Amazon.
  • Improved vendor lead time- This method is one-touch scanning so it supports faster receiving.
  • Saves time and resources- Vendors and Amazon no longer have to spend hours investigating the issues post-delivery which saves time.

Requirements for enabling EDI LP Receive?

Currently, vendors need to meet the following requirements before their shipments can be LP received:

  • Enable the EDI. Ready to run ASN through the EDI DESADV message (dispatch guidance) for all deliveries. 
  • Ready to deliver various things in a single big carton.
  • The actual shipment should have the GS1-128 names with the SSCC standardized tag on each carton. 
  • The SSCC should likewise be sent in the ASN EDI DESADV. The SSCC numbers in the ASN should coordinate with what is in the shipment. 
  • ASN should have exact carton-level data (PO, ASIN, amount of the things in the container) 
  • If a wholesaler is utilized to deliver your merchandise, they ought to guarantee that LP-enabled items show up consistently in discrete pallets than non-LP-enabled items.
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