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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

When you promote your products or services via your smartphones, then this advertising activity is termed mobile marketing. Simply put, mobile marketing refers to marketing on or with mobile devices. It mainly includes promotions sent through push notifications in apps, texts, multimedia messages, or using mobile websites. This is the era of mobile and mobile marketing can therefore help in providing customers with smartphones a personalized experience.Β 

Importance of mobile marketing

  1. Easy access: Wherever we go, we take our mobile devices with us. Since people spend most of their time on smartphones, therefore mobile marketing can make sure that the user sees your ad and responds to it.
  1. Location and Personalization: You can use mobile marketing to reach people anywhere at any time. The user can be at their home or office but they will still be able to view your content. Moreover, You can gather information about the preference of the users with the help of location-based marketing that allows you to add a personalized touch to the ads.
  1. Viral potential: We have seen the recent trend, where interesting content instantly goes viral through WhatsApp or other social media platforms. Mobile marketing can help you grow as the users can instantly share your content with their friends and families.
  1. Cost-effective: Traditional marketing methods like Tv or newspaper ads can be expensive and can cause a burning hole in your pocket whereas mobile marketing turns out to be cheap and helps you to focus on your target audience.

Types of Mobile Marketing Strategies

  • SMS Marketing: The best way to get in touch with the users is through SMS, as it is viewed instantly.
  • MMS Marketing: If you wish to deliver multimedia content like audio, video, and images, then MMS can be the right pick for you and can even help you to understand your customers better.
  • Push notification: Push notifications are used to get the instant attention of the users, as they pop up on the screen while using an app or a website.
  • In-game marketing: This is the most trending marketing strategy that we see nowadays. As people are hooked to gaming, you can show them ads in between their gaming sessions.
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